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Home improvement inspiration for renters

By Airtasker

Updated: January 4th, 2024

Want to make your rental home a little homelier? Check out our 5 easy home improvement tips.

Being part of ‘Generation Rent’ doesn’t have to prevent you from having a Pinterest-worthy home. Home improvements aren’t just for homeowners, and with a bit of creativity, tenants can spruce up their space without incurring a scratch. There are plenty of easy hacks to personalise your rental home, with or without the help of handyman services.

Here’s some home improvement inspiration to help you get started:

Stick on some removable wallpaper

Sure, you can’t paint your bedroom wall into that deep forest green you love. But there’s no need to stare at drab beige walls all day. You can add some of your personality onto the walls with temporary wallpaper.

These easy ‘peel and stick’ wallpapers leave no mess behind, and can often be re-used multiple times. They’re now widely available online in stores like Etsy and Wayfair. It doesn’t take a DIY expert to put these up, but have a friend over to help and you’ll have smoother results.

Temporary wallpaper isn’t just for walls. Add your favourite print inside your wardrobes and bookshelves for a splash of colour and drama.

Add some green into your life

Home improvements inspiration

House plants are an easy way to add some (literal) life into your rental home. Not only do they look lovely in every space of your home, they purify the air and add bright splashes of colour throughout. And there’s no need to say goodbye when your tenancy is over. It’s easy to take long lasting houseplants with you to your next rental abode.

No time for gardening maintenance? There are plenty of tough indoor plants that look pretty and don’t require too much love, such as aloe and spider plants.

A budget home improvement hack is to grow your own herbs – saving you money on grocery costs and adding instant green to your kitchen space.

Display your favourite art and photography pieces

Home improvements inspiration

This is an obvious but easy way to add your personal stamp to your rental home. You can display your favourite selection of photos and art on any countertops, side tables, and shelving units for an instant personal touch to your home.

Worried about damaging the walls with any hangings? There are plenty of ways around this. You can get picture hooks with adhesives that can be removed easily, and special tape or Blu Tac that doesn’t leave a trace.

Remember, art pieces don’t have to break the bank. You can easily find affordable prints of your favourite pieces at local markets and online. Frame and display with pride.

Style your storage solutions

Home improvements inspiration

This one may require a little bit of creativity to put together, but can add both space and style to your home at once. By adding a shelving unit such as a bookcase or a standing shelf that doesn’t attach to the wall, you can display your favourite photos, books and plants to the world. It’s also a good way to add extra storage space if your rental home doesn’t come with much.

DIY skills not totally up to scratch? Find London handyman services to help you bring your shelving vision to life.

Light it up

Your lighting choices can pretty much transform the atmosphere of any room in your home. No matter how well you style your room, it’s the lighting that really brings it to life. Most rental homes are equipped with overhead ceiling lights only, and they don’t really make a home feel warm and inviting.

It may just be a case of switching up the light shades or bulbs, or you could invest in a couple of great tables and floor lamps to change the ambience of your home. Remember, these are investments you can take to your next home.

Draw attention to specific spaces or art pieces with accent lightings such as table lamps and in-shelf lighting.

Looking for a handyman in London for your home improvement aspirations? Find trusted and reviewed professionals on Airtasker.



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