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Household hacks to make your daily life easier

By Maha

Updated: October 20th, 2021

Hack your way to a simpler life.

Life ain’t easy. With today’s uber hectic lifestyles, we’ll take every precious second we can to just chill.

Want to sneak in a little more downtime? Use these household hacks to make your daily tasks a little more simple, and a little less time consuming too:

Speed up your ironing with aluminium foil

Ironing is apparently the household chore that Brits hate most. We get it. To minimise ironing time, turn to some aluminium foil. Just place a sheet of it underneath your ironing board. It reflects heat and steam, meaning you won’t have to iron both sides.

Place your folded bed sheets into their matching pillowcases

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Who hasn’t messed up their linen closet one too many times while rummaging around to find pillowcases and sheets that match?

Keep it tidy and keep yourself sane with this handy house hack.

Throw a towel in your dryer to make your laundry dry faster

Tumble dryers sure take their sweet time. Especially when you’re in a rush and need something clean and dry ASAP.

Toss a dry towel in with your wet items next time. You’ll reduce drying time and save on your bills in one fell swoop.

Clean your microwave with water and vinegar

As far as household hacks go, this one requires pretty much minimal effort. Put a (microwave-safe, obv) cup with water and a few tablespoons of vinegar in, and run on high for 5 minutes.

Let it cool for 5 more minutes when done.  You’ll then be able to wipe any debris and grease off with ease, thanks to the steamy vibes inside.

Sharpen knives with ceramic bowls

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Knife not doing the job it used to? Don’t toss it – simply rub the blade up and down on the ceramic ring at the bottom of the bowl to sharpen.

Making your future slice time much simpler.

Use aluminium foil instead of dryer sheets

Out of dryer sheets? No need to run to the shop in your quest for static-free laundry. Crumple up a sheet of aluminium foil into a ball and it does the exact same job.

You can reuse the same ball too.

Unclog drains with baking soda + vinegar

Clogged drain? Just pour a cup of baking soda and half a cup of vinegar into it. Cover the drain with a plate for 30 minutes (while you Netflix) and blast with hot water. Easy.

Repel spiders with a water + lemon spray

If you’ve spotted a spider making itself at home in your home, get rid of it with this age-old hack.

Mix lemon with water into an empty spray bottle. Spritz this solution wherever you’ve spotted the spider(s).

Peppermint oil works in lieu of lemons too.

Deal with scratches on furniture with a DIY mixture

Scratched up furniture isn’t a pretty sight. Save yourself the hassle of replacement with this simple trick.

Mix together half a cup of vinegar and half a cup of olive oil. Rub directly onto scratched surfaces and wipe off after a minute.

Yep, it works.

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