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Ultimate guide to deep cleaning your kitchen

By Maha

Updated: January 5th, 2024

Get your scrub on.

It’s the room we often call the ‘heart of the home’. It’s also the place where we cook up (or microwave up) all the deliciousness. But…it can be a pain to keep clean.

Enter our ultimate (and eco-friendly) kitchen deep cleaning guide.

Read on to learn to make the hardest working room in your house sparkle. Until your next snack, of course.

Before you start…

First things first, start by clearing those countertops so you have plenty of space to get your clean on.

Get rid of any clutter that ‘mysteriously’ made its way over from different rooms.

How to deep clean your oven

All hail the glorious multipurpose baking soda.

Oven interior: Mix baking soda and water into a paste and spread over the interior surfaces (including the inside of the oven door) using a sponge.

Let it ‘simmer’ for a few hours (or overnight if you can’t remember when you last cleaned it). Wipe all that grub away with a damp sponge when done.

Got a stubborn chunk of food debris that refuses to budge? Tackle it with a toothbrush coated with your baking soda paste.

Oven racks: Remove the racks and soak them in cola (yep, that’s right) for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes of soaking, rub gently with a scouring pad to get all the baked-on bits of food off. Rinse with warm water and slot back in.

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How to deep clean your kitchen cabinets

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Ah, the cupboards…an oft-neglected spot for cleaning. Probably because it requires taking all the items out.

But hey, it’s a good time to get rid of any expired goods that may have been lingering in there for longer than you’d like to admit.

After emptying all the cabinets, hoover up or dust away all the little crumbs and debris inside.

Next, mix together a solution of warm water + dishwashing liquid (or 3 tablespoons of Castile soap if you have it) into an empty spray bottle. Add a few drops of tea tree oil. Spritz your DIY mixture onto a dry microfibre cloth and wipe the grime and grease off the interiors and doors of your cabinets.

‘Rinse’ using a (separate) damp cloth and finish off by wiping it up with a dry cloth.

If things are looking particularly greasy – use a water and vinegar solution to wipe your cabinets. That’s one part vinegar to two parts cold water.

How to deep clean your kitchen floor

On to the dirtiest section (fun times) that should probably receive a good old clean at least once a week. The good news is that kitchen floors are very easy to clean.

Start by hoovering (or sweeping, if that’s your thing).

For wooden floors: Mix a teaspoon of Castile soap with hot water into a spray bottle, along with your fave-smelling essential oil. Spritz lightly all over your floor, and wipe using a microfibre mop.

For tiled floors: Mix any all-purpose cleaning solution with warm water to mop the floor with. Rinse by mopping with clean warm water.

How to deep clean your hob

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Yes, the floor is the dirtiest part of your kitchen, but your stove top can get seriously grimy as well.

Clean by wiping with a damp sponge and some dishwashing liquid. Wipe using a soft dry cloth.

For targeting stubborn splotches, scrub with a Brillo pad after loosening up with a damp warm sponge.

How to deep clean your fridge

Something that’s easy to put off (out of sight, out of mind) is fridge cleaning. But you don’t want any dirt or grime lurking in the holy place where you keep your best fresh grub. Whether you call in cleaning services in London or do it yourself, it needs an occasional intensive scrub.

First things first, move all your food to any coolers you have. Turn off your fridge from the back and start by tackling the interior.

Create a mixture of warm water (1 litre) and our favourite baking soda (2 tablespoons). Using a microfibre cloth, wipe this mix all over the interior, shelves and bins.

‘Rinse’ with a clean damp cloth and wipe dry using a separate soft cloth.

For any hard-to-reach crevices, use a pointy cotton bud soaked in soapy water.

Restock and bask in that clean fresh smell.

Oh and for the fridge door, clean using a water and vinegar solution if it’s stainless steel. If not, use the same solution that you used for the kitchen cabinets.

How to deep clean your sink

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You may be under the impression that your sink is clean enough considering all the dishwashing liquid that goes through there. But, no. It needs a proper clean at least once a week.

A baking soda and lime solution combined with a sponge is all you need to scrub the inside. For any fixtures, polish using a white vinegar and water mixture.

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