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45+ Wonderful white kitchen ideas – colour combinations, sink and cabinet designs

By Elise Hodge

Updated: May 4th, 2020

It's fresh, clean, bright, and looks good no matter what the style!

You can’t go wrong with a white kitchen. It’s a timeless addition to your home. A white kitchen is fresh, clean, bright, and looks good no matter what the style. But there’s more to it than just painting everything white. You need to mix colours and textures together to add a certain amount of homeliness and that’s why I’ve compiled my all-time favourite white kitchen ideas in the one spot for you.

A white kitchen provides the perfect base for you to decorate – whether that’s with plants, pops of colour, or a bunch of flowers in a simple glass vase. When you choose a white kitchen, you can change up your decor anytime you like – giving the impression of a totally ‘new’ kitchen. It’s the most versatile approach you can take.

And the design choices are endless – there’s modern sleek, industrial, Scandinavian, cute and quirky, elegant and sophisticated, coastal and fresh, and so much more. We’re looking at colour combinations, sinks. cabinet designs and that’s just the first few ideas, so let’s jump in.

1. Light and airy

This white kitchen keeps things simple with a timber and white base. The timber adds touches of coastal warmth, while the white keeps things nice and clean. I love the floor-to-ceiling sheer curtain, which adds a touch of elegance to this kitchen.

Hamptons kitchen
Source: Simon Whitbread

2. Refined stone

Stone and white are always a good idea, especially when the stone is a huge statement island in the middle of the kitchen. This is a pretty impressive piece that draws the eye, and adds a natural feature to the room, bringing the outdoors in!

White kitchen
Source: Simon Whitbread

3. Simple and sophisticated

This medium-sized kitchen has everything you need! While the space is… white, there is still a theme going on with the steel. I like how the steel has not just been used for the appliances but has been integrated throughout the space with the use of steel holders and storage containers.

White kitchen
Source: Pretty Simple Ideas

4. Black and white kitchen

Who says a white kitchen has to be all white? This black and white kitchen proves that you can break free from the ordinary. The black cabinetry gives an elegant touch to this space. I love the clever feature art that wraps around the exterior of the cabinets. This adds detail and fun to the kitchen. And the hexagonal pendant lights add interest and a touch more black to the space.

White kitchen
Source: A Beautiful Mess

5. Grey and white kitchen

This is a timeless colour combination that will always look sophisticated. So if you want to spruce up your all-white kitchen, consider choosing grey cabinets or a grey tiled splashback. I love the glossy subway tiles in this design. They add a layer of detail to this beautiful kitchen.

White kitchen
Source: Cuckoo 4 Design

If grey and white kitchen tiles aren’t for you and you want to add a bit more colour (or perhaps just a different tile shape), take a look at these different kitchen splashback ideas.

6. Brass touches

This kitchen is feminine and fresh! I know brass has been a huge trend for the last few years, but I honestly can’t get enough of it. Brass always seems to fancy up an otherwise so-so space. And this kitchen is no exception.

I love how brass has been used in the pendant lights above the island, as well as with the wall lights above the window, and for the tapware. And to top it off, copper-and-timber stools add texture and colour!

White kitchen
Source: A Beautiful Mess

7. White marble countertops and grey cabinets

Want to create an elegant kitchen that will last the test of time? Then you can’t go past this design. What makes this kitchen so beautiful is the attention to detail. There’s the gorgeously-carved cabinet design, the slick white marble benchtop, and the striking lantern-style hanging lights, to name a few. It’s certainly not a simple space. So if you want to create this style, make sure you pay attention to every little detail!

White kitchen
Source: Sanctuary Home Decor

8. Floating timber shelves

An easy way to add warmth to an all-white kitchen is to include timber. And these floating shelves not only add colour, but they create a practical storage solution. Use this space to display your favourite decor pieces and art prints for everyone to see!

White kitchen
Source: Clean Eats and Treats

Putting up shelves is best left to the professions when trying to make sure that it’s all level and can take the right load. Find a handyman to help with your shelf hanging.

9. Moody grey

Darken your white, light kitchen with tones of grey. This is one way to strike the perfect balance between feminine and masculine design for a gender-neutral space that will keep everyone in the family happy!

This kitchen uses white for the benchtops and kitchen cabinets while keeping the floor a dark timber and the stools a dark grey.

White kitchen
Source: Him Me and Three

10. White subway tiles

I talk a lot about subway tiles because they’re just so handy! Honestly, if you’re looking for a way to instantly make your white kitchen look chic and finished, then you can’t go past these beauties. Use white grout, like in this picture, or grey grout (to create contrast) to suit your style. It’s simple yet effective.

White kitchen
Source: Doug Elissa

11. In-built wall shelving

This has the potential to look amazing – if you do it right. Now, warning for the wise – you probably won’t want to include an open cabinet if you have small children who could easily climb the shelves and pull items down. So this might be more suited to those of you with a more grown-up family.

Keep it from getting messy with the same jars filled with labels and arranged in perfectly straight lines!

White kitchen
Source: Lonny

12. Touches of beige, timber and light green

This modern kitchen is mostly white but it contains touches of neutrals for colour and warmth. First, there are the beige subway tiles, which look beautiful and slick with the light from the window bouncing off them. Then there are the light green cabinets which add a cool touch. And then there’s the timber-wrapped island in the middle, which adds another layer of detail!

White kitchen
Source: Taste Design Inc

Want to achieve this look at home without it costing too much? Why not just get some cabinet painting done to bring your kitchen back to life.

13. Gold touches

Do you remember how I said white is the perfect base to work with? Well, this kitchen proves my point. It’s as white as they come, with white floating shelves, white cabinets, and white walls. And then there are little touches of gold hardware that add warmth. But this kitchen really comes to life with all of the little pieces of decor and kitchen items that fill the shelves and bench space. There are recipe books, pottery pieces, gold-rimmed glasses, storage jars, a bowl filled with bright oranges, a vase of flowers, and so much more.

White kitchen
Source: Lonny

14. French bistro-inspired

Love France? Why not bring a touch of Paris to your home with a French bistro-inspired kitchen? I love the exposed copper piping in this space- it adds a beautiful rustic feature piece to this otherwise modern kitchen.

White kitchen
Source: Style at Home

15. Coloured chairs

Have a little bit of fun with your white kitchen by adding colourful chairs! Choose your favourite colours – this design uses a mix of purple and green/blue, and go wild. Adding something different with a bit of upholstery means that you can regularly refresh your kitchen.

White kitchen
Source: Houzz

16. Copper hanging lights

Add warmth and detail to your kitchen by hanging statement lights above your bench space. The brass in this design is a total feature piece because there isn’t any brass in the rest of the room. But I think it works so well because there are three lights, and they are each lined up in perfect symmetry over the marble island.

White kitchen
Source: Dan Kitchens

Picking the lights out is easy, but you might want a hand with the pendant light installation especially if you need to evenly space three of them over an island.

17. Patterned floor tiles

Add a statement to your kitchen by dressing up your floors! I love these gorgeous mosaic tiles in shades of blue. They add so much character to this kitchen and make it feel very coastal.

White kitchen
Source: Room for Tuesday

18. Hanging lights

Lights are a must-have in your kitchen. And with a white kitchen as your base, you can go all out with your lighting design. This pod of hanging lights adds so much warmth to this small kitchen. I love how they are hanging from different lengths – it creates a beautiful effect.

White kitchen
Source: Destination Living

19. Light and bright

Maximise the light in your kitchen by sticking to neutral shades. This design is one to draw inspiration from – it uses simple beige-coloured tiles on the floor, white cabinets throughout, plenty of subway tiles around the walls, and speckled beige-and-white benchtops.

White kitchen
Source: Carla Aston

20. Little details

When it comes to designing our living spaces, it’s easy to focus all of our attention on the big pieces – like the cabinets, benchtops or walls, or even the appliances like fridges and dishwashers. But in a white kitchen, it’s the little touches that make all the difference. Take this bench corner, for example. The white flowers and greenery in white shell-themed vases add life to the space. If you’re wanting to keep things simple, stick to green and white. This will keep your kitchen feeling more natural.

White kitchen
Source: Maria Killam

21. Old and new

Don’t be afraid to combine pieces of yesteryear with slick, glossy modern elements. This kitchen does just this. It includes clean, white cabinets with industrial brass details, adds a glossy black fridge and then incorporates an old timber piece in the middle. But the timber island isn’t all old, either – it has a clean white benchtop in the same style as the rest of the benchtops. This helps to pull the room together seamlessly.

White kitchen
Source: Sf Girl by the Bay

22. White and green

Inject colour into your white kitchen with a fancy green cabinet piece. This is not only practical for all of your storage solutions, but it also serves as a focal point in your room. I love how there are brass touches weaved throughout the room to bring it all together (see the handles on the cabinet, the range hood, and the hanging lights).

White kitchen
Source: Emily A Clark

23. Modern white kitchen

If you want to create a modern white kitchen, then you should consider combining white with a mix of materials. This timber, black leather, and black tapware give this kitchen a masculine edge. And the stone feature wall creates a beautiful focal point.

White kitchen
Source: House and Home

24. Statement kitchen light

Give your kitchen a touch of glam with a fancy feature light. I love this lantern-style piece, which includes a pod of four bulbs inside. Adding a feature piece like this add character to your kitchen, taking it from simple and white to fancy and elegant.

White kitchen
Source: Driven by Decor

25. Concrete counter

I’ve got to admit, I’ve never seen a concrete counter before, but I love it! This white kitchen looks very industrial but it’s also a little bit sophisticated too. The concrete gives the space a very clean, minimal look. And the brass-wire hanging lights add an industrial edge.

White kitchen
Source: Lynne Knowlton

26. Kitchen downlights

Want to add atmosphere to your gorgeous black and white kitchen? Then you need downlight installation. As you can see in this space, the grey lights hang down over the main bench space. When turned on at night, this will create warmth and light up your space (it’s both practical and pretty!).

White kitchen
Source: 111 Light Lane

27. Scandinavian inspired

If you’re a minimalist at heart, then you’re going to love this question. While it may be small, it’s got everything you need – and it looks ultra-clean. If you want to create a minimalist white kitchen like this one, stick to mostly white and use one complementary colour in multiple shades. In this case, the design incorporates a textured grey floor, a grey benchtop, and a grey hanging light.

White kitchen
Source: My Full House

28. Marble overload

Are you a high glamour kind of person? Then your white kitchen simply isn’t complete without a touch of marble – or a whole lot of it! This kitchen takes marble to the next level with a large glossy bench. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a huge feature wall of marble tiles to match!

White kitchen
Source: Rachel Parcell

29. Kitchen with a view

If you’ve got a beautiful view, then make the most of it by designing your kitchen by the window. I love how this kitchen opens up to the outdoors with glass windows all around. The clever design makes it feel like the view is simply an extension of the kitchen itself!

White kitchen
Source: Madeleine Blanchfield

30. Brass detailing and stainless steel sink

Like I’ve said, it’s the details that matter when it comes to creating your perfect white kitchen. And brass tapware adds just the right touch of elegance to your space. Combine it with a stainless steel sink for that perfect mix of ‘silver and gold.’

White kitchen
Source: Styled with Lace

31. White sink

Add a farm-style touch to your white kitchen by installing a white sink that creeps out over the edge of your cabinet. This adds a traditional element and a whole lot of character to what can otherwise be a very modern kitchen.

White kitchen
Source: Laurenda Marie Photography

32. Glitz and glam

Take feminine style to the next level with this breathtaking kitchen. There are a few elements that really stand out in this space. The first is the two hanging brass lanterns, which add a pop of warmth and colour to the kitchen. The second is the glossy tiles climbing up the back wall behind the cabinets and rangehood. And the third is the gorgeous upholstered beige-and-white seats that provide a comfy space to sit and enjoy a cup of tea or glass of wine.

White kitchen
Source: Randi Garrett Design

33. Small kitchen

There’s no reason why you can’t have fun with a tiny kitchen. Make the most of your little space by adding a small table and chairs for dining. And add colour and texture to your otherwise white kitchen by incorporating a clever black bookshelf and a fresh vase of blooms.

White kitchen
Source: Daily Dream Decor

34. Navy and white

If this kitchen doesn’t transport you to the French seaside, I don’t know what will! This design perfectly combines shades of blue, white and gold for the perfect white kitchen. The blue-and-white bistro chairs are a lovely touch, bringing the key colours together in balance.

White kitchen
Source: Hudson and Reade

35. Dramatic pendant lights

Go all out with lighting by incorporating a striking design, like these gorgeous silver-and-white pendant pieces. The neutral colours mean the lights don’t steal the show from the rest of the room but tastefully add another layer of interest.

White kitchen
Source: Monika Hibbs

36. Modern black touches

Bring your white kitchen into the 21st century by strategically using pops of black. This kitchen avoids going overboard with the black but simply incorporates it in the lighting design and stools to create a polished finish.

White kitchen
Source: Studio McGee

37. Grey stools

A grey and white kitchen is always glamorous. And one way to add of grey to your space, without going overboard, is to include light grey stools along your bench. They offset the ‘whiteness’ of this room and create a bit of interest.

White kitchen
Source: Studio McGee

38. Rustic white

If you live in a farmhouse or want to create a rustic feel, then this is the design for you. It’s your classic white kitchen with a twist – and that twist is timber with a vintage touch. The ‘new’ is brought in with a beautiful marble benchtop, clean white cabinetry, and timber panelling around the room. And the ‘old’ is incorporated with timber framing on the left, vintage serving dishes hung on the wall and farm-style brass tapware.

White kitchen
Source: Truth and Co

39. Two-toned kitchen

Add vibrancy to your white kitchen by adding a splash of another shade of colour. In this case, it’s the brass detailing of the wall lights and the warmth of the timber floating shelves.

White kitchen
Source: Sita Montgomery Interiors

40. Show of your finest pieces

Don’t let your most treasured pieces kitchenware go to waste. Show them off in all their glory by displaying them in a glass cabinet. This design is pretty clever – it uses a glass cabinet as a feature piece wedged between two white enclosed cabinets. I think it gives you the best of both worlds – you can put your pretty items on display while hiding any mismatched or older pieces behind closed doors!

White kitchen
Source: My Style Diaries

41. White kitchen cabinets

This kitchen may be small but it has plenty of storage! I love the combination of blue-grey cabinets with white kitchen cabinets. Recreate this look for yourself by using white as your base and selecting one statement colour for a portion of your kitchen. The result is a lovely, polished space!

White kitchen
Source: Southern Hospitality Blog

42. Grey framed sink

When you’re designing a white kitchen, it can be easy to get carried away with creating a sea of… white. But that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the use of other colours altogether. A clever way to inject colour into your white kitchen is to confine it to a select area. In this design, a grey cabinet has been incorporated around the white sink. The grey doesn’t overpower the white but, instead, adds a lovely feature to this room.

White kitchen
Source: White Cottage Home and Living

43. Add decor

Just because you have a white kitchen, doesn’t mean the benches have to stay that way too. Take inspiration from this kitchen design, which includes touches of timber as well as little pumpkins, and even a small model Eiffel Tower! This just proves that decor doesn’t just have to be reserved for the living room.

White kitchen
Source: So Much Better with Age

44. White kitchen with a green island

Green is such a calming colour, especially when surrounded by plenty of white. If you want to bring nature indoors, then consider incorporating a large island like this in the statement colour of your choice. I personally love the green, but any colour will do in a kitchen that’s this white!

White kitchen
Source: Style by Emily Henderson

45. All glass

How’s this for a sophisticated white kitchen? I love the timber and white combination. And the hanging cone-shaped lights add so much warmth to the room. But can we take a moment for the real hero of the show? The gorgeous floor to the ceiling glass cabinet. What makes this piece such a stand out is that most of the items inside are glass as well. All of the glass looks stunning with the light reflecting against it!

White kitchen
Source: Style at Home

Are you ready to design your very own white kitchen? I hope you are! If you think I’ve missed any important design elements, I’d love to hear. Comment and share your favourite tips for a wonderful white kitchen.


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