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Indoor gardening ideas

By Rhiannon W

Updated: January 5th, 2024

Indoor gardening is a great way to achieve a stylish look, and mood enhancing sense of tranquility. Having plants indoors "Indoor gardening ideas"

Indoor gardening is a great way to achieve a stylish look, and mood enhancing sense of tranquility. Having plants indoors not only brings a room to life; it helps with air quality. Here are some beautiful indoor gardening ideas to try at home, the office, or even in the little café you’ve been dreaming about opening.

vertical indoor gardening
Source: woo home


Terrariums are gorgeous placed on a table or hanging from the ceiling (and they make great gifts)!  The word ‘terrarium’ is used to describe a miniature garden in a container, often made of glass and usually sealed, but can also refer to open-air containers.  They can be soil based, soil-free, sand based or water based.

water terrarium indoor gardening
Source: Etsy

You can purchase pre-established terrariums from garden centers, gift shops and online, or you can enjoy making your own. Get creative and try using random glass objects, such as a light bulb, water jug, or fish bowl, and fill them with succulents, indoor ferns, air plants, moss and florals.

indoor gardening terrariums
Source: Uncovet Blog

Vertical gardening

Bring your indoor area to life by installing a vertical garden. Vertical gardens are perfect for those with little space. Often mounted or hanging, you can choose to utilise your vertical garden for purely aesthetic purposes, or make it into your own little indoor herb or vegetable garden.

herbs vertical indoor gardening
Source: The Domestic Heart

vertical indoor gardening
Source: Karma Stream

Living walls

Living walls, or green walls are the ‘next level’ in vertical gardening. You can create a fixed or moveable feature wall with tumbling greenery, or brightly coloured flowering plants. Make it extra special by installing some down lights or water-proof fairy lights that you can switch on in the evening.

Depending on your design, to set up a living green wall, you might need a:

  • Free-standing or mountable structure
  • Layer of water-proofing (plastic) to protect the wall behind
  • Layer of fabric for your plants to grow on, and
  • A drip irrigation system with appropriate drainage.

Once you’ve got the structure sorted out, you can then select and install your plants.

Airtasker have some very talented gardening professionals available to set your green wall up for you.

living green wall indoor gardening
Source: studio m interior design

Suspended indoor gardening ideas

Suspended indoor gardens and upside down gardens are stunning indoor gardening ideas that will make your space feel extravagant.  Imagine the serenity of having a rainforest canopy above your floating kitchen bench, or in the middle of your family room.

suspended indoor gardening
Source: Happy Interior Blog

suspended indoor gardening
Source: woo home

Upcycled planters

Mason jars, glass jugs, light bulbs, old lanterns and vintage trunks are all perfect items to recycle and revitalise by using as a planter for your indoor garden. Hunt down inspiration on Pinterest and head to your local second hand store to find a bargain item in need of some upcycling love.

indoor gardening tulips planter
Source: Pinterest

lightbulb indoor gardening
Source: 1001 gardens


Succulents do exceptionally well in most indoor gardening situations. They come in a wonderful variety of shapes, sizes and colours and are generally readily available at gardening centers and nurseries.

succulents indoor gardening
Source: Stagetecture

Air plants

Tillandsia (a.k.a air plants) are the brown-thumb’s best friend; they literally need hardly any attention because they thrive on oxygen (hint: over-watering will kill them). However, due to recent changes in import restrictions, they are not so easy to get in store anymore. When sourcing air plants, it’s best to purchase them online from a specialist retailer like Air Plant Décor, who will package your plant up delicately and have it delivered with full care instructions. Place them in terrariums or on unique air plant holders.

air plants indoor gardeningSource: Craft Organic

air plant indoor gardening
Source: Idle Hands Awake

Love our indoor gardening ideas, or have a few ideas of your own you’d love to share with us?  Let us know in the comments below!



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