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Brits are sharing their shining sinks more than their meals out!

By Airtasker

Updated: October 22nd, 2021

We investigate the rise of the 'Cleanfluencer'.

Cleanfluencers (cleaning influencers – get it?!) have taken over Instagram wowing millions of Brits with their amazing cleaning tips and tricks, causing Brits to fall in love with cleaning their own home! We asked Cleanfluencer-loving Brits* about how Mrs Hinch, Queen of Clean and Clean Mama have helped them change the way they think about cleaning.

Mrs Hinch – aka Sophie Hinchliffe – has amassed a whopping 2.5 million Instagram following thanks to her fabulous daily cleaning-focused Instagram stories and cute pet names for cleaning products (we love Dave the fluffy duster). With such a massive online following it is no surprise Mrs Hinch is the UK’s favourite Cleanfluencer (with 45% of the vote) and that her favourite cleaning products such as the Minky cloth and Pink Stuff clear the shelves as quickly as they come into the store. As 68% of Brits admit to buying at least one product they’ve seen a Cleanfluencer use, we asked Brits about their favourite cleaning products inspired by cleaning influencers. Mrs Hinch’s beloved disinfectant Zoflora was found to be the nations favourite cleaning product with a third of Brits admitting to using the scented antibacterial to spruce up their own home.

Cleanfluencers have also changed the way we think about cleaning too! Our research revealed that 61% of Brits now see cleaning the home as an enjoyable pastime rather than just a boring chore. Those who have had a hard day at work may choose to clean the house to wind down as 66% of us now see cleaning as the perfect way to relax and de-stress. We also discovered that Brits may also be getting the Cleanfluencer itch as over a third (37%) of Brits have been inspired to post images of their own home on social media and 33% confessed to cleaning an area of the home just to upload it to the ‘gram.

The Hashtag Leaderboard

It seems that Cleanfluencers are taking over the Instagram hashtag landscape. We analysed a wide variety of cleaning related hashtags on Instagram and compared them to other popular/hashtag topics to see how they fare against each other.**

We also wanted to look into how Cleanfluencers have influenced the selfie generation, and whilst Millennials are known for killing off industries including doorbells and casual dining, our research found one industry they are injecting life into – cleaning! Millennials love for all things social media and influencers as resulted in an unexpected love story between young people and cleaning the home.

Almost three quarters (71%) of today’s youngsters said that following Cleanfluencers has motivated them to be tidier and cleaner themselves, while a further 75% admit to using the tips and tricks they have seen cleaning influencers use online. We also found that over two thirds (69%) of Millennials thought that Cleanfluencers have encouraged them to keep on top of their cleaning compared to before cleaning influencers came into their lives.

Surprisingly, Cleanfluencers have also changed the way Millennial couples communicate about cleaning. We found that 76% of Millennials say that their partner has become more involved in the household cleaning since introducing them to their favourite cleaning influencers, with 77% of partners now enjoying cleaning more themselves – that’s sure to save some arguments! Millennials are also known for their love of memes, but our research found that 74% of young couples are now tagging in each other in cleaning tips and tricks on social media – does this mean than Cleanfluencers are going to replace Millennials love for memes?

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*The research was conducted by Censuswide with 444 respondents who follow organisers and/or cleaning influencers/bloggers on social media. The research was carried out in UK between 30.05.2019 – 06.06.2019. Censuswide abide by and employ members of the Market Research Society which is based on the ESOMAR principles. 

**Please note that all hashtags used are representative of the number of posts in May 2019 (w/c 13th)




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