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Airtasker’s Inaugural Top Tasker Awards (UK)

By Tim Fung

Updated: June 19th, 2023

New initiative crowns London’s skilled workers as “Top Taskers” for their outstanding service to the community.

Today, we raise a glass to our Taskers!

Our Top Tasker Awards program celebrates the skilled Londoners on Airtasker who went above and beyond to deliver outstanding service during the pandemic and help Brits get things done in 2021.

“Each of our Top Taskers has done an incredible job, and we wanted to recognise their amazing craftsmanship, excellent customer service, and resilience during what was another testing year for Brits,” said Tim Fung, Co-founder & CEO at Airtasker.

“Each recipient will get a verified badge that will be displayed on their profile so they can be quickly and easily identified for their outstanding contribution. This recognition will also help customers make informed decisions when selecting the right person for the job. We love a win-win at Airtasker!” he said.

An increase in Tasker sign-ups

We saw a staggering 157% year-on-year spike in Tasker sign-ups in 2021, which happens to be the highest number of registrations in three years!

There was an 832% monthly increase in registrations in April as lockdown restrictions began to ease. In October, we also witnessed a 96% uplift as Brits turned to flexible work after the furlough scheme ended in September.

“Our mission here at Airtasker is to empower people to realise the full value of their skills, and we’ve been super pleased to play a part in helping people find work, earn income, and achieve purpose during this difficult time,” said Fung.

2021 Top Taskers

Using a data-led methodology, Airtasker crunched the numbers over the past 12 months to identify London’s top-performing Taskers. Their average, rating, reviews, and completion rate were among the key metrics in determining the awards.

These five recipients scored high across all metrics and demonstrated a commitment to delivering value to their community:


Chersty Bitsindou, 34, Greenwich

Chersty is a qualified dental technician and mother trying to strike that work-life balance and spend more quality time with her daughter. She decided to join Airtasker in 2018 when her daughter recommended it after seeing an ad on the train.

Chersty once did a cleaning task for a client who was being treated for terminal cancer. She wanted to help in any way she could, so she offered to go back and clean for the client for free whenever needed. Then, the rest is history. Chersty has over 260 five-star reviews, as well as £36K worth of earnings on Airtasker from cleaning tasks!


Deborah Patterson, 29, Islington
Delivery & Removals

A single mom who used to work at a theatre ticket agency, Deborah joined Airtasker after being made redundant. She has helped many customers and earned an impressive £4,300 in just two months! Working for Airtasker empowered Deborah to take control of her finances while allowing herself to take a break, travel, and see more of London.


Audrius Stukas, 34, Croydon
Tradesperson, Furniture Assembly

For Audrius, Airtasker was a side hustle that he adopted in 2018 alongside his current job. He saw the opportunity to boost his income in his spare time by doing general handyperson tasks, furniture assembly, and even satellite dish instalments.

He consistently delivered excellent customer service with over 290 five-star reviews under his belt, and even celebrities want him! Audrius turned up to a job to hang some pictures for a ‘very friendly’ client, who turned out to be Capital FM’s radio host, Roman Kemp!


Renato Dakovic, 25, Croydon
Tradesperson, Removals, Furniture Assembly

Before working for Airtasker full-time, Renato was a lift engineer. Thanks to that, he learnt all the necessary skills that he now applies to Airtasker every day. From treadmill installations to fixing doorbells, Renato proudly carries five-star reviews across 62 tasks and has already pocketed £5,800 from these jobs alone!


Mital Mistry, 31, Redbridge
Wi-Fi and Home Tech Support

Mital worked as a Management Consultant for over six years when he decided to quit and travel. When he returned, he wanted a job to pay the bills whilst offering more flexibility and control.

Mital offered tech and admin support to family and friends for years and even in his old role without being paid for it. He soon realised that he could monetise his skills, so he signed up to Airtasker. Currently, Mital has a string of five-star reviews with a 100% completion rate despite only joining in November 2021!

He fondly recalls helping an elderly couple who needed help setting up their Wi-Fi router. He ended up exceeding their expectations by also setting up voice recognition on their phone to use Spotify. For Mital, a job that just took five minutes was one of the most rewarding.

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Co-Founder and CEO, Airtasker