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Top 10 energy efficient dishwashers 2018

By Maha

Updated: October 21st, 2021

This year's eco-friendly picks of the greatest invention of all time.

Ah, the dishwasher. The invention that’s saved us from many potential post-dinner arguments about washing up.

The zero effort and time saving aspect is glorious, but dishwashers do tend to guzzle up energy. Limit this by getting yourself an eco-friendly dishwasher, and you’ll find that running it may be significantly cheaper than hand washing.

The energy rating will give you an indication of this and the yearly running cost – those with an A+++ rating are the ones you want as they’re the cheapest to run.

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Here are a few of this year’s most energy efficient dishwashers to choose from:

Bosch SMS25AW00G

Bosch is a brand that you can never really go wrong with. The Bosch SMS25AW00G is yet another solid dishwasher from them. It’s silent, so it won’t affect your slumber, and the Vario basket system with adjustable racks means you can watch larger pans and dishes with ease.

And it’s reasonably priced to boot.

Energy rating: A++

Siemens iQ700 SN278I36TE

The Siemens SN278I36TE comes with a hefty price tag, but the host of unique features justify it.

This smart dishwasher can be controlled from wherever you are with your phone, and it can run an impressively quick wash which helps to keep running costs down.

Zeolite minerals (fancy) are integrated within so your load is dried without additional energy consumption.

Energy rating: A+++

Always run a full load to save energy and water! Running half loads can use more than half the water and energy of a full one.

Whirlpool ADG522UK

Limited space? Check out the slimline Whirlpool ADG522UK. This little beauty is just 44.5 cm wide, so it can slot into a more narrow space than most other dishwashers. Performance-wise, you have 8 setting which are sufficient for all your dishwashing needs.

Perfect for a smaller family.

Energy rating: A++

Bosch SMV68MD02G

This classic Bosch dishwasher is super silent (yep, it has a ‘SuperSilence’ mode) and lets you know how much time is remaining for your load by projecting it onto the floor.  Very cool.

You can also run a quick wash in just 35 minutes with the Bosch SMV68MD02G.

Energy rating: A++

Miele G6890 SCVi K2O

The very lovely Miele G6890 certainly comes at a premium price. But, here’s why. It opens with just a gentle tap and lights up when open. Closing is assisted too, and it boasts the highest possible efficiency rating as it only uses as much water and energy as your load needs.

Other features include remote controlling through the app, a super quiet and super quick option, and an indoor salt container. Oh, and the door opens itself at the end of a wash to let all the steam out.

Energy rating: A+++

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Bosch SMS88TW02G

Remember the zeolites mentioned earlier? The Bosch SMS88TW02G has them too, so you can expect your dishes to be nice and dry as soon as the load is done.

This machine isn’t hugely inspiring in terms of additional features, but it’s reliable, quiet and energy efficient.

Energy rating: A+++

Hotpoint Ultima FDUD 43133 X

If you’re a lover of hygiene and good smells (as we all are, ahem), you’re going to adore the super quiet and uber efficient Hotpoint Ultima FDUD 43133 X.

Not only does it clean your dishes thoroughly and at the highest possible energy efficiency rating, it also has a ‘smell-reduction’ function. No more musty post-wash smell lingering on your plates after. How cool is that?

Energy rating: A+++

Miele G6620 SC

The freestanding Miele G6620 SC is packed with features, including height-adjustable baskets, quick power washes and an AutoOpen door to dry your dishes thoroughly.

Energy rating: A+++

Bosch SMS46II00G

Looking for a reasonably priced dishwasher from a great brand that does the job efficiently? Meet the Bosch SMS46II00G. It’s great at streak-free drying and has a wide range of washing programmes including an Eco mode and a VarioFlex basket system. Perfect for any large or awkwardly shaped items.

Energy rating: A++


Host a ton of parties? Or maybe you just have a large family? Either way, the super spacious AEG FFE83700PM could be the right choice for you.

Not only does it tackle large pans and dishes with extraordinary ease, it’s also great for wine and champagne glasses, thanks to its SoftGrip rubber spikes.

Energy rating: A+++

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