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Top 10 energy efficient tumble dryers

By Maha

Updated: October 20th, 2021

Shake your guilt (and bills) with these eco friendly dryer options.

Tumble dryer guilt is officially a thing.

Most of us are aware of the environmental implications of using a tumble dryer and the effect it has on our energy bills, yet it’s just so…. easy and convenient. And it saves you the sight of your wet washing draped all over your radiators.

So how do we make the laundry drying process a little more guilt free?

The good news is that manufacturers have cottoned on (no pun intended) to the fact that the world of tumble drying needs to step up its eco friendly game. They’re creating dryers that don’t guzzle up quite as much energy.

Here’s our list of the 10 best eco friendly tumble dryers on the market:

Miele TMG840WP

With a stellar energy rating and steam dry function, the Miele TMG840WP has lots of lovely little features to leave your laundry smelling great, feeling dry, and looking pretty light on creases.

Interior LED lighting means your socks won’t get lost in the black hole of the drum.

Energy rating: A+++

Bosch WTH85200GB

The Bosch WTH85200GB heat pump tumble dryer has a 8 kg capacity drum, meaning you can pop in larger batches at once. Perfect for bigger households to save money and be kinder to environment by running fewer loads.

This gentle and quiet dryer also has Auto Drying sensors to detect humidity and adjust settings accordingly. So your cycle won’t run for a second longer than it has to.

Energy rating: A+++

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Miele Eco TWF620WP

Comes with all the standard high quality Miele features including FragranceDos capsules and PerfectDry technology. LED lighting makes it easy to empty your super fresh smelling laundry. The Miele Eco TWF620WP is great for gentle drying and minimising creasing.

Energy rating: A++

Electrolux My Pro TE1120

Need something a little more heavy duty? If you run a small business, the Electrolux My Pro TE1120 tumble dryer is the professional energy efficient choice to go for.

Whether you’re drying a load of bedding or waiter’s shirts, the tech in this dryer has been designed to run short but efficient drying cycles for frequent users.

Energy rating: A+++

AEG AbsoluteCare T8DSC869C

The AbsoluteCare system in the AEG T8DSC869C has been designed to give every type of material the TLC it needs. With specific fabric based programs, sensory drying and low temperatures, the heat pump dryer will never heat your clothes more than absolutely necessary.

Energy rating: A+++

Samsung DV90M5000IW

Not only does the Samsung DV90M5000IW quick dry smaller loads in a mere 35 minutes, it comes with the nifty Samsung Smart Check feature. Connect this to the Samsung Smart Home app to easily diagnose any issues with your dryer and you’ll know just when you need to call for appliance help.

Energy rating: A+++

Siemens WT4HY790GB

The Siemens WT4HY790GB comes equipped with the latest tech to make tumble drying a breeze. You can control your dryer from afar using the Home Connect App. And it cleans itself during each drying cycle. Yep, you read that right.

Energy rating: A+++

Grundig GTN38250HGCW

This Grundig dryer comes with the highest energy rating and an impressive 8 kg drum capacity. So you can dry the whole house’s laundry in one go, resulting in a less painful energy bill.

Another cool feature is that this dryer cools down your clothes at the end of the cycle. So you don’t have to waste a single second before slipping those freshly laundered jeans on.

Energy rating: A+++

Beko Select DSX83410W

Another great option for larger households, the 8 kg drum capacity Beko Select DSX83410W is designed to save as much energy as possible with its sensory drying feature and high energy efficiency rating. Choose from 16 programs specially designed for different fabrics.

Energy rating: A+++

Samsung DV90N8288AX

Samsung have really upped the tumble drying game with their DV90N8288AX. This 9 kg heat pump tumble dryer can be controlled using your smartphone, reduces the need for ironing, and comes equipped with energy-saving adaptive sensor technology. Phew.

Energy rating: A+++

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