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Bathroom Cleaning Tips

By Airtasker

Updated: January 4th, 2024

Bathroom cleaning is a chore that no one wants to do, but unfortunately it must be done and regularly. There’s "Bathroom Cleaning Tips"

Alternative cleaning products

Bathroom cleaning is a chore that no one wants to do, but unfortunately it must be done and regularly. There’s a lot of advice and tips available however there are a few alternative solutions that caught our eye. Some are chemical-free cleaning solutions and others pure genius with a pinch of wacky.

Here are the best Bathroom Cleaning Tips for you to consider when you do your bathroom in your next home clean:

1. Vinegar

It’s something you’ll find in every household kitchen and also one of the most popular alternatives as a chemical-free based cleaning product. It can be used by itself or mixed with other products, meaning less products you need to buy for your home to sparkle. To create a simple multi-purpose cleaner, in a spray bottle mix some white vinegar and a nice eucalyptus oil (to make it smell amazing) and voila you have a cheap product that can use on most surfaces throughout the house.

In the bathroom other than cleaning the surfaces, you can also clean your shower curtains with vinegar and no scrubbing or spraying of water involved. Just put the curtains in the washing machine, along with a bath towel and add a cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle.

2. Let’s get fruity

Fruit is not just for eating; you’ll regularly see it in homemade beauty regimes but we didn’t realise you can clean a bathroom too. It turns out citrus fruit can be used for a whole bunch of things.

Grapefruit: Along with some salt, cut a grapefruit in half and you have the perfect acidic bath tub scrub.
Lemon: Using the lemon juice it can get rid of difficult water stains on glass, tiles and taps.

And finally….

3. Coke toilet cleaner

Yes you read that correctly, you can use cocoa-cola to clean the toilet. Just pour it around the rim, let it sit for a good hour (or overnight), then brush and flush. Seems pretty simple, but be wary you could be left with a sugary sticky toilet so maybe just stick to the regular run-of-the-mill cleaning products instead.

So what did you think? Which one are you going to try next time?

Better yet, got another tip? Comment below and we’ll add it to the list.

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  1. “Some are chemical-free cleaning solutions and others pure genius with a pinch of wacky” This made me want to read your blog. I am a neat freak and I really want to have a clean bathroom. Well who doesn’t? Thank you for your blog. I need to share this to my fellow neat freak! Thanks a lot!

  2. Maria Peterson

    The bad thing about a bathroom clean up is that we need to repeat the process again as it get untidy very quickly… However, this is an important room in the house that need to be clean and sparkle with sanity. I really like your post and eager to use these chemical-free cleaning solutions for bathroom cleaning!

  3. Doris Cooper

    So unbelievable! I had no idea that I can use a simple coke for the toilet! I also like a lot the chemical free solutions! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Beverly Price

    It’s pleasant to see some natural method of cleaning which is effective and non toxic.The Lemon juice with essential oil has effortless property to haul out the strains and leave fresh smelling the room. And I think that Coca-cola should be used only for cleaning. It’s really not a good thing for the organism.

  5. Sharon Potter

    I had huge problems with the soap scum in the bathtub and I can find a cleaner which can help me with that. Another problem is that I am allergic to some of the ingredients of the common cleaners. So, thank you for your suggestions!

  6. Rosy Turner

    I have heard about cleaning with lemon juice but with coke! This is something completely new for me but it sounds so curious that I will try it! Regards! Downe Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

  7. Zooey Brown

    OMG!!! I just can’t believe that I can use coke in order to clean the toilet bowl! It sounds so crazy, and because I am so curious I will try this trick! Thank you for the interesting article! This definitely is something new and original!

  8. Suhana Morgan

    Thanks for sharing this great cleaning tips. I really appreciate this chemical-free cleaning tools. Those are great bathroom cleaning tips; now it’s time to make some changes in my bathroom cleaning technique. Have a wonderful day.