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House Cleaning With A Toothbrush: How To

By Katie

Updated: January 5th, 2024

What’s the one item we all use daily that will clean even the trickiest of hard to reach spots? Believe "House Cleaning With A Toothbrush: How To"

What’s the one item we all use daily that will clean even the trickiest of hard to reach spots? Believe it or not, it’s your toothbrush. Drains, tap fixtures, lampshades and cheese graters… the list is endless. But this handy inexpensive tool will make your house cleaning much simpler.

Here’s how a toothbrush can clean your home room by room

A. Kitchen

1. Stove knobs
Using a sponge to clean the oil and food splattered on kitchen knobs is a slippery task. However using a toothbrush you won’t miss a speck of grease or dirt as you can reach all the tight spots.

2. Microwave vents
To clean, use a cloth that you’ve sprayed with house cleaner and place it over a toothbrush. That way you can get into each vent opening and won’t risk getting any cleaning spray in the fan.

You can also use the toothbrush on cooking equipment that are difficult to clean e.g. juices, cheese graters, small jars and unusually shaped vases/bottles.

B. Bathroom

1. Taps
Mold and mildew build up around the bases of taps can be removed by using a wet toothbrush in a matter of seconds.

2. Toilet seat hinges
It’s another awkward spot that can gather plenty of dust, but by using a toothbrush you can get in around the hinges and clean, no problem.


3. Grout
When combined with a bit of baking soda paste and scrubbing with a toothbrush vigorously will loosen the mold. After, just wipe off the paste and wash down with the showerhead or wet cloth.

C. Around the home

1. Lampshades/ lights
Sometimes dusting with a cloth is not enough to get it looking sparkling clean. Using a soft toothbrush you can gently remove all the dirt; it’s especially helpful for any pleats.

2. Wall sockets and light switches
Cleaning around light switches and the on/off button isn’t always easy but a brush will let you remove all the dirt.

Extra tip: Use multiple coloured brushes of use permanent marker to note which ones are for different areas of the house.

how to clean with a toothbrush



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