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How to deal with annoying home repairs

By Airtasker

Updated: October 22nd, 2021

Owning a home is a huge achievement. But after the excitement wears off, you'll realise that the upkeep is constant with cleaning, gardening, and home repairs.

Some home repairs are simple and fairly easy to resolve while others are a little (or a lot) more complicated – it all depends on the building quality.

Here are some of the more annoying home repairs and how to deal with them:

Leaking roof

Check the condition of your roof at least a few times a year, even if there are no obvious signs of leakage.  Hail storms, shoddy construction and UV damage can weaken the structure of your roof and allow water to seep in.

Water leads to water damage, and water damage leads to electrical damage. If you find a leak, fix it ASAP or you may need to call in an electrical handyman.

It’s best to leave this one to the professionals. Hire a roof specialist or qualified handyman to check and repair your roof.

roof home repairs
Source: Wikimedia

Squeaky floor boards

Floorboards are easy to maintain, but hearing them constantly creek and squeak as you walk around can get a bit annoying.

For a quick fix, use some talcum powder in between floorboards to stop the rubbing. If that doesn’t do it, you’ll need to secure them properly.

Door damage from pets

Whether your pets are well trained or not, it’s almost guaranteed that they can cause damage to your doors.  It could be by scratching up the wood or slashing through the door flap.

If it’s a small rip, some clear nail polish will do the trick to keep it closed until it needs to be completely replaced.

For shallow door scratches, you should be able to sand them back and paint over or stain again. However, if the door is really damaged over time, you may need to consider a replacement.

Remove wall paper

Removing worn wallpaper is something that you can easily do yourself with a steamer, removing agent, knife and perforator.

Dripping taps

Nothing is worse than trying to sleep to the sound of a dripping tap. First thing to try is to replace the washer if it’s worn out. If that doesn’t do the job, check the manufacturer’s website for any specific instructions on how to repair it.

Clogged drain pipes

After a big storm, it’s important to make sure your gutters are clear of debris and rubbish so water can drain easily. You’ll also need to check that it’s not pooling, which you can easily do with a garden hose. If it is, you might need to adjust your gutters or even replace them.

Unfinished home repairs

A pet peeve for new homeowners is having to repair unfinished work. Nothing is worse than having unfinished DIY and home repair projects staring you in the face every day.

bathroom tile home repairs
Source: Lowe’s

Patching holes in the wall

If you don’t have experience doing this before, we’d recommend you hire an expert and don’t attempt it yourself. You’ll save yourself a tin of goop and a lot of frustration.

wall home repairsSource: How To Specialist

If you’d like some help with annoying home repairs, why not try out the services of an Airtasker handyman? They’re readily available and will get the job done in no time.



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