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Pet Tasks On Airtasker

By Katie

Updated: November 4th, 2021

We’re a nation of animal lovers and just about every household has a pet or three. So it’s no surprise "Pet Tasks On Airtasker"

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We’re a nation of animal lovers and just about every household has a pet or three. So it’s no surprise that we’ve seen hundreds of pet owners getting help for their family dog, cat, rabbit or even chickens. From feeding and pet sitting to installing kennels and portraits of your beloved animal.


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Whether you’re interstate for work over night or heading off on holidays, your pets still need to eat as well. As one of the most popular pet chore tasks, more people are relying less on helpful neighbours and family and finding the convenience in Airtasker for pet feeding.

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Pick Up Pet Food

If you don’t have a car it can be difficult to get heavy bags of bulk pet food home or a last minute delivery to your office if you’re running low.

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Home DIY Fixes

When you move or get a new dog you’ll need to install a dog (or cat) door so that your pet can keep going in and out throughout the day.

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Making a rabbit hutch, building a cat scratcher and installing a dog kennel can improve your pets comfort level at home and easy plus affordable via Airtasker.

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Pet Transport

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Whether it’s a vet visit, taking a lost and found animal to RSPCA, or picking up a new puppy – if you don’t have a set of wheels, there are plenty of people ready to help out.

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Pet Sitting

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We’d all love to take our pets on holiday, but more often than not it’s impossible. Regardless of whether you’re well planned or you’ve had to hop on a plane last minute, Airtasker has created another option for people.

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Especially at Christmas when people have to travel all over the state or across the country, pet sitting is a must as boarding can be quite expensive.

Dog Walking

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We’re all busy and sometimes there’s just not enough hours in the day to take your dog for a walk, lucky there are plenty of Airtasker Workers who will put up their hand to take care of your dog walking.

Pet Grooming and Washing

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Just like us humans, your pets should always look (and smell) great. It’s a messy and time consuming job to undertake, so it’s the perfect solution for someone to come to your home and take care of it.

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It’s no surprise that we get some quirky tasks on Airtasker and even for pets. Airtasker Workers have completed tasks to draw dog portraits, helping design pet coats, or building assistance steps for older dogs.

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For dog boarding, here’s a price guide for your reference.



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