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Flat pack hacks: 10 ways to transform your furniture

By Maha

Updated: November 27th, 2020

Spruce up your IKEA stash.

Now, we’re not denying our love for flat pack. From bedside tables to cupboards and cabinets, this cheap and space-conscious invention has pretty much transformed our furniture buying habits. And it isn’t too difficult if you’re good with instructions and an Allen key.

But have you ever wondered how to make your flat pack furniture look, well, a little less flat?

Read on for 10 ways to up-cycle, paint and rearrange your way to new (and hopefully more exciting) furniture pieces.

1. Add some colour

The first (and probably most obvious) way to transform furniture is by adding colour. Most flat pack pieces come in their bare wooden state, so painting or staining can give them an instantly refreshed look.

You could also cover them with your favourite fabric print – just find a friend confident with a staple gun.

flat pack assemblers in Brighton

Source: Pinterest – hearthomemag.co.uk

2. Personalise by decorating surfaces

To add a little personal touch, get artsy. Stencils can actually work really nicely on top of a painted surface.

Don’t dive into a complicated design though – start with simple shapes for a chic and modern look.

3. Mirrors

Mirrors are pretty much the easiest way to add some ‘space’ to a room with actually adding any space. Put a mirror up on your flat pack closet doors to open up a room.

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flat pack assemblers in Brighton
Source: Pinterest – bedroom.about.com

4. Wallpaper

Peel on wallpaper is a fun and easy way to add colour and inject some life into a tired looking piece of furniture. And hey, you’re not committing to any permanent changes with it.

5. Quirky door knobs

Anything with a door knob can be quickly and easily transformed into something a little cuter.

If you’re struggling with the actual putting together of furniture part, try not to despair. There are plenty of people who are skilled at furniture assembly in Brighton.

6. Turn it upside down

Yep, it could just be as simple as turning it over. For instance, if you have a skinny bookcase you can turn it on its side to transform into a bench or a display shelf.

Try a few different positions to see what else you can use your pieces for – the possibilities are pretty much endless.

7. Combine with other pieces

Do you have a desk that needs additional storage space? A bed that needs a frame? Combine a couple of flat pack pieces together to create something multi-functional.

8. Use for something unexpected

You don’t necessarily have to use the furniture piece for what it was designed for. Reinvent it completely by using it for a completely different purpose.

9. Disassemble and reconstruct

Take something apart and then think of ways that you could put it back together into something new.  Think of your flat pack pieces as construction materials and rebuild them into something you need.

For example, a shelving unit could be disassembled and turned into a coffee table. Or a bookcase could turn into a tabletop.

Get creative and don’t be afraid to experiment.

10. Add more high-quality elements

Finally, who’s to say that your flat pack furniture needs to be assembled only using the pieces it came with?

Add in legs/handles/panels that are a little more flash and unusual to hack your way to a more interesting furniture piece.

Be warned though – this can get pretty addictive.

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