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40 Gorgeous garden path ideas

By Elise Hodge

Published: June 24th, 2020

Create a warm welcome to your front yard with a perfectly paved path.

Garden paths have the power of taking any garden from drab to fab with as much or as little effort and as you like. Installing a garden path is also a very budget-friendly solution to tidying up your garden and they often require minimal supplies. Most garden paths can be made up of concrete steppers, gravel or stones, bricks, stone or all of the above. There are really endless ways you can construct a garden path and the design is really down to your own (or your landscapers) imagination!

Garden paths also work well in giving definition to the best places in your yard for guests to stroll through without having people walk through your garden and stuffing up your plants! If you have a modern area to add to or a more cottage style space, garden paths can work with any style!

Whether you’re looking for a simple DIY project or something a little more involved, then you’ve come to the right place! Check out these 40 garden path ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

1. Gravel garden path

Wow, what a beautiful grand garden to start off with! This garden path would be the perfect entrance to a country home. The garden path itself is made up of small stones with a border separating the stones from the garden beds. I love the feature of the pot on the stand that looks as if it is also housing a little round hedge. So cute!

Garden path
Source: My Formal Garden

2. Foliage stepping stones

Foliage can really create a lot of texture along your garden path. I love how some of the plants are draping over the edge of the raised garden beds which creates the effect of them spilling over almost like they are water and the greenery below is a pond. The stepping stones provide a solid path to step on.

Garden path
Source: Exotic Nurseries

3. Red geraniums

How special is this garden path! The red geraniums in their own individual planters really make for a bold, yet beautiful statement. I could just imagine strolling along this garden path and enjoying the subtle scent of the sweet geraniums as I walk past. I already know that the rest of the gardens at this property are just divine!

Garden path
Source: Roman And Ivy

4. Country garden

Oh, I do love a country garden. This beautiful space is filled with tones of purple and hints of blue that line the garden path perfectly. The pathway itself has been made up of little bricks that work great as a stable surface to tend to the gardens or even to frolic through them!

Garden path
Source: My Lavender Rose Life

5. Surprise at every corner

I can just imagine that this garden path has a surprise at every corner. Every turn you make you discover a new world, a new flower to smell and learn about. How magical. I love that the plants are slightly overgrown and cascading over the garden path which creates a really organic and homely appeal.

Garden path
Source: Lady Di Floral Garden

6. Decorative garden path

This little garden path is made up of a clever take on stepping stones using retro decorative blocks. The blocks are spaced just the right width apart and seem to have little stones underneath them that create other interesting details amongst the dark soil. The plants are neat and even allow for enough room to play hopscotch on the blocks.

Garden path
Source: Judith Drew

7. Double arch garden path

Oh aren’t arches just so magical?! The first arch has been made with a lot of patience through the way the purple pansies have been trained to grow in that shape. And the arch behind is also ever so clever with its hedge design.

Arches are a great way to refine your garden paths and introduce your visitors to new areas of your garden. This garden path would be so much fun to explore.

Garden path
Source: Small Magical Gardens

8. Pergola pathway

Here is another way that pathways can be enhanced with things to walk under. These arbours would work as effective structures for plants to be able to climb up and around. And I just love that little seat waiting for me at the end of the path.

Garden path
Source: My Norfolk Family Garden

9. Spring bulbs

What a stunning garden path this is! Spring has certainly sprung in this scene with the tall white bulbs making a statement along the path. Using a variety of seasonal plants will ensure your garden looks different all year round. The smooth concrete of the path itself looks sturdy and built to last indeed.

Garden pather
Source: Landscape Collaborative

10. Modern path

You can still have a garden path even in a space that doesn’t have much garden. This path divides the grassy areas and allows for people to walk across to the pergola without disturbing the turf. Genius! Concrete blocks have been used to step on and stones have been used to line the blocks. What a great effect!

Garden path
Source: Hilton On The Hill

11. Brickwork accents

How cool is this garden path! It totally reminds me of the yellow brick road in The Wizard of Oz, but white! Square and rectangular blocks have been used to give off a brick like look that is very neat. I love how it curves through the grass which makes for a more friendly and organic look.

Garden path
Source: Beau Jardin

12. Overgrown and organic

Here is a very overgrown and organic looking garden! The garden path is made up of large stones that look as if they have all been kept in their natural shape. They almost look as if they were naturally formed there… almost!

I love the little seating alfresco area at the end of the pathway that would be the perfect cuppa spot on a brisk morning.

Garden path
Source: Eleventh Hour Designs

13. Homely touches

This little garden looks so lived in and oh so homely. I love the garden path that runs along the side of the grass which allows for a smooth pathway to walk back and forth. It looks as if the same finishings have been used underneath the outdoor dining area as well which makes the design of this place super consistent and cohesive.

Garden path
Source: Nimis Garden

14. Black timber garden path

How cool is this stylish pathway?! The painted black path provides a modern touch to an otherwise traditional-looking garden.

Source: Shutterstock

15. Arched border

Arches are a great way to border your garden paths. I especially love this one that you can see through and still be able to see the amazing greenery growing up the side of the house. There looks like there are some vines growing up the arches so I suspect that there are plans to have full garden arches over the garden path eventually.

Garden path
Source: Matiasa Estaban

16. Garden path fences

A white fence doesn’t need to be so bland when you plant a variety of colourful flowers alongside it. The addition of the bright purple flowers that are alternating with the greenery works really well and brings in so much colour. I would love to take a stroll along this garden path and it’s not so difficult to get your own picket fencing at your home.

Garden path
Source: Main Street Nursery

17. Round arbour

If you’re wanting to welcome your guests inside your garden, then an arbour would work so well! But what about an arbour that you don’t see everyday?! This round arbour certainly works! It seriously looks like something right out of a fairytale and the garden behind is equally as dreamy.

Garden path
Source: Mint To Be Aus

18. Garden access

One step, two steps, three steps, four. These stepping stones are so sweet going through the colourful garden. I love how they are leading up to the open air garden house that looks as if it has so many different plant varieties and is a great extension of the rest of the garden.

Garden path
Source: Indie RHG

19. Pebble garden path

If you have an irregularly shaped garden, then a custom shape garden path is just the thing you need. This path is made up of small pebbles that I’m sure would provide a very satisfying crunching sound as you walk over them. I love the addition of the shovel that is leaning against the wooden structure that you could use just in case a pebble or two are kicked out of place.

Garden path
Source: Marit Thorin

20. Mediterranean design

The garden path here is wide and allows for lots of room when exploring or tending to the garden. And the colour scheme of the garden path works perfectly with the retaining wall that is marked out ready for vines to grow up it. I love that the garden is neat yet still subtly creeping onto the path which softens the look of the man made elements.

Garden path
Source: See Design Studio

21. Symmetrical space

Anything symmetrical is seriously so satisfying to look at and this garden path is no exception. I love how it wraps around in a U-shape which ensures that people don’t have to walk straight through your garden in order to get to the opposite side!

Stairs have also been added to help with varying foundation heights which also looks so satisfying and symmetrical.

Garden path
Source: Garden Design Mag

22. Side of house garden path

Who says the side of the house doesn’t need style. I love the pink painted barn-like door that matches the tones of the amazing pink flowering tree at the front of the property.

The garden path has square concrete slabs that are great for a smooth surface and they are lined with small pebbles which create texture. I also love the little pots that are lining the path and are so thoughtfully placed. Not too much, just right.

Garden path
Source: Life At Lynch Green

23. Little bulbs

Check out these beautiful bulbs lining this garden path! They really make such a statement and are a lovely way to line a pathway. I love that the round shape of the bulbs has also been executed in the two trees that also serve as a statement to the entrance of the house. The stone work of the path looks sturdy, built to last and looks like it has been there for a long time!

Garden path
Source: Number 38 The Find

24. Fit for royalty

This garden path is certainly fit for royalty (or at least a fine estate). The turret style finish of the bridge really makes this scene look as if there could be a castle next door. And I love the greenery that is growing up the sides.

Garden path
Source: Steven Anthony Photos

25. Lattice archway

Here is another pretty arbour that is a perfect pairing with the sweet garden path. On one side of the garden path it is lined with brick paving cut offs and on the other side it is lined with tiny white micro flowers that look oh so sweet. The white lattice archway looks as if it could become an extension of the garden if the vines keep growing all over it!

Garden path
Source: MJ Wellover

26. Plantation style

This looks like it belongs to a plantation style home in the Southern states of the U.S.A. The green garden is perfectly manicured against the white decorative house, and so the light brick paving is an understated and perfect garden path.

I love the small hedges that are living the path as well as the other symmetrical features such as the garden bed with flowers, the slightly taller hedge and then the large bushes placed behind the whole arrangement.

Garden path
Source: Coco Cozy

27. Overgrown prettiness

Oh, how sweet is this garden of overgrown prettiness! I would feel as if I was entering a secret garden when coming into this space.  I love the large pink flowers that seem to have a mind of their own and are trying their best to reach their flower friends on the other side of the garden path.

Garden path
Source: Fishtail Cottage

28. Creative design

This garden path certainly would involve some clever design and a thoughtful process. The angles and curves are so satisfying which really makes this space feel friendly and inviting. This design reminds me of a labyrinth where you could wander and let your thoughts, dreams and imagination run wild. Even the cute little kitty is enjoying the adventure.

Garden path
Source: Anastasia Sanchenko

29. Tranquil privacy

This tranquil space really reminds me of something out of a fairytale book with all the lush greenery and fantastical features. I especially love the little birdhouse which I’m sure would attract many bird varieties that produce the most magnificent songs. And I love the little private cove where the chairs and table are waiting that the garden path leads up to.

Garden pathway
Source: Hagedama

30. Heritage meets modern

This place is the perfect example of heritage meets modern. The home itself is a very heritage cottage feel, yet the landscaping really modernises the space, making this place look classic and trendy at the same time. The garden path along to the right is neat and minimal as is the larger garden path to the left of the image.

Front path
Source: Ian Barker Gardens

31. Tudor pathway

Check out this amazing Tudor home! I can only imagine the incredible history behind this property! I love the little garden path stepping stones that are leading up to the property. They really bring your eye and attention to the amazing architecture of the home and show guests the perfect way to enter the place. I would love to learn more of the story behind this property.

Garden path
Source: Four Walls

32. Garden path steps

Another way you can incorporate a garden path into your build is by making your garden path into steps! Steps are a great idea to put in your place if you have a slope on your property. I love the plants that are lining these garden path steps. The natural stone material that has been used is also a great choice if you’re wanting to keep your area looking organic and one with nature.

Garden path
Source: Landscape Images Nola

33. Dripping wisteria

Here comes the Bride… I could just imagine a bride and groom waltzing through this garden path entrance after their wedding ceremony! The wisteria that is lining the sky looks snow-like and almost like the icicles are about to drip onto the pathway. This is just so magical and another garden path I would love to explore!

Garden path
Source: Country Life Magazine

34. Perfectly positioned

This garden path is so perfectly positioned to look out onto the magnificent view! The simple concrete steppers look even and uniform as they are all the same shape, height and size which really makes for a modern and minimal look against the older and historical buildings in the distance. I love how the garden still has that overgrown look which combines the old and new very nicely.

Garden path
Source: London Garden Design

35. Brick path DIY

If you have some bricks left over from your building works, why not make a custom garden path?! This would be so easy to DIY from recycled material. Just grab two bricks at a time, alternating the pattern and voila you have your very own garden path. I also love the use of the rocks that line the sweet little garden bed nicely.

Garden path
Source: Son Of A Mother

36. Through the hedge

How sweet is this garden path going straight through the hedged entrance! The path itself is made up of randomly placed bricks in the centre and more defined and even bricks to line the path.

There are also larger rocks that are placed on each side which work well to separate the garden path and the garden areas. And how stunning are those bright red tulips making a statement!

Garden path
Source: Diana Yaness

37. Hedge lining

Here is another way to incorporate hedging into your garden path design. The path looks super neat and timeless with the brick design that features many different coloured bricks. And the hedge lining looks so great against the reds and browns of the brickwork. The hedge is tidy and just the right height.

Garden path
Source: Niki Eps

38. Colourful fiesta

Wow how cool, creative and colourful is this garden path! It reminds me of all the colours you would see at a Mexican fiesta! I could just imagine a beautiful salsa dancer wearing red dancing up and down this pathway. The path also almost looks as if it’s reminiscent of a beautifully colourful stained glass window in an extravagant cathedral.

Garden path
Source: Villa Neese Antiques

39. Mosaic garden path

If you’re wanting to incorporate something a little more creative for your garden path but colour isn’t really your thing, you could totally bring in some monochromatic pattern. These mosaic tiles look great against the mixed coloured pebbles and the brown finish of the house and really bring a creative and modern touch to this space.

Garden path
Source: Home Is Where The Heart Is

40. Up the hill

And last up we have this beautiful sunset scene overlooking a country valley. Here is another way that a garden path can be used even on a sloping surface. I love seeing all the colours dotted up the path from the yellow, pink and purple flowers which lead to this awesome pergola at the end of the path. The perfect spot to relax after a long day!

Garden path
Source: Plaids And Poppies

So there we have it, 40 garden path ideas for your next backyard project! I especially love the garden paths that also have a garden arbour and am always a sucker for colourful flowers that line a path. What do you think? What garden path ideas would you like to try out? Let me know in the comments below!


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