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5 best UK home air conditioner units

By Maha

Updated: June 14th, 2023

Feeling the heat?

With this ongoing heatwave set to continue, Brits everywhere are finding themselves struggling to stay cool. Let’s face it, we’re just not equipped to deal with weather that’s too hot or too cold.

Sure, you can enjoy basking all day (or at least for an hour during lunch) in this glorious sunshine, but how do you get through these balmy nights? Other than tossing and turning to find a precious cool patch of bed sheet, you could consider investing in an air conditioning unit to keep you fresh.

Let’s get real – we’re not going to be needing this particular investment all that often. But it’s worth getting one in the hope that heatwaves like this will be an annual thing.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when browsing for your new air conditioner unit:

  • The bigger the room, the higher the British Thermal Units (BTU) number of your air conditioner should be. On the downside, a high BTU number makes the unit more expensive and less eco-friendly.
  • Check the energy efficiency rating. A++ is the most economical, and G is the least.
  • A higher-end model may be expensive at first, but it’ll save you money in the long term.

Here’s our list of 5 of the best UK home air conditioners:

Amcor SF8000E portable air conditioner

Got a smaller space to cool? At 34.5 x 37.8xm, the Amcor SF800E is a handy size for those of you who want an air conditioning unit you can lug around with ease.

Don’t underestimate its cooling powers though – you can still cool average sized UK rooms really well. Time it to cool down your bedroom before your bedtime for an uber comfy snooze.

BTU capacity: 7000

Energy rating: A

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TCL AC12 portable air conditioner

Want to make even more use of your smartphone? Yep, there is no end to its powers. Get an air conditioner like the TCL AC12 that you can control with it.

You can adjust the temperature and timing of your air conditioning from anywhere using your phone. The high BTU capacity means you can cool large spaces up to 30 square metres with it. Great for open plan rooms.

Oh, and if you have Amazon Echo, it’s Alexa-enabled so can be operated using your voice.

BTU capacity: 12000

Energy rating: A+

ElectriQ Panasonic powered wall mounted split air conditioner (with heat pump)

If you’re open for something a little more permanent, nothing beats how well a wall-mounted air conditioner can cool a room. This electriQ Panasonic powered air conditioner is very energy efficient for an air conditioner of this cooling ability. And you can breathe easy thanks to the built in dehumidifier function.

BTU capacity: 12,000

Energy rating: A+

De’Longhi PAC N87 Pinguino air-to-air silent air conditioner

Want your nights to be cool but still ultra silent? It can be a hard combo to find, but the De’Longhi PAC 987 is perfect for all you light sleepers that want the air con running through the night. It’s sleek and stylish, and also doubles up as a dehumidifier.

Make no mistake though, the cooling abilities are quietly powerful with this one.

BTU capacity: 9800

Energy rating: A

Face your portable air conditioning device away from the window. You want the rear to be facing out the window.

Igenix IG9902 3-in-1 portable air conditioner (with heating function)

If you’re looking for a versatile investment, the Igenix IG9902 is it. It’s an air conditioner + fan + heater in one. So, when our heatwave (inevitably) ends, you can make use of this device during the spring and winter months.

This sleek little portable air conditioner is a good size for cooling larger rooms, and not so heavy that you can’t cart it around as you need.

Bonus? The dehumidifying ability helps keeps you nice and dry while cooling.

BTU capacity: 9000

Energy rating: A+

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