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5 home decor trends for 2018

By Maha

Updated: January 4th, 2024

Deck out your home with the latest interior design trends of 2018.

Keen to spruce up your space but not sure where to start? Find some serious home interiors inspiration using this list of what’s hot this year.

…and if you’re not ready for a complete design overhaul, you could start by incorporating a few elements from each for a quick refresh:

1. Marble

home decor trends 2018

Pinterest has gone crazy for marble this year. Green marble, in particular, has been trending on the platform. It’s easy to understand the obsession with marble. There’s just something about it that injects instant opulent vibes into any room. And it feels cool and luxurious to the touch.

It’s not just marble itself, you can also find swathes of fabrics and textiles with marble prints and patterns. Which makes this trend a little easier to afford and adopt. Scout out bed linen and wallpapers with a sumptuous marble effect finish to easily include this trend into your home.

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2. Dark woods

Looking to update your furniture in 2018? Expect to see lots of dark oak and deep mahogany if you go furniture hunting this year. Dark wooden furniture pieces are great for adding gravitas and that much-desired luxurious feel into any home. They also look pretty great against some of the tropical prints that are everywhere this year. (More on that later).

If you’re not ready to splurge on expensive wooden pieces, remember, dark wooden furniture was in style ‘back in the day’ too. Check out your local second-hand furniture shop for some surprisingly impressive ‘pre-loved’ finds.

3. Earthy tones

home decor trends 2018

Earthy colours such as clay and terracotta are having a major moment in the interior design world in 2018. Let’s face it, we all crave a little more nature in our lives. And this trend is all about creating a natural and outdoorsy feel throughout the interiors of our homes.

There’s no need to go all out by painting all your walls terracotta. You can subtly incorporate this trend into your home by adding splashes of these colours using rugs or cushions.

4. Tropical prints

Inspired by the fashion runway, the tropical print trend has made its way to the world of interior design. Add a summery feel to your home by adding in dark leafy prints and gorgeous bright colours. A tropical cushion cover or a framed jungle print is a quick and easy way to include this interior design trend in your home decor.

Liven up your home with a tropical vibe by getting yourself a low maintenance house plant.

5. Recycled Materials

With many of us now consciously trying to make more sustainable shopping choices, this trend carries into the interior design world as well.  In 2018, more people than ever are gravitating towards furnishings and fabrics made of recycled materials.

Many designers have caught on to this trend and are becoming quite creative with producing unusual pieces using recycled goods. If you want to be stylish but still environmentally friendly in your decor choices, you’ll now be able to find plenty of recycled options to choose from.

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