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What to know before spray tanning

By Peta Boyce

Updated: April 5th, 2018

How to achieve a tanned goddess glow without any harmful UV rays.

With the risk of skin cancers so prevalent in Australia the safest way to get an all-over glow is by using artificial tanning. Spray tanning is fast becoming a standard beauty service for males and females across the country.

To avoid looking like an Oompa Loompa with skin more orange than tanned, there are a few preparation fundamentals that you need to follow.

If you too feel it is time to get out of the sun and into a spray tan salon, here is what you need to know before getting your professional tan on.

Sun baking instead of spray tan

Get your timing right

Planning on rocking your tan for a big event? Most spray tanners will recommend your plan your visit at least two days prior. Freshly applied tans can appear orange, patchy, or aromatic, but will settle in after the first 48 hours.

Hair removal

Shaving or waxing after a spray tan could lift some of the colour off and make your tan look patchy.

Get the shaver or wax pot out the day before your spray tan session if you are due to cull the shrubs.

Make sure to remove any waxy residue which could block the spray tan application too.


Exfoliating is a vital step for spray tan preparation. Dead skin cells not removed prior to a spray tan will simply flake or peel off as the tan begins to fade. You will look more like a lizard than a glowing beauty. For the best results exfoliate the day prior to your spray tan.

Deodorant and makeup

Do not wear any deodorant or makeup that could block the spray tan application.

Apart from hampering the application, deodorant mixed with tan solution can also turn the skin green. Unless you were hoping for a result like Kermit the Frog – it is best to leave the deodorant off before and directly after your spray tan session.

Moisturisers and makeup can also reap havoc with an even application. Avoid applying either of them.

What to wear for a spray tan

Your spray tanner will supply you with disposable underwear for your spray tan session. Before you leave most tanners also use a dryer to air dry the tan.

Loose clothing is the armour of choice once the tanning session is complete. The spray tan requires time to settle into your skin and is best not hampered by tight clothing or elastic. A loose-fitting shirt and a skirt, or a dress is perfect. Thongs are generally good footwear.

Do not wear anything tight on your body for at least an hour after the session.


If you practice good spray tanning preparation you can achieve beautiful glowing skin without soaking up harmful UV rays. Done properly, no one needs to know you have a relationship with your spray tanner.

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