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50 Verandah ideas

By Gianna Huesch

Published: July 16th, 2020

Fall in love with your outdoor space with our verandah ideas that are perfect for relaxing and entertaining

Who doesn’t love a verandah? A cool, chilled-out space in the summertime that becomes an intimate, cosy outdoor spot in winter, a verandah extends your personal living space, essentially creating an outdoor room that is sheltered from the elements. Aside from increasing the functionality of your home’s perimeter space, a verandah really transforms the look of your home and increases the value of your property. When it comes to verandah ideas, they can really be as simple or as complex as you want, whether you go for a basic, covered deck or a fully insulated, screened structure with louvre window screens or adjustable roof. Your verandah could wrap around your whole home or just expand along one length, or you might plan an expansive back verandah that’s just perfect for entertaining.

It all depends on your favoured aesthetic style and what the purpose of your verandah will be (relaxing? dining? entertaining?). And of course, how much space – and money – you have to work with! But there are also plenty of inexpensive little tweaks you can make to style up a plain verandah space.

Here, I’ve gathered 50 examples of beautifully styled outdoor spaces that have that designer’s touch. Let’s take a look at some gorgeous verandah ideas!

1. The natural look

For charm and character, you can’t go wrong with simple weathered timber and decorative items made from natural materials, like this wooden table with cane seating and a stunning rattan lampshade. I love the mix of natural timber with the white railing and roof of this expansive verandah in a Byron Bay home.

This would look perfect when you walk out from one of these Bohemian living room ideas.

verandah ideas naturals
Source: Nikole Ramsay

2. All wood spells warmth

You could also go for a solid timber look, like this enclosed verandah. A simple, minimalist design, it feels so snug and cosy thanks to all the wood, and the sleek downlights will increase the ambience at night time.

all timber verandah
Source: D for Design

3. Surf shack vibes

Here we have another example of the natural, weathered style of verandah that has all the beach house vibes. I love the way subtle pops of colour have been added to the faded paintwork through the soft furnishings, container plants and quirky hanging lanterns. And a simple rustic bench seat has been constructed out of bricks and a slab of timber.

surf shack
Source: SF Girl By Bay

4. Modern farmhouse character

This contemporary white farmhouse has plenty of rustic-Scandi charm, with its whitewashed walls and ceiling coupled with industrial lighting fixtures and a pop of pale, natural timber in the decking and railings. I like the sense of balance by the white rocking chairs and the large black floor rug.

mix of timbers
Source: Beautiful Chaos

If you love this look, then you’ll love these farmhouse bathroom ideas and farmhouse kitchen ideas too!

5. Sitting pretty

This enclosed verandah faces out onto a rainforest view—not bad if you can get it!  This verandah has been designed to include plenty of room for socialising, as the family who lives here loves to entertain. I love these spherical cane hanging chairs on chains in front of the little mid-century style coffee table.

Source: Three Birds Renovations

6. Shoot the breeze

They’re a little bit hipster and have become somewhat coveted again, these hollowed-out cement blocks (aka ventilation blocks) that used to decorate coastal homes. Nowadays they come in an even greater variety of styles and are often used as privacy screens.

As an architectural element, they add visual interest to the plainest little verandah area and allow a pleasant amount of sun and wind through.

breeze blocks verandah ideas
Source: Stace King

7. Updated vintage feels

This renovated fibro beach shack near Ulladulla takes us back to basics with its simple, raw beauty. It features elements of its original styling, such as the corrugated zincalume cladding, timber battens and vertical painted boards. This minimalist verandah has a classic, laid-back and relaxed vibe evoking childhood surfing and fishing trips.

faded timber verandah ideas
Source: Lunchbox Architect

8. Hang loose

How to style up a tiny verandah? It’s easy, just add a cane hanging chair, a Moroccan-style floor pouff, a rug, some vintage lanterns and a cute potplant. Et voila!  An instant outdoor nook with a Boho twist. I love the darker ceiling colour here, which adds to the sense of cosiness.

boho verandah
Source: Pinterest

9. All timber verandah ideas

More surf shack vibes here, with a timber verandah with two level deck adjoining this 1927 hunting lodge. A mix of neutrals and white give a soft sunbleached look to this laid-back space. With so much timber, you’ll need a decking expert or if you’re just revamping with some deck sanding and staining.

all timber
Source: Stace King

10. Whitewash it

A traditional look for this airy verandah, with an interplay of timbers and whitewashed bricks creating a lived-in, country-style charm. Whitewashing bricks is a great way to lighten and brighten a space and give boring old red bricks a modern makeover.

I love how the outdoor barn lights here add to the farmhouse flavour.

whitewashed brick and barn lights
Source: Pinterest

11. Dramatic roof

How about this amazing bamboo verandah roof in this luxe Balinese guesthouse? The sheer spaciousness makes the area feel so breezy and cool. There’s enough room for a large dining setting—and for those tropical verandah vibes, consider investing in some beautiful carved wooden outdoor furniture.

bamboo roof
Source: Apartment34

12. Stars of the screen

A screened verandah is another option that’s perfect for sheltering your outdoor space and increasing its usability in cooler months. Screened verandahs are also sometimes known as screened pavilions (if they’re more standalone).

Here, an all-timber enclosure protects its Texan residents from the extreme temperatures. And thanks to enclosed verandahs being totally under cover, your choices for outdoor furniture multiply. Such as, an eclectic mix of a vintage cane setting, a ricepaper lantern and hunting trophies.

screened verandah ideas
Source: Gardenista

13. Cheeky cookout

This chic little back verandah has been turned into the perfect alresco spot. With just a couple of bar stools nestled against a window servery and a mini outdoor kitchen running along one wall – it’s really maximising the space.

Let’s face it, you love entertaining, an outdoor kitchen is probably already on your wishlist! But you may not have realised how you can actually fit one into a pretty small space such as this.

verandah ideas - back verandah outdoor kitchen
Source: Style Curator

14. Brushworks

Along with your traditional verandah screening options, a rustic brush fencing screen adds a touch of the tropics to this sundrenched outdoor decking. Creating mesmerising filtered light and privacy, but providing only mild protection from the elements, this look is mainly for aesthetic purposes.

verandah ideas - brush fencing screen
Source: Regards et Maisons

15. Hampton’s + heritage

What a gorgeous renovation of this 1920s Queenslander with its typical expansive wraparound verandah. Updated with timeless Hampton’s style, the verandah is drenched in white and enjoys colour pops thanks to the aqua floor rug and matching graphic potplant. An old wooden table is paired with replica Eames chairs, to create an outdoor space that the owners say is used all year round.

table and chairs
Source: Homes To Love

Hamptons is one of the most popular trends due to it’s neutrality, here’s how to bring it into other rooms in your home – Hamptons bathroom designs and Hamptons style kitchens.

16. White hot

For a modern style of verandah, go with an all white aesthetic as has been done in this small space. High gloss and matte elements combine to create an endless summer on your porch. Just add some supremely comfy sun loungers and a few graphic potted plants, and you have a chic minimalist verandah that’s strongly contemporary.

all white
Source: Pinterest

17. Minimalist monochrome

A simple aesthetic can be very pleasing—like this basic natural looking setting with just a stone bench, a statement plant or two and not much else besides! I like the contrast of the black beams and window frame against the white wall, just for a little drama.

minimalist black and white
Source: Coco and Jack

18. Choose the right enclosure

If you’re keen on an enclosed verandah because your space gets hot or you’d like extra privacy and/or security. But if you’d like more flexibility than a fixed screen, think about the many options for screens that open or fold.

For example, you could get full coverage pop-out panels, tilt-up slatted panels, bifold slatted panels, or pop-out slatted panels. These are all ideal for letting in the breeze while keeping you cosily esconced in your private nook.

bench seating
Source: Collective Gen

19. Coastal verandah

Here’s another example of a beautiful monochrome verandah, with lashings of white together with navy blues and blacks to create a Hampton’s slash Australian surf shack décor style.

This verandah belongs to the much-instagrammed The Atlantic guesthouse at Byron Bay. The heritage building is distinctive for its wraparound white timber verandah, striped awnings and beachy style soft furnishings.

white with black seating
Source: Poppytalk

20. Classical white

This luminous porch of a historic estate in Virginia dazzles the eye with the use of white, with the all white table setting further acting as a blank canvas for colour pops from everyday items. There’s also just a touch of contrast with the black vintage lantern and wall sconces, and the classic white bust adds to the eclectic, vintage flavour.

white with classic vibes
Source: Architectural Digest

21. Back to black

The back verandah of this beach house looks so cosy and inviting thanks to the dark walls, warm wooden bench seats and sprinkling of comfy cushions. The beach house has a white interior so the exterior dark charcoal paint provides a really nice contrast here.

black verandah ideas
Source: Simplified Bee

22. Monochrome medley

A popular way to increase the drama of your front verandah is to paint or stain both it and the door black. So that a black door doesn’t look so imposing, it looks best framed by glass panels either side to lighten it up.

Here, the bold black stained verandah floor and steps contrast beautifully with the dove grey exterior and white timber roof and railings. Stick with the monochrome theme with your choice of planters to tie it all in together.

black stained verandah
Source: Queenslander Homes

If you’re planning on the verandah at the front of your home, you might be looking to revamp the whole works. Here’s our top picks when it comes to front porch ideas or even work on the garden too with these front garden ideas.

23. Black ironwork

Here’s another example of a verandah which, though traditional in style, has been modernised with its colour palette. A gorgeous heritage home retaining its original façade of wrought iron, bluestone walls and terrazzo stone flooring, it also benefits from a stylish, simple front garden planting.

black ironwork
Source: Pinterest

24. Scandi verandah

Now for a rustic minimalist home with abundant use of timber, both natural and stained black. For many, black is a desirable colour because it goes so well between greens and natural neutrals and really makes them pop.

I love these Scandi style cane chairs and little table/footstool! Just add a soft woollen throw and you have such a cosy spot to spend a chilly morning.

scandi verandah
Source: Elle

25. Sultry overhead

Black roofs are pretty sought after in verandah design at the moment, instantly conveying a modern aesthetic. This bold back verandah expands out to the pool and includes a woodfire oven at one end. The use of black for the roof and poles are balanced out by softer, paler coloured timbers in the flooring and furniture.

black roof
Source: Stuff Co

26. Enclosed verandah potting shed

How cute is this enclosed back verandah/sunroom that’s been turned into a nifty little indoor potting shed for a keen gardener? There’s plenty of sunlight and minimal décor, just the basics for you to enjoy some quiet time potting up your new babies.

I love how the owner has introduced black for contrast and a contemporary touch echoed in the Danish-designed trolley. Warmth has also been introduced into the monochromatic space through earthy tones in the terracotta pots and pitcher. And framed botanical artworks really complement the little outdoor room’s purpose.

enclosed verandah ideas - potting shed
Source: Curate and Display

27. Simple stunner

Another perfect Scandi minimalist verandah here, with a cool mix of concrete flooring, black painted timber and a pale timber pergola structure. It’s actually amazing what you can do to increase the liveabillity of your outdoor space, even with just a narrow strip of a verandah.

concrete black and pale timber verandah ideas
Source: Vosges Paris

28. Black with a wood stack

Here’s another example of a beautifully cosy, rustic verandah, all in natural tones and with plenty of texture there in the stacked wood, sheepskin draped over a chair and the sisal floor cushions.

The owner was actually influenced by Japanese aesthetics rather than Scandi style as you might assume. However, the two cultures share certain similarities in their clean lines, appreciation of raw, natural materials, soft neutral colour palettes and focus on tactile materials. The overall feeling is of softness and warmth, highlighted against hard, cold surfaces.

black verandah with woodstack
Source: Bobedre

29. Just add a huge pot

This sophisticated front verandah belongs to a renovated Victorian terrace. I love the striking, unusual door which adds chic boldness to the space. And you really can’t go wrong with an oversized pot featuring a statement plant—the larger the better!

large container
Source: Pinterest

30. Black + naturals

This is an aesthetic that just works so well for contemporary verandahs: black walls, roof and railings mixed with neutral colours and natural materials. This verandah is quite busy with décor but it all comes together thanks to the muted tones and repetition of elements such as the cane furniture and sequence of potted ferns. How gorgeous is that cane table?

black and naturals verandah ideas
Source: Katrina Lee Chambers

31. Play with light

This is the verandah of the Californian eatery, The French Laundry. The stone farmhouse features a custom-designed fritted glass pattern in the windows which allows outdoor guests a subtle peek into the goings on in the kitchen.

“Fritted glass” is a method of producing semi-opaque glass with a ceramic imprinted pattern on it which has a very distinctive look.

The patterned glass windows are then complemented by the filtered black awning which allows further dappled light patterns to be created on the stone floor. I love that the restaurant has planted almond arbour trees to beautifully scent the path to the front door.

filtered black
Source: Archinect

32. Verdant verandah views

Another striking, simple, uncluttered verandah here with a distinct love of timber. This cedar-clad home has a beautiful aspect which the owners have really taken advantage of with the huge open window at the end.

The leather chairs are another raw, honest material that goes so well with wood. In keeping with the minimalist style, the downlights are subtle and unobtrusive. If you would like to explore your other verandah lighting options, why not find a local who specialises in landscape lighting?

simple verandah ideas
Source: ArchDaily

33. Scandi-Australian

This fully restored 1920s timber and tin workers’ cottage in Brisbane’s West End was transformed into modern boutique accommodation several years ago and regularly receives accolades for its clean, casual-luxe style that the owners call “Scandi-Australian”.

Featuring the hallmarks of traditional Queenslander style with its casual, comfy verandah, the cottage also evokes classic pared-back Scandi style with an emphasis on craftsmanship and gorgeous natural materials.  I love the monochrome palette which works so well against a tropical garden planting.

black and white durham house
Source: Planete Deco

34. Hampton’s + industrial

The Danish couple who own this weekender were keen to evoke a Hampton’s meets New York loft style for their home. So there’s plenty of beachhouse flavour in the white timber, mixed with natural textures in the oak table and table ceramics.

Further signalling Hamptons style are the elegant black designer armchairs, with their metal frames also bringing a touch of industrial loft style, as does the ipe (ironwood) decking.

hamptons verandah ideas
Source: Elle Decor

35. Rustic with church pew

I recently saw a bunch of vintage church pews come up for sale on our local buy-swap-sell site, and I’m kicking myself for not grabbing one! They’re such a practical and quirky addition to any outdoor space, offering many metres of seating space and typically made from beautiful hardwoods.

Style up with scatter cushions and vintage farmhouse décor, and you’ll instantly have a verandah full of personality. Depending on their condition, you could leave them au natural (typically in dark toned timbers) or whitewash as has been done here.

rustic with church pew
Source: Liz Marie Blog

36.  Verandah seating ideas

When selecting outdoor furniture for your verandah, go for styles that instantly evoke the laziness and ambience of summertime, like hammocks, hanging egg chairs or swinging loveseats. Floor cushions or pouffs are also great for increasing seating options and they always have a chilled out, Boho feel about them.

Source: Pinterest

37. Line it with containers

Historic Como House held an installation some time ago called “Como By Design”, where interior designers each took over the temporary renovation of a single space to reimagine it for 21st-century living. The verandah space became a “potted garden masterpiece”, featuring dwarf lemon trees planted in French pottery. A gorgeous example of how more is often more when it comes to container plants.

verandah ideas - fill with containers
Source: Homes To Love

Love this verandah paving? Find heaps more paving ideas.

38. Natural and leafy

Here’s an example of a verandah in the plantation style. It features a darker timber floor juxtaposed with the white walls and roof, and the signature use of natural fibre décor for texture and visual interest.

I love how the climbing vines have intertwined themselves in the timber here, seamlessly melding the garden with the verandah. For help with ideas, find a local expert garden designer to help.

natural and leafy
Source: Harman NL

39. Style it with textiles

Amp up the cosiness of your verandah space by introducing plenty of natural materials such as bamboo, wicker, sisal and rattan. Together with plants and soft textiles, the effect is warm, down to earth and inviting. I love the way this swing chair complements the hanging plant in the background.

swing chair on small verandah ideas
Source: Apartment Therapy

40. Chockfull of plants

I love this American designer’s eclectic Bohemian home—it’s completely stuffed with plants, up the walls, on the ceilings, on the floors and of course, all over her verandah as well.

As well as being a lovely natural styling touch, the jungle on the porch helps perfectly nestle this home in its environment. Also amongst all the greenery is a set of cedar benches with cushions, all handmade. I can see why she says this is her absolute favourite place to spend time.

full of plants
Source: The Glitter Guide

41. Symmetrical standards

Make a front entrance grander by placing two potted standards on either side of the steps to the verandah, as has been done outside this rural retreat in Victoria.

The guesthouse owners describe their décor style as “Hampton’s meets country”. There’s a definite old school Australian vibe about this one—I love how the soft, natural colours keep the atmosphere calm and relaxed.

symmetrical standards - verandah ideas
Source: Get In My Home

42. Simple classic

A palette of soft greys with bright whites creates a beautifully timeless façade for this home, with the verandah, kept bare and minimal to simply highlight the gorgeous timber decking. Traditional outdoor sconces continue the classic theme and a very simple low hedge along the verandah also keeps things streamlined and chic. Need some help with your own hedge design and planting?

simple classic verandah ideas
Source: Mayché on instagram

43. Pastel blue enclosed verandah

Now let’s switch it up and move on from all the laidback natural-looking verandahs and take a look at some colourful verandahs out there. I love this sweet look—duck egg blue walls with a white ceiling, window frames and flooring, with some bold colour pops in the rug, cushions and plants. How cute does the row of flowering potplants look perched on the lovely wide windowsill?

pastel blue enclosed verandah
Source: Pinterest

44. Mint green verandah

Another gorgeous refreshing summery colour to use on a verandah is mint. It goes beautifully with white wicker furniture and a white painted ceiling and here the mint is amplified by the bold teal rug and the table lamp.

This look has all the Caribbean feels about it (including that pink flamingo – these classic waterbirds are endemic to that part of the world). Sunny yellow couch cushions add even more sunshine to this space.

mint green verandah
Source: House of Turquoise

45. Dreamy watercolours

This is one of the idyllic, romantic bungalows dotted around Miami’s oldest neighbourhood, Coconut Grove, which dates back to 1825. I love the use of blue here, adorning the ceiling and reflected in the aqua poolscape beyond.

Connecting the ceiling and background blue is the little painted wicker table. The elegant cane table setting makes for a gorgeous al fresco dining space.

pale blue roof verandah ideas
Source: Huffpost

Whether it’s inside or out, putting paint on the roof is never a fun task, luckily there are plenty of professionals to help with ceiling painting.

46. Contemporary but classic

This verandah has such strong Australian country flavours to me. I love the traditional vibes of the grey exterior with the pinkish-toned roof tiles,  mixed with contemporary touches like the black door and weathered Adirondack chairs. And how pretty is the wisteria planting out the front, creeping its way up the awning?

grey and pink and traditional verandah ideas
Source: Pinterest

47. Keeping cool

Comfort is a primary concern when it comes to styling up your verandah. This beautiful large verandah with its pretty pale blue roof features a variety of seating options including some stylish black rocking chairs. And on days when there’s no cross breeze, it’s so handy to have a ceiling fan installed to ensure your enjoyment of the outdoor space.

blue roof black rockers
Source: Pinterest

48. Front door colour pops

It would never have occurred to me to have a lime green front door and screen, but now I want one! If you’ve gone for a darker exterior for your house, a wild colour like this packs a powerful punch of contrast and really makes a bold design statement. The green here works well to complement the minimalist planting too, while all the white trims brighten it all up.

front door colour pops verandah ideas
Source: Homes To Love on Instagram

49. Colourful verandah furniture

Here’s another example of a beautifully summery, cheerful verandah space. I love the vibrant teal chairs and pale blue roof, balanced out by all the white timber flooring, railings and table. Keeping the verandah’s paint colours slightly neutral like this, but playing with colour in the seating choices, means it’s easy to change up your colour scheme if you tire of it.

colourful furniture verandah ideas
Source: BHG

50. Palm Springs patio

This mid-century Palm Springs house is so cute, and the mint coloured enclosed porch with its classic breeze blocks is perfect for keeping out the brutal desert heat. I love the gorgeous chrome vintage light fitting as well.

1950s palm springs enclosed verandah ideas
Source: LA Curbed

Building a verandah from scratch obviously isn’t going to be something you want to DIY so enlist the help of an expert in verandah installation or a tradesman who specialises in awnings. Or, if you just want to make some simple adjustments to your verandah space, you might call on the skills of an all-rounder tradesman to help out.

And there you have my selection of 50 verandah ideas that I think have all the perfect al fresco feels about them and will definitely increase the useability of the perimeter outdoor space of your home – not to mention improve the curb appeal. I love all the natural minimalist verandahs, but I also have a real soft spot for the pastels – they just seem so cheerful and summery. Which is your favourite? Drop me a comment below!



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