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Posted by Paul H.


Brighton, East Sussex

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Saturday, Jul 10th 2021

Think you know your glazed from your sprinkle doughnuts? Do you have the ultimate sweet tooth? Then, we need you! I’m Paul, Founder of Dum Dum Doughnuts and I’m looking for someone with a passion for food and flavour to taste test and nominate the best vegan ‘Crone’ flavour, in return for £200! ‘The Crone’ is our most indulgent creation, and a UK first from Dum Dum. This fan favourite combines our unique baked croissant dough wrapped into an ice cream cone filled with gelato, homemade sauces and a selection of toppings. As the world’s first artisan BAKED doughnut/croissant brand, we have 5 stores across the UK and we’re on a mission to create the best doughnuts in the world. We offer beautifully baked, NEVER fried, handmade doughnuts, made from only natural ingredients - that don’t compromise on taste. Our Dum Dum team of ‘Donuteers’ have a real passion for good, honest food but we’re missing one ingredient - an everyday Brit with a genuine love for doughnuts who can provide feedback on our new crone selections. You’ll be required to complete a scorecard for each flavour on a range of criteria including taste, texture and appearance which is why you’ll need to have great attention to detail and be able to clearly describe how something tastes. We’re offering £200 for the right person to visit our Brighton store for the full Dum Dum experience; to spend approx. 3 hours sampling our delicious flavours to help us select the winning combination. That’s right, we’re paying you to eat doughnuts and gelato - it’s a tough gig, but someone’s gotta do it! The tasting day will fall within National Doughnut Week (July 10-18th), so you’ll need to be available during this time. Not only that, we will also offer you 4 x 6 boxes of free DUM DUM treats to enjoy every Friday for a month to make the deal that much sweeter. Tell us why you’d be the best person for this job, and what skills or experience you have that could make you our honorary Donuteer!?

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Jamal K.


Hi Paul, As a donut lover/addict/stan I feel I can lend my expertise to this task well. The cronut was undoubtedly a paradigm-shifting piece of patisserie - but Dum Dum's cronutella took it to another level. I've been a big fan since back when you guys came to Boxpark Croydon. I'm not a vegan, but I know my do's and nuts. Now I'm ready to take over the crone game and give you my thoughts and feelings about what's the best. Cro dough + gelato ice cream = yes please. I just straight up love donuts, croissants, cronuts and ice cream, meaning this is literally my dream task. It would be a lot of fun to try and rank some of your best creations and I'm keen to add "Honorary Donuteer" to my LinkedIn profile.


I am a fully fledged vegan and think I would suit this task in sampling your delightful selection of vegan doughnuts immensely. I am a keen enthusiast when it comes to this particular snack. I once won a radio competition and won a years supply of doughnuts and most recently won my work place over 40! I have a refined and delicate palate which I believe is one of the most required skills to equip me in fulfilling this exceptionally vital task! In order to ensure that us vegan are exposed to highest quality vegan doughnuts is a task that I am willing to undertake in the name of every vegan out there who has not been fully satisfied when it comes to their sweet tooth!!!!

Being a someone who owns a small cake business you have to have a sense of focus when it comes to detail, colour, smell, texture and flavours. So hopefully, I would be someone you would need for choosing the best Dum Dum donuts to reach your customers.

Hello, I’d love this opportunity… always been a big fan of Dum Dum when I can get my hands on them!

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