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40+ Shower room ideas

By Elise Hodge

Updated: August 20th, 2021

Move over bathtub, we're all about the stunning showers!

If you’re someone who loves a shower, then perhaps giving your shower a whole room to itself is what you need. Whether your bathroom is big or small, the good news is that any bathroom can be transformed into a functional shower room, all you need is a clever design. Large, walk-in shower rooms are very in fashion and really create a luxurious spa-like feel. You will feel like you are walking into a very luxurious hotel bathroom every time you walk into your shower room. Not convinced yet? Keep scrolling for 40 of the most gorgeous shower room ideas.

So what makes a shower room different to a bathroom with a shower? Well, a shower room can be a large shower space that is big enough to count as a ‘room’, and it can also be a shower area with no shower door or no shower screens at all where the shower seamlessly merges into the rest of the bathroom.

1. Black, white and pink

How lovely is this black, white and pink shower room? I love the white subway tiles that wrap around the room and the black and white patterned tiling on the floor in the bathroom area as well as the plain white tile for the shower area. Plus how cute is the little pastel pink cabinet where the sink is?

With bathroom tiling like this, it’s always best to leave it up to the professionals for regrouting, screeding and all your other tiling needs.

2. Green with envy

I am so green with envy for this beautifully designed bathroom. The black framed shower screen is so chic and I love the way that it’s open yet perfectly positioned to keep the rest of the bathroom dry. Plus, the terrazzo tiling provides a great feature piece!

3. Dividing wall

If you want the seamlessness of a shower room but want to keep the rest of the bathroom dry, then a dividing wall is a great idea. I love how minimal this bathroom is with the beautifully patterned sink that stands out like a pretty art piece. Plus, the gorgeous gold-toned shower head really makes a statement!

4. Little ledge

How gorgeous is this white on white bathroom! I love the shower room which is complete with a little ledge to be able to place products and even put your leg up onto for shaving. The large glass doors bring so much natural light into the shower room which I’m sure the little tree is absolutely loving too.

5. Black and white

shower room black
Source: Raquel Navalon Alvarez via Unsplash

Oh, I just adore this ultra-modern, minimalist shower room idea! I love the combination of the white and black walls on either side of the bathroom with the glass shower screen in the middle. The black detailing around the edge of the shower screen, shower head, towel hooks and shelf make this shower room effortlessly chic.

6. Geometric tiling

If you’re wanting to create a shower room that’s open, then adding a stand out tile to the walls of your shower is a great idea to create distinct areas in your bathroom. I love this geometric black-and-white tiling which goes so well with the black detailing. It also complements the wooden alcove shelf and light pink walls.

7. Magnificent marble

Look at how magnificent this marble is! I love how the design seamlessly wraps around the walls and down onto the shower room floor. Plus, how great are the double shower heads designed to rain down water directly above you. And I love the open plan design with no shower screens or curtains in sight. What a fantastic shower room the whole family can enjoy.

8. Palazzo style

How stunning is this palazzo style shower room? Judging by the style of the property, this shower room looks like it could be inside an Italian chateau in the countryside. I would love to experience the rest of the beautiful rooms in the chateau. I love the way the showerhead is coming from the sky and creating a rain-like effect down into the shower area.

9. Green on green

Who knew green on green could look so cool! This shower room looks like it is fit for Elphaba, straight from the Emerald City. I love patterned tiling that has been used which goes up and around the bathroom. And the gold twin shower heads look so classy paired with the other gold details in the room.

10. Copper and beige

This copper and beige bathroom would be the perfect guest bathroom design. I love how minimal and ‘no fuss’ it is. The beige paint has been painted on the walls in a way that has created a lot of texture. And I love the copper detailing in the showerhead, fixtures and tap area. What a lovely combination.  Get some help with your next bathroom painting idea.

11. Double shower room

How great is this double shower room? I love the look of the grey terrazzo wall with all the grey and white speckled texture through it and the way that it wraps around from the floor and then creeps up the wall. Plus, a double shower head is always a good idea, especially if you have a big family.

12. From the sky

If you’ve ever wanted to shower in the rain, now’s your chance! Except this rain shower comes from your very own bathroom. I love the idea of having an open-style shower with a glass roof so that you can look up and see the sky. And how amazing to have a showerhead up above to have the water seem like it is coming from the sky.

13. Black detailing

Want to know how to instantly make any space look classy and on-trend? Add black. I love the black detailing in this shower room which can be seen through the shower screen, towel rack, shower head and fixtures. And wooden finishes are always another perfect addition to any space.

14. Angled roof

Even if you have an angled roof, it is still possible to make your space look spacious and inviting. I love how much natural light the angled roof filters in through the space. And the addition of the clear shower screen makes the room look even bigger. Plus, the hexagonal tiles provide contrast in this otherwise very light space.

When looking at an interesting space that may be difficult to accommodate all the fittings that you would like, finding a bathroom designer is a great idea to get the most out of your area.

15. Bath and shower in one

If you like the option of having a bath or a shower, then you should consider putting a bath in your shower room. I love the neutral colour scheme in this bathroom with the grey tiling, white bath and sink, and silver fixtures. What a beautifully modern shower room to relax in.

16. Bright open space

How stunning is this open plan shower room? I love how bright and open the space feels with all the beautiful natural light coming in. I love the use of the muted gold tones used for the shower head, towel rack and shower fixtures. Gold paired with white is always a good idea, especially in a bathroom.

Looking to do up other areas of your house, check out these utility room ideas and conservatory ideas to get you started.

17. Minty fresh

This bathroom is so sweet and fun. I love the mint coloured tiling that adds the perfect pop of colour and freshness to this shower room. And I love the addition of the prints on the wall that have hints of mint to tie in with the overall colour scheme. Just add an indoor plant for greenery and a little stool for convenience!

18. Bathroom plant

If you’ve ever wanted to decorate your bathroom but haven’t been sure how an indoor plant is always a good way to change things up. Due to the damp and often humid conditions, plants really thrive in shower rooms. I love the plant in this bathroom with the grey pit that matches in perfectly with the rest of the neutral colour scheme.

19. Neutral tones

Speaking of neutral tones, here’s another gorgeous neutral shower room. I love the look of the random marble wall tiling which adds a lovely pattern to the wall, as well as the dark grey stone tiling which seamlessly spreads across the entirety of the shower room floor. And I love the idea of adding a little storage caddy to conveniently display all the most used products.

20. Wooden feature wall

How lovely is this shower room that is small, but mighty. The black and white patterned tiled flooring leads to the shower area and amazing wooden feature wall. And the subway tiling on the other walls creates a great texture across the walls which complements the other material finishes in the space. Plus the black framed shower screen is a continuation of the modern style.

21. Blushing bathroom

This design is inspiring me to change up my bathroom colour scheme! I love the blush tones through the pattern of the tiled wall in the shower section and also the splash back behind the sink where there are hints of white and navy. This shower room makes me blush with all its beauty.

22. Cave like

Oh, I absolutely love this shower room with its cave-like finish created with smooth concrete. This shower room feels very Grecian and beachy all in one. I love the addition of the little arched alcove shelf built into the wall as well as the glowing lanterns on the floor for decoration.

23. Skylight

If there is one request I’d make when creating any space in my home, it would always be lots of light. And I love how bright and airy this shower room feels with all the beautiful light permeating in from the skylight above the shower. This bathroom proves that even if you don’t have any windows in a space, it is still possible to create a bright room.

24. Symmetrical showers

Anything symmetrical is so satisfying! It’s a clever design trick that creates a sense of calm in any space. I love this magnificently large shower room which has everything doubled. From the double shower heads, tap fixtures and even the little bench seats on each end. And I love that both of the spaces are merged together by a communal rain shower head in the middle of the space.

25. Shower room with a view

Speaking of rain shower heads, here’s another gorgeous shower head that works beautifully in the space it has been installed. I would absolutely love to take a shower in this incredible shower room overlooking the ocean. And I love how the timber wraps around the room for privacy from the surrounding houses, but the glass screens allow for plenty of views.

26. Black splashback

How great is the black splashback in this shower room! I love the shiny finish of the black tiling which would mean that the water from the shower can easily trickle down the wall. And if you want to create a seamless look throughout your bathroom, then continuing the tiling on the floor through the room is the way to go.

27. Definition of tranquil

Wow, this shower room is the definition of tranquil. I love how this space feels like it is outside in a rainforest. The greenery climbing up the wall and stonework on the ground really add to the space. And I love the option of having a bath or a shower. What an incredibly designed space. You would have to have a pretty special house to create a bathroom like this.

28. Wrap-around marble

If you’re ever in doubt, go with marble. I love the way the marble tile wraps around the shower room which cleverly joins the different areas together. And the grey veining in the marble tile matches perfectly with the grey tiling on the floor and in the shower area. Modern, minimal and everything you need.

29. Black frosted glass

Speaking of modern, here’s another awesome modern shower room. I absolutely love the back frosted glass which separates the shower section and the rest of the room. This would ensure that all the water stays in one place and you won’t have to worry about the rest of the bathroom getting too wet.

30. Minimal modern

How lovely is this minimal and modern shower room? I love the grey tiled wall that has a tinge of mint, especially when it’s seen through the glass shower screen. And the wooden benchtops, as well as the white walls and bathroom flooring, go beautifully together.

31. By the fireplace

What more could you want than a shower room complete with a fireplace? Even though this bathroom is small, the addition of the glass shower screen really opens up the space and gives it a very seamless look. And I love the way that the black and white patterned tile continues through to the shower area. Which really makes this room feel like a shower room, rather than a bathroom and a shower.

32. Black, white and green

If you’ve ever wondered what colour scheme to go with for your shower room, black and white will always work. I love the white sink, toilet and benchtops paired with the black framed shower screen, shower head, tap fixtures, mirror frame and decor pieces. And the white subway tiling with the black ground as well as the black and white tiling bathroom floor helps to tie everything in together.

33. Grey, wood and silver

Here’s another colour scheme to consider when designing your shower room. Grey, wood and silver are all about neutral tones, with a little bit of luxuriousness. I love the grey subway tiles that are the perfect background for the silver appliances and white sink and toilet as well as the wooden flooring and door.

34. Towel rack

This shower room is so simple, yet effective. I love the black framed shower screen that matches so well with the black shower head and towel rack. Plus the addition of the marble tiling in the shower space works so well paired with the black and white. And you can never go wrong with a beautiful indoor plant that will thrive in your shower space.

35. Thriving plants

shower room plants
Source: Curology via Unsplash

Speaking of thriving plants, here’s some more! I love the large plant placed here which would definitely enjoy all the splashes of water and steam everyday. Plus the greenery will always pop and stand out amongst a neutral colour palette.

36. Wooden table

How modern, minimal and simple is this shower room? I love that the walls and flooring has been finished with the same grey tiling which creates such a seamless look. And the addition of the alcove shelf built into the wall as well as the little wooden table next to the shower area is a great place to store products.

37. Ring light

If your shower room doesn’t receive much natural light from windows, then artificial lighting is a must. I love the ring light behind this mirror which would work so well to do makeup. And as the ring light is in the middle of the room, it also provides light to the shower area to the right and the toilet area to the left.

38. Sunken shower

If you want to create some visual separation between your shower area and the rest of your bathroom, then having a slight level change works really well. I also love how the wall slightly sinks in and changes colour to distinguish between the different areas. This shower room almost looks futuristic with its modern flair.

39. Tickled pink

I am so tickled pink by this beautifully feminine shower room! This pink bathroom would be perfect for Barbie. I love the pink walls with the pink sink, benchtop and towel rack. Plus how gorgeous is the combination of the gold with the pink which can be seen used for the showerhead, wall mounted mirror and taps? What a pretty space.

40. Tropical courtyard

And last but certainly not least, we have this gorgeous shower room complete with a tropical courtyard. I would love to bathe in this space and look out at my beautiful courtyard whilst pretending I am on a tropical island. I love that the large window looking out to the courtyard is the feature of this room with all the other elements in the room complimenting each other.

So there you have it, 40+ shower room ideas. My personal favourites are the spaces with the glass and black-framed shower screens which neatly separate the areas, yet still create continuity. I also love the bathrooms where the tiling continues from the floor right up to the ceiling – it’s just so creative! Now, it’s your turn to put this inspiration into action. What were your favourite bathroom ideas? Let me know below.

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