How to plan a DIY Wedding – from photography to favours

By Rhiannon W

Updated: January 4th, 2024

Weddings should be fun, not financially crippling.  Having a DIY wedding is a great way to save money and still "How to plan a DIY Wedding – from photography to favours"

Weddings should be fun, not financially crippling.  Having a DIY wedding is a great way to save money and still have a wonderful wedding. Here are some ideas on how to have a DIY wedding.

DIY wedding sugar cookies
Source:  Brit + Co

Planning your DIY wedding

One of the easiest ways to save cash on your wedding is to do as much planning as you can yourself!  If you have the time and love to make lists and be organised, planning your wedding and honeymoon will be a piece of cake. Search for and book your own venue, choose your own theme, do your own budget, etc. Use an online planner that you can take everywhere with you on your phone, or DIY your own wedding planner book. There are some great, free planner ‘how to’ guides and checklists online too.

DIY wedding planner
Source: gloriajoy

DIY wedding invites

Get your DIY mission started by making your own ‘save the dates’ and wedding invitations. Gone are the days of the standard antique letter press look; think outside of the box and make something unique! Why not make your own little wooden fridge magnets, send a homemade cupcake, or use the end of a radicchio dipped in paint to create a rosette stamp?

DIY wedding radicchio invites
Get the tutorial from Martha Stewart
Source: Elegant Wedding Invites

Wedding website/app

Many modern couples to be are opting to issue their wedding invitations with a wedding website or wedding app. You can definitely fit more detail in a digital invitation, and there are plenty of free sites and apps that let you customise your own. You can put everything on there from event details, to RSVP forms and song requests. Check out a purpose built site and app provider such as my wedding, or create your own from scratch using wix or squarespace.

DIY wedding website
Source: style me pretty

DIY flower crowns

Gorgeous, romantic crowns of florals are so much cheaper if you DIY. You can hire a florist for your bridal shower to teach you how to make them, or you could easily look up some instructional videos on YouTube and go from there. All you need is flowers (fresh, dried, silk or greenery), florist wire, florist tape and scissors.

DIY wedding flower crown
Source: Flower Girl Los Angeles

DIY wedding centrepieces

You can get so creative by doing your own centrepieces for the bridal and guest tables at the reception venue. Think about the theme of your wedding, the style and location of the venue, and what materials will go well with it. You could make the centrepiece below using a glass jar (start collecting now), spray glue and rose gold glitter.

DIY wedding glitter glass jar centerpiece
Source: The Wedding of My Dreams

If you’re looking for more centrepiece and decoration inspiration, we have plenty of DIY wedding decoration ideas for every theme.

DIY wedding cakes

Everyone knows that as soon as you say the word ‘wedding’, everything triples in price! Keep your wedding budget under control by either making your own cake, or finding a talented friend or relative who can make one for you.

DIY wedding photography

Photography is so easy to DIY!

  • Get guests to take the photos by placing disposable cameras on tables
  • Set up a photo booth with some props and an Instagram hashtag for your guests to tag themselves in
  • Get a friend with some exceptional photography skills to take the ceremony, reception and bridal party photographs, or
  • Get an Airtasker event photographer to capture some memories for you.

DIY wedding photography disposable camera
Image credit: Grant Watkins Photography via The Knot

DIY wedding favours

Sugared almonds? No thanks. Have fun by making your own wedding favours for guests. Get creative; you could make something edible, something that will grow, or something they can enjoy at the wedding (e.g. mini cocktails or a beer cooler). If you have little ones in attendance, keep them occupied by making some DIY colouring book favours.

DIY wedding favours
Source: evermine OCCASSIONS

Airtasker have a great group of event and wedding professionals ready to help you out on your big day.  Happy DIY!



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  1. Tameika

    I am a professional wedding photographer and I love this!!! I think it is so much more important to spend money on capturing your special day by using a professional photographer to show the creativity and all the hard work that has been created by you! Beautiful love this article! It shows individuality ,love, colour and much more fun.
    I am also all for camera booths and instant cameras at reception for guests to have fun with for their own selfies! The couple can relax with only one thing left to do at the end of the night and that is have a great time, dance and appreciate what they have created.