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6 Things You’ll Forget To Spring Clean

By Katie

Updated: January 5th, 2024

Spring has sprung and everyone is racing outside to enjoy the longer sunny days. The warmer weather means it’s also "6 Things You’ll Forget To Spring Clean"


Spring has sprung and everyone is racing outside to enjoy the longer sunny days. The warmer weather means it’s also time to put away those flannelette sheets, and get your home ready for summer with a bit of spring cleaning.

Most people think that spring cleaning is just cleaning out the expired food from the fridge, and removing never worn clothes – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

From control panels and electronics, to bins and pillows, here’s a list of 6 things you’ll probably forget to spring clean.

Remote Controls, Switches & Handles

Think about the things you touch everyday; doorknobs, kitchen cabinets, light switches and the TV remotes – they all gather germs and dirt too.

Make sure you go over all the items with a cloth and disinfectant. As for the TV remote, remove batteries and use a cotton bud with disinfectant to rub around the buttons. Wipe the remainder of the remote with a lint-free cloth.

Window Screens

spring-screen doors
Source: Ezyfit Doors

Cleaning the window screens is just as important as cleaning the glass. They build up grime and dust, but luckily it’s a quick cleaning fix.

To clean, remove screens from the door tracks/ windows. Make sure you label them so that you can remember where each one goes.

Mix some detergent with water and pour into a spray bottle. Either in the bathtub or outside wash over with water, and then spray the detergent mixture. Use a scrubbing brush to gently remove dirt and once finished, run water over the screens again to remove detergent. Allow the screens to air-dry and put back in place.

Deodorise Mattress

Source: Sleep Matters

Washing the sheets is easy, but don’t forget about the mattress that you spend 8 hours a night on also needs some cleaning love.

After you’ve stripped the bed of the sheets, use the vacuum to clean all the dust off the mattress. Next, use some baking soda and mix with a few drops of essential oils (try lavender). Using a kitchen strainer, sprinkle the soda all over the mattress. Leave it on for at least an hour (you can get started on the next thing) and then vacuum with the hose attachment.

Stove Vents

As the kitchen vents are hidden, they are easily forgotten in the cleaning process and the result is an all over sticky grease. As gross as it may seem to clean, it’s actually quite easy.

Using a big stainless steal pot, boil water, add baking soda slowly (till it fizzes) and use tongs to lower the filters into the pot. Leave them in for a minute or two and remove and they should look as good as new.

Source: The Everyday Cinderella



Don’t forget about your backyard, it needs some spring cleaning love too! Use a power hose to remove leaves, mildew and marks from your home and pavers.

Check all the gutters for leaves that have built up over the cooler months and remove them. If you’re short on time or being a green thumb isn’t your thing, consider getting an extra set of hands from a reliable Airtasker to help with the garden.

Cleaning your cleaning equipment

Source: Horsely Wholesale

Now that you’ve completed your annual spring clean, your vacuum, broom, mop and other equipment used needs a good clean to get rid of all the germs collected.

You might even want to consider buying a new broom and mop, which are used regularly, for a fresh start.

Happy Spring Cleaning!



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  1. Sam

    Great article. Good tips. Will definately try the sling soda ideas, especially on the mattresses.

    I really like the green spray bottle on the last page. Where can I purchase it?

    Happy Spring!
    Regards, Sam