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Redefining the community spirit

By Airtasker

Updated: January 4th, 2023

New look, same great Airtasker


Since 2012, Airtasker has been about creating a community. Born out of the simple need for a helping hand, the Airtasker brand has become a household name to get literally anything done, an infinitely horizontal marketplace. 

Our mission is to empower people to realise the full value of their skills with the goal of becoming the world’s most trusted place to buy and sell local services. 

And now, as we move into our 11th year, we’d like to once again focus our brand on our community, but this time, who they are and the bold attitude and energy they embody.

“Airtasker has been a local services marketplace for over 10 years in Australia. And now, as we plan for serious global expansion, we need a design that represents our future and the future of our people.” – Tim Fung, CEO

Hellooooo to all the go-getters!

Our new brand is designed to embody the community spirit of Customers and Taskers around the world who are passionate about getting more done.

The creation of our new bold Airtasker blue reflects everything we love about our community; their energy and let’s-get-it-done attitude.

Colours and motion convey a lot about a brand, and we updated our logo and Airtasker blue to convey a message beyond trust – it is the leap off the page energy of our community, says our CMO, Noelle Kim.

We wanted to update our brand to reflect our global ambitions. The brighter colour, our go-getter personality, and friendly motion are all designed to be memorable, which will help us achieve cut-through, particularly in our newer markets.

Of course, we’ve kept the wing because it symbolises the swift action we take to get things done.

The new look puts our everyday experts in the spotlight, highlighting their wonderful skills. Using expressive illustrations, bold new colours and action-packed imagery, we’re able to capture the energy of our community of go-getters.

tasker community

A bolder brand means more tasks and more Taskers

For our Taskers, it’s a place to realise the full value of their skills, and for Customers, it’s about getting more done in a day.

Airtasker gives our community the power and possibility to get it done with skilful, entrepreneurial and proactive people. We hope our new brand captures the eye (and hearts) of Customers and Tasker past, present and future so that we can continue to grow and help our community get more out of each day.

airtasker community

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