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Father’s Day tasks on Airtasker

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Updated: January 3rd, 2024

Looking for some Father's Day inspo?

In case you missed it, Father’s Day is just around the corner! 

Instead of the usual socks and ties, why not shine the spotlight on dad with acts of love to show him how much you care?

Say “Thank you, Dad! You’re the best!” with these task ideas you can book on Airtasker:

Hire extra pairs of helping hands

Give dad a day off from all the handiwork he does around the house. 

Hire a handyperson to work on some pending house fixes. Take note if there a lightbulbs that need replacing or if any kitchen cupboards require repair. 

You can prepare a list of repairs ahead of time and have an expert get it done instead of dad. This way, dad will have more time to celebrate Father’s Day weekend with the rest of the fam!

Organise his man cave

organised home office

Does dad have his very own man cave at home? Tick a chore off his list by having a professional organise his space!

Whether it’s the garage, a garden shed, or dad’s home office, he can feel energised and excited to hang in his squeaky clean man cave without lifting a finger. 

Get the car washed

You don’t need a big, fancy gift to make dad feel special on this day. Make his everyday drives to work more comfortable and dust-free by taking care of his car for him. 

He’ll feel appreciated and relieved to have someone wash, vacuum, and polish his car. It’s the little things that make a difference!

Surprise him with a special gift

Father’s Day isn’t complete without something special for dad. It’s the thought that counts, so do some extra thinking about what your dad will appreciate this weekend. 

If dad loves hitting the gym, surprise him with new workout gear or accessories to help him reach his #fitnessgoals.

little girl surprising her dad with a father's day gift

Meanwhile, music enthusiast dads might want a new set of earbuds or a new vinyl record of their favourite band or artist.

Whatever gift you think of for your father this weekend, you can make things extra special by having your present delivered to his doorstep as a surprise!

Have dad’s favourite food delivered

Food is always a good idea no matter the occasion! Why not have all dad’s favourites delivered this Father’s Day and enjoy a fun night in? 

Spoil him and allow him to indulge in cravings, whether it be his favourite steak or his usual from his go-to fast food chain!

Take care of the garden

You might have seen your pops out in the garden every other weekend, either mowing the lawn or trimming hedges here and there. 

This Father’s Day, consider hiring a gardener instead so he can relish the outdoors without doing all the work.

professional gardener mowing the lawn

Check out this gardening maintenance checklist if you’re unsure of what usually needs tending. For starters, here are some things a professional gardener can help you with:

Clean the swimming pool

Here’s another chore to take off dad’s shoulders! 

With Spring coming soon, you’ll want to get the swimming pool ready for everyone to enjoy. Hire a professional to clean your pool instead of dad doing all the work. This way, he can just jump right in and have a blast with the kiddos!

Hire a dog walker

woman walking two dogs

Give dad a break from his early morning dog walks and pet duties this Father’s Day. Here are a few items you can tick off from his fur parent checklist: 

Take lessons as a family

Make Father’s Day a family affair by taking lessons together! Here are some ideas: 

Whatever the case, let dad choose an activity you can all do together and make it a bonding moment to remember. 

Plan a Father’s Day event

There’s no better way to celebrate dad than by surrounding him with his friends and family. Put on your party planning hat, or hire an event planner to help you set up an intimate gathering.

family celebrating father's day

From catering to entertainment, fill the room with things your dad loves. He’ll love the extra personal touches you make for this celebration.

Immortalise the day with a portrait

It’s not every day that the family is complete to celebrate dad. Book a photographer to take special portraits to make this year’s Father’s Day more memorable. 

You can even make your photo shoot extra special for dad by turning it into a themed shoot based on his favourite movie, comics, or TV show.


Nothing beats quality time spent with the people we love, especially on days like Father’s Day.

So whether you’re hiring extra help at home, personalising a gift, or organising a party, let a Tasker help you get things done so dad won’t have to worry about a thing.

Good luck, and Happy Father’s Day!

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    Just wanted to know how much it will cost to have my 30×15 S/Pool clean and the surrounding area.