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How to get same-day delivery in Australia

By Airtasker

Updated: August 23rd, 2021

Why wait for the stores to roll it out?

Same day delivery is all the rage in the US and soon it may be a happening thing in Australia too.

But why wait for companies to bring the concept across the Pacific when for a little bit of extra money you too can enjoy same day delivery for most of your online purchases.

How’s that possible? We came up with this step by step guide with the help of two Airtasker delivery gurus Donna C and Kat Y.

Step 1: Buy your item online and opt for an in-store pickup

Most major stores now offer an online purchase but local pick-up system for items. It’s typically called Click & Collect. Select this option and set the pickup location.

Step 2: Hire a courier service

This is just a Google away. There’s plenty of delivery and courier services around (and you can find couriers on Airtasker too). Donna and Kat assure us that a same day delivery is possible with the services currently out there.

Be sure to stress that you’re looking for a same-day delivery, to help the courier prioritise their workload. Also, be sure to grab the courier’s full name. You’ll need that for the next step.

Costs can vary depending on the delivery service you use, the distance of the delivery and what exactly you need delivered. Same-day delivery may also impact the cost, but it typically starts at $28.

Step 3: Pass the receipt to the courier

Pass the courier your digital receipt – you more than likely got this in an email from the store.

Also, give the store a call, quote your order number and let them know the name of courier picking up your item.

Step 4: Stay in communication and receive your purchase!

Almost there. To ensure they pick-up the right item, ask the Courier to take a photo of it before they leave the store.

From there, just stay in touch until they arrive.

Too hard? Try this to skip some steps

If the item isn’t too expensive and the courier is willing, ask them to buy the item and you will pay them in cash when they arrive.

You skip a lot of the steps above. But this may be difficult with more expensive items.

If you do this, be specific. Kat suggests you send photos of it just to be safe.

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