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35 Fabulous fireplace tile ideas

By Elise Hodge

Updated: August 18th, 2021

Put a creative twist on your space with some fancy tiles!

The tile choice for your fireplace can really make a room stand out More often than not, fireplaces are the focal point of a room so you want to depict that in the tiling and styling! From renovating a traditional fireplace to build a new modern one – here are my favourite fireplace tile ideas that will inspire you.

Another important note is that most tiles are easy to maintain and built to last which is definitely what you want in a fireplace!


Installing your tiles in a herringbone pattern is so chic and timeless. Plus they really make a statement! Due to the zig-zag pattern of herringbone, it really can work with so many different styles!

Intricate designs

Intricate designs work well in fireplace styling as they are a great addition to be able to add some pattern and character to a space.

Stone and marble

Due to the natural finish of stone and marble, tiling done in this way will look so sleek with all the natural textures and veining coming through the unique patterns of the tile.

So without further ado, check out these 35+ fireplace tile ideas!

1. Sleek forest green

First up we have this sleek forest green fireplace tile that gives a wet look with its awesome shine! I love all the different colour greens coming from the tiling which works so well with the blue and green tones in the painting as well as the simple white vases and pot sitting on the mantle.

2. Cris-cross monochrome

Oh, I just absolutely love this criss-cross monochrome tile. It is so modern and classy. And due to it being black and white and a simple design, it will be in fashion for a long time! And I love that the rest of the room corresponds perfectly to the colour scheme of the fireplace with the black, white and wooden finishes.

3. Iridescent and matte

Check out this awesome tiling! The iridescent tiles have an oil slick effect which means there are so many different colours coming from the tiling including

green, blue, yellow, oranges and reds. How lovely! And the matte tiles really help to offset the magnificence of the iridescent tiling.

4. Brick-like black

These tiles are in a rectangular shape which emulates bricks. What a great idea to pay homage to a traditional brick fire, but with a modern twist! I love the choice of black for the tiles as it works so well with the black cast iron finish of the fireplace as well as the black screen of the tv. How very cohesive!

5. Black, white and wood

Here’s another lovely fireplace with black and white intricate tiling which adds a gorgeous pattern to the rustic living room! Without the patterned tiling, this space would be a bit bland and a little less interesting. I also love the wooden border around the fireplace which really makes the whole instalment stand out beautifully.

6. Modern black

Using black in your home can really lift your space and make it look ultra-modern and classy. I love this modern black fireplace instalment with the awesome black tiling. I can just imagine how awesome this modern living room would look styled with furnishings and decor to match the modern look!

7. Stacks of stone

stone tile fireplace
Source: Mike Gattorna on Unsplash

Another great way of tiling your fireplace is with stone. This fireplace gives the look of lots of different stones stacked on top of each other. Using a natural texture like stone gives so much character to space due to the varying patterns and colours that naturally occur.

8. Textured mosaic

Here the textured mosaic style tiles look stunning used for the wall of the fireplace and tv area! I love how there are different shades of grey and white coming from the wall, yet it still looks uniform.

This tiled finish really provides a great texture to the space. Plus the grey and white furnishings around the room are perfectly matched, which makes it the perfect grey living room.

9. Herringbone marble

Speaking of grey and white, here’s another lovely tiled fireplace finish. The herringbone marble tiles are such a gorgeous choice for fireplace tiling! And I love the addition of the white symmetrical custom shelving on either side of the fireplace which I’m sure would look stunning once it’s styled with a mirror or picture hanging above it.

10. Black and gold

Black and gold is such a classy combination. And I love the way this tile looks. The gold lines give the effect of the black tiling coming apart and being put back together with gold resin. This tiling gives so much character and charm to the cosy space.

11. Floor to ceiling marble

When in doubt, floor to ceiling marble is always a good idea. I love how subtle marble can be depending on what type of slab you select. And I love the marble that has been chosen for this room. Not too much, but just enough. The grey tones in the marble perfectly match the accents in the room and the white matches everything else!

12. Dimensional fireplace tile idea

How awesome is this dimensional tile! I love the 3D effect of the tiling in this space which is the perfect way to add some texture and interest! If you’re thinking of installing a wall like this, bear in mind that you’ll have to also come up with creative ways of dusting between all the different angles.

Remember to find a professional to take care of the TV wall mounting as well!

13. Scalloped mermaid tail vibes

Whenever I see scalloped finishes, I always think of mermaid tails! They just give off such a cool scale-like look. And even though this space isn’t the most coastal styled home, the neutral tones of the scalloped tiles work so well to bring in an awesome pattern and focal point in this extravagant space.

14. Black herringbone

Ah, I just love another herringbone tile idea. There’s just something about the zig-zag style of the tile design that gives such a beautiful effect. And I especially love these black tiles with the white grout in between which matches so well with the ultra-white walls and prints which are also predominantly white. What a gorgeous space!

15. Moroccan style

The interior (and exterior) design is crazy over Moroccan style finishes! There’s just something about the angular shapes and patterns that really work. I love the Moroccan style tiling on this fireplace with the lovely grey finish! Just add some frames and decor around for some added pizzazz. Perhaps it would even suit your Moroccan bedroom style!

16. Bright colours

How cool is this fireplace tiling?! The bright colours and groovy pattern remind me of something taken straight from the 1960s – Groovy baby! I love how the rest of this room has been kept very neutral with the grey couch and dark furnishings so that the bright colours of the tiling is the feature of the space.

If retro is your jam – check out these retro kitchen ideas as well.

17. Bohemian fireplace tile ideas

I absolutely love bohemian living room styling. It is so laid back and always looks like a very calming place to hang out in. I love the Aztec style black and white fireplace tiling which adds intricacies and delight to this room. I would love to lie back and lounge on the chair with a good book and a cup of something delicious… Hot or cold? Well, I guess it depends on the time of day!

18. Wall tiling around fireplace

If you’re wanting to cover your whole wall in tiles, then this one’s for you! Why not, I say?! Not only is this an awesome way to tile your fireplace, but it has also created a great feature wall for the room! And I love the choice of the shiny gold border around the fireplace which adds a level of luxuriousness.

19. Pink and gold accents

Wow, just wow. I absolutely love this living room! It’s got the perfect amount of quirky and trendy! I love the intricate tiling with the light pink and gold accents. And I love that the rest of the room has continued the theme of light pink and gold through the furnishings and decor. Plus how stunning is the fabric used on the chair and ottoman! Just add a bright yellow cushion and some sweet gold decor for added detailing.

20. Simple, small and square

If you prefer something a little more classic and simple, then this one’s for you! The white tiling around this fireplace is certainly simple, small and square. There really isn’t much to it apart from matching with the rest of the white room and simple finishes. This room is a great example of less is more.

21. Sleek navy

Similar to my very first fireplace tile idea, here are more tiles that have that ‘wet look’ to them. The shine of the tiles means that when there are lights on or windows open, the light will reflect off of the tiles and can even slightly change the colour of them for the time being. I love these sleek navy tiles that have hints of turquoise and black in them depending on where the light is hitting.

22. Intricate design

If you have a simple space to work with that’s quite minimalistic, don’t be afraid to go a little out of your comfort zone and add some pattern. The intricate design in the tiles used in this living room is the perfect example. Using muted colours like beige and white will mean that the pattern comes off a little more subtle rather than using bold colour and having the fireplace stand out. I absolutely love this room!

23. Black and white zig zag

Here’s some more zig-zag herringbone to feast your eyes upon! This zig-zag tiling is made up of lots of square tiles and has been purposely installed to line up and create an awesome pattern. I love how the pattern is bold and makes a statement, yet is also subtle in the fact that other pieces in the room, like the gorgeous timber shelves, are still able to hold their own.

24. Hexagonal tiles

Similar to number 18, here is another fireplace tile idea where the whole wall has been tiled. I love the choice of hexagonal tiling which gives such an awesome look. This wall reminds me of honeycomb… Yum! I can just imagine a huge bee flying over to collect its honey.

25. Charcoal grey brick

Look at how awesome the charcoal grey brick tiling looks amongst the bright white walls in this space. I love the gradient effect that some of the tiling gives off. There’s so much texture and so many differences in the individual tiles which really create such a beautiful look. Just add some greenery and decor!

26. Lime green

Now this one’s definitely for those of you who love colour and something a little more quirky in your home. The lime green tiling around the fireplace is so sweet and I love the white mantle around it which helps to soften everything! Plus how awesome is the lime green floor tiling which matches so well with the wallpaper? Just add some greenery with limes and lemons attached!

27. Chic and fabulous florals

I love the chic and fabulous floral tiling of the wall around this fireplace. Florals usually give quite a feminine look, but the neutral colour scheme and the subtle design of the florals keep things simple and could work in most homes. Plus how gorgeous is the gold-framed mirror above the fireplace!

28. Diagonal design

How lovely is this diagonal tile design and you certainly don’t see it very often, but it still has a classic and timeless look to it due to the white tiling and black grout. I love how modern this space is! I would definitely love to ‘stay awhile’ enjoying this sweet room.

29. Yellow and white

Ah, here’s a very on-trend look! Pink, yellow and white is very on-trend atm! And I love the yellow and white tiling around the fireplace which has been installed in a very random and irregular way which makes the whole instalment look more organic.  Plus how gorgeous is the blush pink mantle which is also being used as a shelf to display gorgeous prints and decor!

30. Magnificent marble

How magnificent is this marble! I love how the marble tiling is around the fireplace area, then there is a break due to the cabinetry and then the marble continues up the wall and toward the ceiling. What a cool effect. The high ceilings in this space are truly spectacular and really give the marble the attention it deserves.

31. Black and white border

Here are some more gorgeous black and white tiles with a stunning intricate design! And I love the black mantle around the tiling as well as the white shelving which both create a lovely border around the fireplace. Plus what an awesome idea to incorporate different patterns in the couches and ottoman. This is clever pattern play at its finest.

32. Coastal vibes

Ah, I absolutely love the coastal vibes of this room. The fireplace tiling is a subtle blue and white pattern which adds enough pattern and character to this area without it being too over the top. And how stunning are the navy and tan tones in this space? Just add some foraged dried bunny tails in a vase and some coral!

33. Blue and white

Speaking of coastal vibes, here’s another beautiful fireplace tiling idea! I love the blue and white tiling around the fireplace which looks stunning paired with the blue blown glass as well as the blue and white patterned vases. And how stunning is the wall-mounted artwork that almost looks like an exact painting of one of the actual vases on the mantle?

34. Textured stone

stone fireplace
Source: Jessica Johnston on Unsplash

How stunning is this textured stone! I love how the tiles are quite large which gives such a bold look. Plus the natural textures through the stone look gorgeous and have so much character!

I also love the cute little seats next to the fireplace. Perfect to sit on and toast marshmallows with your favourite person.

35. Three-dimensional tiling

And for the last of all of my fireplace tile ideas, we have this gorgeous three-dimensional tiling. I love all the different shapes that are happening across this wall! I could just sit and stare at all the intricacies! I can only imagine how incredible the rest of this space is when the fireplace area is this gorgeous!

And there we have 35+ fireplace tile ideas for you to spruce up the look of your fireplace! I absolutely love the fireplace tiling that has intricate patterns which really adds so much interest to a simple space.

When installing a fireplace there are important things you need to make sure you have in place such as installing a fire alarm, and also you should know how to clean your fireplace so that you keep it in top-notch condition.

So which of the fireplace tile ideas above are you raring to try? I’d love to know in the comments below!


Elise H

I've recently moved into a new home and I've been having so much fun decorating it with pretty wall prints and Scandinavian-inspired furniture. So as well as being a freelance writer, I'm always on the lookout for new design pieces for my home!

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