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Custom furniture and cabinets that a carpenter could help with

By Peta Boyce

Updated: August 5th, 2019

Carpentry trades can be more help than you think – here’s why.

For a novice working with furniture there is only so much that can be done yourself. Projects like custom TV cabinets, bench seats and larger items are usually best left to the pros. The pros we refer to in this case are carpenters.
Carpentry involves various specialised areas, one of which is cabinet making.

Cabinet makers are highly-skilled, qualified tradespeople who know a thing or two about premium craftsmanship. Their specialty lies in building cabinets for kitchens, laundries, bathrooms, bedroom robes, study nooks, and so on. Customised furniture is also part of their skillset.

If you are looking for someone to build customised furniture or cabinetry you would talk primarily to a cabinet maker. Hiring a carpenter to build customised furniture is like getting a house painter to do a fine art project.

To make it clearer we have listed a few projects that a cabinet maker could help with at your home:

1. Kitchen cabinets and pantries

Carpentry in kitchen

A storage convenience we take for granted – cabinets which house our cooking utensils and food supplies!

A home is not complete without cabinets and pantries in the kitchen. Cabinet makers are the go-to for these beauties.

Cabinet makers can whip up customised cabinetry in no time. From wall mounted to under bench and everything in between.

And don’t forget the storage and prep area masterpiece of a butler’s pantry. These are ideal for anyone who loves entertaining at home or keeping their kitchen spick and speck.

2. Bathroom vanities

The place we like to stash away our bath and beauty bits and pieces. Another work of art from the skilled hands of a cabinet maker.

Ask your cabinet maker about the different types of door latches for your cabinets too.

3. Breakfast nook

Anyone lacking bench or table space will appreciate a crafty breakfast nook area. A cabinet maker can build bench seating against a wall and, if floor space is limited, create a collapsible table to match. All you need to do is decorate the seating with plush cushions to blend in with your décor.

A breakfast nook is a perfect spot to read the paper and check on your Airtasker jobs.

4. Customised furniture

Cabinet maker bookshelf

There is so much a carpenter and cabinet maker can build when it comes to furniture. Think as big or as small as you want and this savvy crew will sort it.

With such an expansive list we have narrowed down a few of the more common carpentry items built for a home.

  • Custom TV cabinet: built into the wall or freestanding
  • Coffee table: common materials used for customised coffee tables include glass, stone, recycled wood, timber, steel, and repurposed items
  • Table: in any shape and any size
  • Chairs: dining chairs, desk chairs, bench seats, lounge chairs, bar stools
  • Bookshelf or display case: these are common finds in lounge rooms, studies or bedrooms. Open shelving also comes in handy in bathrooms and laundries
  • Repurposing furniture: get help transforming old into new or non-functional into functional

Need some customised furniture at your place? Just reach out for a skilled cabinet maker on Airtasker.


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