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45 Beautiful bay window ideas

By Elise Hodge

Published: April 17th, 2021

Create the perfect cosy little alcove for your living room with a gorgeous bay window.

There’s nothing quite like a bay window in a home. They are so magical and elegant. The general shape of bay windows are pretty distinctive and predictable but there are endless options when it comes to how you decorate your bay windows and what decor you put around them.

Depending on where your bay windows are in your home, you may use the area next to them for a living area, dining room or even an extra little nook to relax next to your bed. Another benefit of bay windows is that they bring in so much natural light into a room which also works so well when you have indoor plants or are needing some extra light in your home.

Whether you’re wanting to add a beautiful bay window to your new home or renovation, or whether you’re wanting to better decorate your existing bay window there are so many different things you can do. Check out these 45+ bay windows for inspiration!

1. Ornate detailing

What a beautiful bay window to start off with! The ornate detailing of the skirting around the tops of the windows is just so stunning. And I love how the timber has been lifted to create a stage section by the bay window which helps to separate the space and make it seem like its own little area. Just add a lounging chair with some comfy pillows and a throw blanket to relax on and enjoy some sunshine.

Bay window
Source: From House To Home 84

2. Family space

No matter where your bay window is in your home, you can always make it a family space with some personalisation. I love the gorgeous family photos sitting in the window sill which really help to make this house feel more like home. Also, the bay window in this space is more of a half bay window as it doesn’t go all the way to the floor.

Bay window
Source: Transforming Our Townhouse

3. White on white

Ah, white on white… One of my favourite colour schemes for a home. I love this three quarter bay window that isn’t quite all the way down to the floor but a little more than a half window. And the super cushioned love seat in the window is such a gorgeous choice and the perfect size for the area. I would love to snuggle up on this love seat.

White bay window
Source: Keeleys Home

4. Love seat

Speaking of love seats, here’s another gorgeous one by a bay window! The grey love seat looks oh so inviting by the window with the lovely cushions on top. And you can never go wrong with fresh blooms which I can see in the lounge room as well as two beautiful bunches behind the love seat. Just add a chandelier and a table lamp for some added warmth and comfort.

Bay window
Source: Behind The Castle

5. Indoor plants

There’s nothing quite like indoor plants in a home. They bring so much colour, life and freshness to any space. And a bay window is the perfect spot to give your plants the sunlight they deserve and love. And how much are these beautiful plants thriving in this spot? This could be your special indoor plant spot where your plants go when they’re needing a little extra sun!

Source: Thats So Gingerly

6. Comfortable and cosy

How comfortable and cosy does this living room look. I love the couch by the bay window with the assortment of cushions across it which add to the comfort of the room as well as the other soft furnishings like the upholstered ottoman and beautifully patterned rug. What a great living space for a family to relax in.

Living room
Source: Edwardian Semi

7. Pink feminine bedroom

If you ever want to add some femininity to a room, add some pink. I love the pink walls in this bedroom which look great with the pink chair by the vanity as well as the pink doona cover and pillows on the bed. And I love the regal blue chest by the window which is the same colour as the bed head. This would be a great teen girl or guest bedroom!

Source: The Thompsons New House

8. Country cottage

How darling is this country cottage room? I can imagine there have been many delicious high teas that have gone on in this room over the years. And the bay windows just add to the charm of the room even more. Especially when there are floral, lace curtains and vintage bone china plates to adorn the windows. I would love to have high tea in this super sweet and pretty as a picture room!

Source: Tudor Rose Cottage

9. Classic neutrals

Classic neutrals are always a great choice when it comes to choosing a colour palette for any room in your home. I love the upholstered style of the lounges in this room with a singular chair sitting perfectly in the bay window area. Just add some cushions to the lounges, a fluffy rug on the group and some little tables to put decor and to place a drink.

Neutral living room
Source: Our Neutral Home At Number One

10. Mid-century modern

Check out this awesome mid-century modern home. It really looks otherworldly with its gorgeous colour scheme and interesting decor choices. I absolutely love the mustard coloured lounge which goes well with the yellow urn on the coffee table and gold detailing in the elephant on the wall, large lamp hanging over the bed, the coffee table metal and the round bar shelf by the bay windows.

Living room with a bay window
Source: Renovating Sandy Lea

11. Room divider

If you want to create more private space by your bay window, then why not add a room divider to the space? I love the idea of the room divider that slides across to separate the chair by the window and the lounge room space. The kids could be running amuck in the living room but you could be calmly sipping your cuppa (or vino) by the window.

Living room
Source: Rest In Peppermint Wind

12. Mustard and white

How stunning is this colour combo? I absolutely love the combination of the white with the mustard which can be seen in the gorgeous pattern on the pillow and the detailing on the curtains. If you’re not sure what to put near your bay window, a bench seat is always a good idea and will not only look great but will be so convenient!

Bay window
Source: Pam Makes Things

13. From the outside

We’ve seen quite a few bay windows from the inside so far, but what about taking a look from the outside?! As you can see, a home with a bay window really looks so inviting and extra special indeed.

This home really is so stunning with the decor and chairs on the front porch, the festoon lights around and under the awnings of the house as well as the beautiful up lights illuminating the hedges which line the house. I can only imagine how stunning the inside of this home is,

Outside house
Source: Luke and Jasmin

14. Off-white living room

If you love the look of white but want your home to look a little bit warmer, then a warm off-white is a great choice. I love how the ceilings have been kept quite white, the walls are off white and the couches and ottoman are a lovely cream colour. Gorgeous styling for a gorgeous room by the bay window.

White living room
Source: House of McElroy

15. By the fire

Here’s another lovely cosy living room complete with the charm of a bay window. And what’s something that’s equally as charming as a bay window, you ask? Well, a log fire is, of course! I love the cast iron fireplace in this living room which really adds to the cosiness of the space. Just lovely!

Source: Paint Paste Prosecco

16. Additional seating

Need some additional seating next to your dining table? Then why not incorporate it into your bay window area?! I love how the dining table has been pushed up near the window and there are two convenient chairs with backs on them as well as the option to sit on the additional bench seating for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Seating area
Source: Lilli Put Play Homes

17. Bright bedroom

Ah, I just love how bright and beautiful this bedroom is with the sun beaming in through the bay windows. Don’t forget to add a lovely hanging plant in the corner so that the plant can also benefit from the beautiful sunlight. What a lovely bedroom to slumber in.

Source: Thrifty at No. 30

18. Feature lounge

Forget neutral coloured lounges! Why not go for something a little more bright? Perhaps something that could be a feature of your room rather than just another piece of furniture. Well, check out this gorgeous pink feature lounge which is the absolute showcase piece that enhances every other element of the room like the fresh bunch of flowers, decor pieces, wall art and bay windows.

Living room
Source: Kates Victorian Home

19. Black and brown

How lovely is this black and brown living room? The black lounge looks oh so comfortable and matches well with the black feature wall with the lovely round mirror attached to it. And the bay windows look great with the brown blinds which match with the floorboards, brown throw, furnishings and floating shelves.

Living room
Source: Manchester End Terrace

20. Bedroom bay window

Oh, I absolutely love this bedroom! The black bed frame looks gorgeous with the white walls and white bedspread as well as the patterned bedside tables. Plus how gorgeous is the cushioned daybed bench by the bay window which really elevates the room!

Bedroom bay window ideas
Source: Luke and Jasmin

21. Navy and mustard

If you loved the mustard hues of number 10 and 12, here is some more! I love the upholstered style of the mustard couches and lampshade which go beautifully with the navy walls. And I love that the bar window has been kept nice and light in white.

Living room
Source: The Surfleets

22. Velvet vibes

How awesome is this living room! The velvet blush couch looks so chic and is the perfect choice for a feminine living room. And how gorgeous are the blush tones in the framed artwork on the wall as well as the green cushion with the cheetah print on it on the couch in the bay window area which both gives the room so much character?

tiny bay window ideas
Source: House No. 1

23. Catching rays

A bay window could be the perfect place to catch some rays and warmth when you place a lovely couch next to it! And the large palm in this room is really lapping up the sun too and looks like it is thriving in this space! Just add some blinds to your bay windows so that you can control the sunlight when things get a little too bright.

Source: Soiesm

24. Cosy, warm and inviting

How cosy, warm and inviting does this living room look. I love the peachy tones on the wall that work so well as a backdrop for the vintage prints, hexagonal mirror and macrame on the wall. And I love the addition of the warm brown couches that I think Mr. and Mrs. whiskers are really enjoying sitting on by the bay window.

Cosy living room
Source: My Second Hand House

25. Dining with a view

If you have a large bay window that needs some styling, then making your bay window area a dining room is a great idea. This beautiful bay window nook is the perfect place to enjoy a meal with family and friends. Plus how gorgeous is the blue glass vase that looks even more beautiful with the natural light from the bay windows shining through it? It almost looks illuminated! What a beautiful spot.

Dining room
Source: Visual Home

26. On the window sill

If you have smaller bay windows that are complete with a window sill, you need to round up all your decor items and choose some pretty things to decorate the area. This window sill has been decorated with a candle, a bunch of fresh blooms in a vase and a cute little gnome man.

Source: The Knights at No. 32

27. Cream and black

Here’s another gorgeous lounge room with a bay window and a gorgeous colour palette. I love the comfortable and cosy couches in cream as well as the black shelving unit and side table. Plus you can never go wrong with some fresh blooms sitting on the window sill of your bay windows.

Cream living room
Source: At Home With Hels

28. Bay windows and a door

How stunning are these bay windows! The shape is your typical bay window style but with a glass door in the middle section which would work so well as a front door or even a door to your garden outside. And how awesome is the indoor tree which looks so happy sitting by the window.

Bay window
Source: Half a Hall

29. Straight bay window

Here is a different kind of window than your regular rounded off shape. This is a modern take on a traditional bay window with straight lines and a rectangular shape. I love that the couch perfectly fits in the little bay window nook and the decor pieces really enhance the space.

square bay window ideas
Source: Amelias Homestyle

30. Beige and cream

Beige and cream are two colours that really compliment each other so well. I love how the colours in this living room are within the same colour palette and just look like darker and lighter versions of each other. The beautiful bay window in this living room is dressed up with a beautiful beige curtain that helps to soften the scene.

Beige living room
Source: Llys Llew

If you’re thinking about adding curtains to your bay window, here’s how to measure curtains for your windows.

31. Working from home

If you are currently in the position of working from home, then you’ll know how important it is to set up a cosy spot where you can be both comfortable and one that will make you feel productive. This little spot is the perfect place to work as you get a beautiful view of the trees and neighbourhood through the beautifully clean bay window. 

Living room
Source: Castlebank Reno

32. Light and airy

There’s nothing more that I love in a home than a light and airy space. And this spot by the bay window is no exception! I love the white on white windows with the silver decor pieces as well as the gorgeous white orchard that looks stunning sitting by the window.

White windows
Source: Home At The Holly

33. Narrow room

This narrow living room with the bay window at the end works so well as a great space for a family to hang out. Because of the narrow shape, your eyes are really drawn to the beautiful bay windows at the end that is framed well by the blue curtains.

Living room
Source: The Letting Game

34. Light pink and teal

Similar to number 31, here’s another working from home space. I love the addition of the pink curtains by the bay window which works so well with the pink coloured cushions as well as the gorgeous teal velvet couch. What a perfectly cosy and comfortable place to work from home.

Living room bay window ideas
Source: Rubys Roost

35. Nosy neighbour

Do you have a nosy neighbour that spies on you? Well, I wouldn’t mind so much if my neighbour were this cute! This comfortable spot by the bay windows is the perfect place to snuggle up and relax the afternoon away. Plus I love the addition of the curtains that help to soften the space.

Bay windows
Source: Forever at Four

36. Happy hour spot

How sweet is this little happy hour spot with a concoction of drinks on a serving tray ready to sip. The blue couch looks lovely with the blue, orange and green cushions across it. And the vase of pampas grass by the window as well as the potted plant on the ground. And look at that sweet little face running around who is in the mood to play.

Living room
Source: My North East Home

37. Multipurpose space

What a great multipurpose space this is! I love the wooden table by the bay windows that works so well as a spot to dine. And the blue couches look stunning in this room paired with the yellow accents, grey walls, black fireplace and the lovely indoor plants dotted around.

Living room
Source: Property By Alex C

38. On-trend space

Ah, how stunning is this on-trend space? I love how laid back this bay window area looks with the comfortable chair and lovely soft throw draping over it. Plus the combination of the sheet curtains, as well as the more opaque curtains, look stunning! Just add a feature light pendant and a palm for some greenery.

sitting area in bay window
Source: The Novice Blog

39. Bathroom goals

This bathroom is seriously goals and a great variation of a bay window! The bathtub looks even more inviting amongst the snowy landscape. And I absolutely love the symmetrical plants on either side of the tub that looks like they really are thriving in this space.

Bathroom bay window
Source: Happily Ever Etter

40. Stained glass

If you’re after something a little quirkier with an ode to retro days, then consider stained glass windows. I love that this living room is pretty neutral with the dark charcoal couches, grey carpet and grey feature wall which really helps to make the colours in the stained glass pop!

bay window with stained glass
Source: The Millys 1930s Home

41. Natural finishes

This one’s for you if you want your bay windows to look a little more rustic and natural. Adding curtains will help to soften the look of the windows whilst the plans and wooden stools give the area around the bay window a very natural and laid back look with all the natural finishes.

Bay window with indoor plants
Source: Letsby Avenue

42. Step into my office

Here’s another great working from home space! You could face your computer to the window so that the sun falls on your face and you can look outside or you could even face your back to the window so that you have the warmth of the sun on your back and a beautiful backdrop for all your zoom calls.

Source: The Venetian Pantry

43. Makers studio with a view

If you loved number 42, here’s another lovely at-home studio space with a view! I love the way the bay windows slightly wrap around the wall and the walls look like they have been purposely cut into just to accommodate for the desk area. What a lovely and bright spot to get work done in your maker’s studio with a view.

bay window with study desk
Source: Mclay Home

44. Window seat

How gorgeous is this window seat by the bay window? This spot gives a beautiful view of the outdoor garden and would be great for when the men are cooking at the barbeque but the ladies want to stay inside and chat at the window seat. This would also be a great spot to sit while the kids are playing outside and you can keep an eye on them.

Window seat in bay window
Source: Palm Ray Interiors

45. Lived in space

And last but not least is this gorgeous ‘lived in’ space. Even though it is neat and tidy, I love that there is a basket to catch all the clutter, some beautiful vibrant plants to tend to and a guitar to play sweet music by the bay window. What a great laid back living room!

classic bay window in living room
Source: Liv Love Home

So there we have 45+ bay window ideas to inspire you in your next home renovation or in enhancing your existing bay windows. I love the bay window areas with the indoor plants which really thrive from the sunlight coming from all different directions. What were your favourite bay windows? Let me know in the comments below!


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