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23 Affordable Mother’s Day ideas based on your mum’s love language

By Airtasker

Updated: January 3rd, 2024

Plan the ultimate Mother’s Day gesture without breaking the bank.

During tough times, creativity and resourcefulness are essential, just like our mums taught us. To help you plan the perfect surprise, we’ve compiled a list of affordable things to do on Mother’s Day based on the five love languages.

Understanding your mum’s preferred love language can help you choose the perfect Mother’s Day gift. If she appreciates material gifts, go for flowers or pastries. Or if she prefers spending quality time with the family, plan an activity everyone can enjoy together.

Choose one or two ideas from this list or combine them to create a series of treats for all the special mothers in your life!

Affordable material gift ideas

1. Prepare a DIY care package

Preparing personalised Mother's Day care package, gift box with coffee, cookies, candles and cupReady-made gift baskets can be expensive, if not impersonal. Instead, put together a DIY gift box with your mum’s favourite bits and bobsa bar of chocolate, scented candles, high-quality coffee beans, and delicious biscuits.

Or combine this idea with the gift of physical touch; how about gifting her a cosy blanket she can wrap herself up in or a comfortable pair of socks that she can snuggle her feet into? 

2. Bake a cake or cupcakes

Holding glass jar with dry berries, decorating cake for Mother’s Day giftPhoto by cottonbro studio on Pexels 

Why order when you can bake Mum’s favourite cake at home? Find a simple recipe online and follow it step by step. And get creative by adding her favourite colours and presenting it on a beautiful cake stand!

You don’t have to be a master baker to whip up a special treat for your mum. But if youre feeling stuck and need some personalised tips on achieving your cake vision, consider contacting a skilled baker on Airtasker. They can help you with everything from choosing the right ingredients to perfecting the finishing touches. 

3. Give her a nice potted plant 

Cropped image of woman holding mixed succulent potted plant. Beautiful indoor plants as a Mother’s Day gift, bouquet alternativeInstead of buying expensive flowers that will wither away after a few days, gift Mum a potted plant that she can nurture and enjoy for a long time. Alternatively, you can make a DIY paper flower bouquet if you have some free time and crafting skills. Either way, Mum will appreciate the unique and thoughtful touch!

4. Recreate and frame childhood photos with siblings

Crop person gluing family photos to posterPhoto by George Milton on Pexels

Time to get the siblings involved with this one! Pick your mum’s favourite photos of you as kids, then recreate these pics. You’re sure to make your mum laugh or even tear up once she sees the results. 

5. Restore old photographs and home videos

Senior couple looking at their restored wedding photos in photo album, sentimental Mother's Day gift

Bring new life to old photos and videos so that Mum and the rest of the family can enjoy them for decades to come. You can easily find photo restoration services and video editors who can help revive these precious connections to the past.

Low-cost ways to give the gift of service

6. Clean the house

Cropped picture of a man vacuuming at mother’s home and doing chores, acts of service on Mother’s DayEven your super-tidy mum would appreciate a break from vacuuming and decluttering. You can clean up the garage or attic yourself or offer to book a deep cleaning service to get the job done as thoroughly as your mum likes.

7. Set up or help maintain the home garden

Elderly laughing mother as daughter hands over a potted plant

A lovely home garden is a mum’s paradise; the watering and weeding keep her active, she can plant ingredients for her home cooking and even sit down and have a cup of tea while enjoying the view! How about gifting her a professional landscaping service, a garden design consultation, or a full garden makeover? 

8. Sign her up for a class that aligns with her interests

Mum will love that you noticed her growing interest in painting or yoga. You can find a variety of instructors on Airtasker who offer both online and in-person lessons. 

9. Help her with house repairs 

Man repairing a white door. Twists self-tapping screw on stainless door hinge with a screwdriver

Don’t wait for her to ask you about that squeaky hinge or broken shelf againget it fixed in time for Mother’s Day! If the repair is beyond your expertise, you can always get help from a local handyperson. Either way, your mum will appreciate the effort. 

10. Cook a feast for her

Cropped hands serving bruschetta on brown wooden board for Mother’s Day lunch celebrationPhoto by Askar Abayev on Pexels

Tell mum to sit back and relax on Mother’s Day and take care of Sunday lunch for the whole family. Not sure where to begin with the feast? You can take some cooking lessons beforehand or hire a home cook for the day.

11. Teach her a tech skill she’s always wanted to learn 

Adult granddaughter helping her grandmother to use smartphone while sitting on bench in park on Mother’s Day

Has Grandma or Mum been constantly asking you how to use FaceTime or Instagram? Or would she want to get in on the latest TikTok recipes? Helping her navigate these social media platforms is a unique, low-cost gift that makes her feel more confident and empowered in the digital world. 

12. Sing her a heartfelt, personalised song

Family sitting at dinner table outdoors, young man plays the guitar to sing a personalised song for his mum on Mother’s Day

You dont need to be a professional musician or songwriter to make it special! Simply think of memories, qualities and emotions that remind you of her and write them down. You can then turn these into lyrics and set them to a tune of her favourite song.

Ways to spend quality time together on Mother’s Day

13. Book a family photoshoot at home

Professional photographer taking photo of family in living room, Mother’s Day photoshoot Time to update the photos on your family wall! Since the family will be together on Mother’s Day, you can use the opportunity to book a professional photoshoot. You can surprise Mum on the special day itself or involve her in the planning process.

14. Host a game night or karaoke night

Man taking counter on game board, family game night activity during Mother’s DayPhoto by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

Bring out the Monopoly and Scrabble boards, or introduce Mum to some new games too. Game night will surely be memorable and might even become a new (or revived) family tradition. If karaoke is more of Mum’s speed, you can look up videos online, stream them on the TV, and even rent microphones for the full experience! 

15. Host a movie marathon of her favourite films

Family watching movie from projector on the rooftop terrace at sunset, Ways to spend quality time with family on Mother’s Day

Indulge Mum by putting together a marathon of her most-loved flicks. You might even find that you’re growing to love these movies or genres, too. Feeling extra cheesy? You can curate a list of films about mums, like Lady Bird, Mamma Mia, Everything Everywhere All At Once, Stepmom, and The Blind Side—the sky is the limit!  

16. Take her on a picnic

Fruits, cheese, wine, and pastries on picnic blanket. Mother and daughter sitting in the backgroundPhoto by Alessandro Avilés Renaldi on Pexels

If travelling is out of budget, you can still give her a change of scenery by taking her on a picnic at a nearby park or beach. Make sure you pack all her favourite snacks in the basket. If you need help setting up the perfect picnic, Taskers are available to lend a hand.

17. Join Mum in her favourite activity 

Our mums did their best to go to all our sports matches, take us to and from dance lessons, and take an interest in our hobbies! Now, it’s time to do the same for them and see why they love antiquing trips, museum tours, or those Saturdays at the farmer’s market. 

18. Work on a crafting project together

Smiling elderly mother teaching her adult son to knit using needles and yarn. Spending time together in living room on Mother’s Day

Quality time doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant. You can work on a crafting project together, like knitting or repainting a chair. Or, spend time with Mum in the kitchen and finally learn her secret recipe. 

Gift ideas to express words of affirmation

19. Create a short Mother’s Day video

Father and son recording a Mother's Day video while sitting on couch

Get the whole family to tell your mum how much she means to all of you. Take videos of people sharing what they love best about Mum, then stitch them together on your computer to make a heartfelt video you can play on Mother’s Day. If you want to make it a little fancier, hire an affordable videographer or editor to help you make the video.  

20. Write a poem or song

No greeting card quote can beat a heartfelt, personalised poem or song! Plus, you can print out your composition onto beautiful paper and frame it, so mum can display it at home. If you don’t have a knack for poetry or songwriting, no worries! You can hire a writer to help you out. 

21. Frame personalised calligraphy highlighting Mums best traits

Young woman holding a frame with calligraphy words of affirmation for her mum. Affordable Mother’s Day gift

Remind her that there’s no one quite like her and that you love her just the way she is. First, ask the whole family for words that describe her. Then, with the help of an illustrator or graphic designer, create a poster with all these beautiful words. Frame it, and it’s ready to go right on the wall! This gift will surely bring a smile to your mum’s face long after Mother’s Day.

Gift ideas for mums who appreciate physical touch

22. Create a DIY spa at home

DIY spa with bath bomb, bath salt, and white roses on bathtub tray Photo by Monstera on Pexels

Surprise Mum with a gift basket of bath salts, scrubs, lotion, and her favourite skincare brands. Don’t forget to light up some scented candles for a more luxurious feel! You can give her a foot rub or arrange for a relaxing mani-pedi in the comfort of her own home. 

23. Spend the day together

Middle-aged mother smiling and talking to grown up daughter, spending quality time in living room

Sometimes, it’s the small things that make the biggest impact. You can simply take a moment to connect with your mum through simple yet meaningful gestures, like holding her hand during a conversation, giving her a warm hug, or linking arms while strolling in the park. 

Get a headstart on your Mother’s Day gift by posting a task today!

Whether you need affordable flower delivery services or professional cleaners, Airtasker can help you get the help you need for your Mother’s Day preparations. We hope this list inspires you to put together a day to remember for Mum.

Before you go, we’d love to know: what’s your mum’s love language?



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