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Top wedding hairstyles for the bride and guests

By Peta Boyce

Updated: July 16th, 2019

Need some hair-do inspiration? Check out these easy styling hacks for your next big event.

Not as savvy as a hairdresser when it comes to styling your locks? Or don’t have the resources like a wedding planner at your fingertips? We hear you!

For those of us not as adept with the grooming tools, there are few styling tricks which make formal hair easy to achieve.

Up-style, down-style or no style at all, these hair styling tips offer inspiration, and a few hair cheats for styling novices.

Big event ponytail

The traditional ponytail won’t cut it at a wedding. So, to add more sass just turn your teeny pony into a stallion with a few basic steps.

  1. Separate your hair into an upper section as you would when pulling it half up
  2. Drop the upper section and take the section you have left at the base of your head
  3. Pull that bottom section into a ponytail mid-way up your head and tie it off
  4. Create your larger ponytail on top using the upper section you left earlier
  5. Tease your hair at the base of the upper ponytail once it is fixed off
  6. Your ponytail will sit nicely over the lower section creating a fuller, longer-looking result

Simple flower

Nothing screams wedding more than adding some petals to your hair. Flowers can easily be fixed to hair using a clip or inserted with a bobby pin.

Simply sweep your hair back on one side with a pin then add the flower accent. This is a feminine result that takes less than a minute to master and looks like you made some real effort.

Beach curls

Beach curls are easier to achieve than a lot of people think and they set the tone for so many hairstyles. For quick and easy beach curls, check out this hack.

  1. Pull your hair in a ponytail as high up on your head as you can
  2. Separate the pony roughly into four pieces
  3. Using a curling wand or hair straightener (whatever you are most comfortable with), curl each of the sections of hair
  4. Apply some hairspray to the curled sections and allow it to dry for a minute
  5. Remove the hair tie and give you hair and good flick around, then comb it down with your fingers
  6. The result will be the easiest beach curls you have ever mastered
  7. Apply some more hairspray so the curls keep their bounce and style accordingly or leave them as-is

Curl and pin

Hairstyle pin and curl

It looks impressive and it is easy to do. The old curl and pin trick.

  1. Curl your hair as you would normally (check out the beach curl hack above)
  2. Once your hair is curled, start to pull the curls back on themselves and pin them to the back of your head
  3. Keep pinning the curls back on themselves until they are all tucked up neatly
  4. Apply hairspray once you are done
  5. Jazz up your style by adding some flowers

Twisted side pony

A little Elsa-inspired and a lot easy to do. The twisted side pony looks almost professional!

  1. Part your hair to your right and bring it all over to your left shoulder
  2. Take the hair furthest on your right and roll it upwards and across to the left, collecting hair as you go and creating a twist
  3. Continue rolling until you reach the left side of your head
  4. Secure the hair in place with a clear elastic band creating a ponytail
  5. Wrap some hair around the elastic and secure any loose pieces with pins
  6. Add a hair accessory if desired
  7. Finish the style with hair spray

These hairstyles are simple and easy to achieve. Any wedding planner will tell you that practice makes perfect, so do a run through before unleashing them on the day of the main event.

If you prefer to leave the job for a professional – just hire a hairdresser on Airtasker.


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