10 DIY Office Hacks

By Katie

Updated: July 23rd, 2019

It’s unfortunate and true that we spend majority of our lives at our desks, in workplaces we may or may "10 DIY Office Hacks"

It’s unfortunate and true that we spend majority of our lives at our desks, in workplaces we may or may not like. They could the type of companies that give you all sorts of gadgets or maybe you have to supply everything yourself. It doesn’t matter which because either way there plenty of office hacks that can make the hours in your office just that little bit better.

Here are our 10 office hacks:

1. Cord labels


Not sure which plug to pull out and they are all white and so you have to tug at each one, only to realise you’ve pulled out the wrong one. Well by using bread ties, you’ll be able to quickly identify the right cord.

Source: News.com.au

2. Phone holder


Don’t through out those old cassettes just yet! Looks like cassette cases can still be useful (and look cool too). Use one to hold your iPhone or iPod so you always know where it is and and keep an eye on those Instagram notifications coming through. Plus you could change the case to match your musical mood say Beetles one week and Nirvana the next.

Source: Buzzfeed

3. Get organised


Don’t get important letters lost under a pile of paper, keep an eye on them by using a spring from a pen as a letter holder.

Source: Buzzfeed

4. Keep clean

diy-office-hacks-post it note


If you’re prone to eating at your desk, your keyboard is going to need a clean regularly but using a bit of sticky tape or a post it not will help you pick up those pesky crumbs on the spot.

Source: Huffington Post Buzzfeed

5. Be creative



Using cork cases and containers you can recycle and use them for all types of holders and the bonus is you can pin photos and important notes to them.

Source: Swingline blog

6. Clip holders


Perhaps the most useful item of stationary can be used to organise cords, especially your earphones which get so easily tangled.

Source: Pinterest

7. Bottle opener



That annoying moment when you have a bottle of soft drink or beer and you don’t have a bottle opener in the office… try a macbook charger or the cheaper option with a Stabilo Boss highlighter pen (tried and tested, it works!)

Source: Pinterest

8. Music speakers


Whether you’re in the office by yourself and want to pump up the music or if it’s for an office sign-a-long, putting your iPhone or iPod in a glass will amplify the sound so you can push through your work day.

Source: Lily & Bliss

9. Detangle power cords


With power cords for computers, keyboards, phone chargers and much more all heading to a central power point, it’s easy for them to get tangled and leading to a big annoying mess. However by using a few pins you can arrange everything nice and manageable.

Source: Total Clean

10. Lego


When all else fails, turn to lego to help make your work day easier and also bring a smile to your face. After all, who says you’re too old to play with lego.

Source: Seize the second



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    Oooh.. lovely, am quite impressed by the creativity of these. thx and thx alot.
    kabugo, from Uganda, East Africa

  2. Kiera @ Thames Aerials

    It is a true sign of creativity. Completely appreciable and catchy. Well posted.

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    A number of really simple but snazzy ideas – Katie. Look forward to the next post.

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    Thank you.Smart ideas. I will show them to my grand daughter. I have had to withdraw from studying,but I have two grandchildren at University. Tks

  5. Louise

    Thanks Katie, at last some clever, cheap ideas without having to search on pintrest. Love it!!