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Unique Father’s Day gifts that make a difference

By Airtasker

Updated: January 5th, 2024

In search of a unique gift for Father's Day? No problem!

Father’s Day is almost upon us, and it’s time to show the main man in your life how much you really care. But with the annual celebration of all-things-dad, so too comes the yearly headache of choosing a present that you haven’t already bought him *insert your age here* times before. 

With that in mind, we’ve put together our top picks for unique Father’s Day gifts you can arrange via Airtasker, spanning everything from special deliveries to brewery tours.

Send a Father’s Day singagram

No, really. Maybe it’s a classic rendition of your Dad’s favourite band or a track with a special meaning to you both. Whatever the song, post a task for a singing telegram to head over and belt out the tune in person come the 17th. 

The memories of your Dad’s emotional/confused reaction will last much longer than those M&S socks ever could!

Book some help with the BBQ

Father and sons cooking on the barbecue grill while having drinks

Family BBQs are great, but if your Dad’s in charge of the grill, he can be out of the game for a hefty chunk of the afternoon. Ditch the regular gift routine this year and book your Dad some assistance instead, such as cleaning the BBQ or even for a hand in assembling.

Gift him some time

From cutting the grass to DIY, getting rid of spiders to re-organising the garage, your Dad’s to-do list is never-ending. If you’re looking for a practical Father’s Day gift, why not gift him some time by outsourcing the jobs he usually does? 

From gardening services and DIY help to washing the car, give him some precious time back so he can relax and unwind the whole day.

Plan a Father’s Day experience on Airtasker

A son spending some quality time with his dad outdoors

Whether it’s a brewery tour or a day discovering the city’s hidden secrets, sometimes the best presents are those of experiences. But finding the right expertise can be tricky. 

We’ve seen all sorts of tasks posted on the platform, and some of them are perfect for Father’s Day gifts; think personalised tours of Bermondsey Beer Mile, a full itinerary for a London Adventure Day, or going around the city’s best spots for whisky.

Deliver his favourite…

…well, anything. If you’re caught short and miss the Amazon Prime cut-off ahead of Sunday, don’t fret – post a task to see if anyone can get that prized bottle of whiskey (or whatever gift you might be after) delivered to Dad’s door instead. 

Many items have been delivered via Airtasker, ranging from an in-demand avocado Easter egg to a forgotten passport – so a present for your old man shouldn’t be too difficult.


We hope our list has inspired an idea or two to help make Father’s Day even more special for all the Dads and father figures out there. Whatever you’re planning, we got your back!

Good luck!



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