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38 Carport ideas

By Airtasker

Published: May 12th, 2023

It’s carport makeover time! Spruce yours up with handy storage, timber, plants, glass, and more.

Due to the popularity of garage conversions, carports are fast becoming the most popular alternative to a garage. Carports are structures built to shield cars from the elements like rain, snow, and harsh sunlight. These structures can also provide a shaded area for various outdoor activities.

Unlike garages, carports are easy to add to a home during or even after the building process. What’s important is that its look is cohesive with your house’s exterior!

Still not sure about how you want it to look? Read on to find design inspiration with these carport ideas.

1. Carport and storage

wooden and modern carport with enclosed garage on the side

Adding storage next to the space is a simple and effective carport idea. This solution makes cleaning your car easier, unlike housing your vehicle and extra stored items in one enclosed area.

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2. Glass panels

carport canopy with glass panel roof, view from below looking towards the sky

If you’re worried about your carport looking like an eye sore, then having a carport with a glass-panelled roof is a great alternative. It gives you a beautiful view of the sky and instantly makes the area look brighter and more spacious.

3. Entryway carport

full view of two-storey modern house with carport beside the entrance

Build a carport just by the entrance of your home. This makes it easy and accessible when taking in any groceries or heavy baggage.

4. Wood accents

small wooden gate opened up to a carport with wood accents

If your home has wooden doors and gates, keep the design seamless with wood accents for additional doors or entryways through the carport.

5. Matching roofs

Think of carports as an extension of your home. Maintaining the same roofing materials and colours helps create a seamlessly sophisticated look.

6. Floral canopy 

parking space in the form of an arch with garden flowers, carport in the yard

For a more natural look to your carport, consider installing archways where flowering vines can bloom. Not only will it provide ample shade for your vehicle, but the addition of plants will also aid in air circulation, especially on hot days.

7. Modern home 

house with a flat roof and carport, sleek lines for modern design

Modern home design offers a great opportunity to express your creativity when deciding on your carport layout. Strong, sleek lines help make the overall design look straightforward and effortlessly clean.

8. Carport shed

freestanding wooden carport shed near a house

Are you planning to build a carport long after you’ve moved into your home? Carport sheds are an easy addition that can stand separate from your house area. A shed is also much easier to customise in terms of height and size when you have larger cars.

9. Skylights

Looking for a more eco-friendly way to add lighting to your carport? Skylights add that extra bit of natural lighting when your area is well-covered.

10. Sun-reflective roof sheets

freestanding metal carport with sun-reflective roof

If your carport area gets a lot of sunlight, opt for sun-reflective roof sheets for shade. This goes a long way in ensuring your vehicle doesn’t get too hot while parked in the daylight.

11. Opaque roofing 

carport with frosted glass panel roof

Frosted or opaque panels for roofs are great for maintaining a bright, spacious look to your carport without letting in extra light.

12. Modern black posts

black car parked in a modern carport with steel black posts in residential home

Steel black posts are a sleek and sturdy material to use, especially in environments with harsh weather.

13. Automatic carport doors 

carport with remote control door

Automatic doors are another great way to ensure optimal privacy for your home and vehicle without building a full garage.

14. Vertical wall slats 

view from inside carport with vertical blind fabric slats

Looking for some more privacy with your carport? Vertical wall slats are a simple but stylish solution that still allows enough airflow while protecting your vehicle from harsh elements.

15. Roof shingles

wooden carport with shingle roof

If you’re one to prioritise exceptional details, shingles for your carport’s roofing are an excellent option. It instantly adds depth to an otherwise simple build.

16. Solar panel roofing

a solar array that serves as a carport

Want to make the most out of your carport? Choose an energy-efficient option like solar panel roofing. While it might be a more costly choice, it’s well worth it when it comes to powering your home in the long run.

17. Aluminium structure

high-quality carport made of aluminium

Aluminium is a great economical choice for carports. They’re inexpensive and water-resistant, so you get the most bang for your buck. Since it’s also lightweight, the material is easy to install.

18. Bike rack 

Residential carport with bike rack. A bike is parked on the rack

Carports don’t just have to be for cars. If you have multiple bicycles or motorcycles for yourself, your family, or your friends, you can install a bike rack in the corner of your carport for easy parking.

19. High ceiling

modern and spacious carport with a high ceiling, a black car parked in the carport

Whether you have larger vehicles or just prefer the headspace, high ceilings create a more luxurious look for any structure, including carports.

20. Short sheds

wooden carport with standing seam metal roof in front of a house

Standalone carports are an easy way to create shaded parking for your car without obstructing the house. Sometimes a small shed is a perfect addition if you want to save or upcycle materials you already have.

21. Saltbox roof

carport with saltbox roof pitched at an unequal angle, making one side longer and the other shorter for a steeper slope

Saltbox roofs are pitched at an unequal angle, making one side longer and the other shorter for a steeper slope. This is ideal for preventing snow or heavy rain from settling on the roof.

22. Straightforward drive-in 

white standalone carport made of wood beside a house entrance

For a simple modern take to your carport, you can install it right next to your entrance, just like a standard garage, minus the enclosure. It’s an easy and fuss-free solution to covered parking, especially in a smaller neighbourhood.

23. One-sided wall slats  

photorealistic render of a modern two storey-house, carport with horizontal wall slats on one side

When installing a carport that extends from the side of your home, you can keep it open and airy with one-sided wall slats. Not only are they stylish, but they also help absorb sound to minimise any noise throughout the driveway.

24. Carport balcony 

a traditional white home with columns and carport in a landscaped lawn behind a black wrought iron fence, balcony on top of carport

Make the most of extra flooring by extending part of your house to the carport. Use the roof as a balcony where you can enjoy the company of friends and family.

Before building a balcony on top of a carport, it’s important to consult with a professional to ensure safety measures are in place and that the structure can support the weight of a balcony.

25. Curved roof

freestanding carport car garage parking made of silver metal and glass

Aside from a curved roof’s unique appearance, it’s a design that prevents rain and snow from collecting over your carport’s shade. This design also helps protect your vehicle from strong winds that might lift the roof.

26. Wooden extension 

carport with slanted roof on the side of a house

If you’d rather your carport contrast your home’s white exteriors, using a different material like wood will work well. It doesn’t have to be too fancy, either. A simple slanted extension is a quick and painless install.

27. Covered in greenery 

aluminium carport with greenery on the roof

Soften the look of an aluminium carport with greenery or climbing vines. Adding this, however, requires proper care and maintenance with regular vine trimming and cleaning to avoid any damage to the structure.

28. Flush mount light

modern carport with flush mount light at night

Flush mount lights are great for illuminating carports. They cast brightness downward, directly over your vehicle for maximum visibility at night. Pair this with a security camera for that added layer of safety, too.

29. Skillion roof

carport with skillion roof on the side of a house

If your area experiences extreme weather, a skillion roof or a single slope roof is an excellent roofing option to consider. They have steep slopes ideal for rain and snow run-off. Because a skillion roof is straightforward in design, they’re easier and faster to build.

30. Minimalist white

If you’d like to keep a clean, minimalist look to your home’s exteriors, an all-white structure will do just the trick.

31. Double carports 

White wooden carport with two cars parked under it. The carport is beside a residential building.

Extra space is always welcome when it comes to parking. Double-capacity carports are great for when you have a guest coming over, and it minimises the risks of parking on the road.

32. Single backside carport

If you only need carport space for one vehicle, you can tuck it away easily behind the house for an unobstructed view of your home. 

33. Brick paving

wooden carport with brick floor paving, rain gutter, and rainwater pipe

Define your carport’s space with brick paving. It gives the area more visual interest and works perfectly if you’re after a more timeless look.

34. Bike corner

wooden and modern carport with bike corner, flat roof

If you’re housing more than one bike, you can bring other essentials into the space for that added bit of fun, like a ramp.

35. Open gable roof

wooden carport with gable roof

Gable roofs are your standard two-sloped design. They’re simple and easy to construct and are great forms of protection from wind.

36. Wooden wall-mounted carport

wooden wall-mounted carport with rain gutter and rainwater pipe

Carports made from wood are perhaps one of the most eco-friendly solutions for providing shade for your vehicle. Be sure to consult a builder for the best type of wood to use that can withstand the weather in your area.

37. Mixed material

wooden carport with tiled roof and copper rain gutter

Don’t be afraid to mix up the materials used in your carport’s structure. If you’re on a tight budget, you can use cost-effective materials like wood for the posts and invest in high-quality roofing.

38. Concrete floor tiling

wooden, flat-roof carport with concrete floor tiling

The best type of material for your home exterior paving is always concrete. It provides even groundwork and less chance of it coming loose.

Hopefully, you’ve found inspiration for your home’s carport with these ideas. When you’re ready to have it installed, consult a professional builder for the best way to make it happen.



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