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6 Spring cleaning to-dos for Angelenos

By Airtasker

Published: March 25th, 2023

Start checking off your spring cleaning to-do list with these tasks

Spring is here, which means it’s also time for a reset! Whip out your handy vacuum and other essentials as you dive into your annual spring cleaning routine.

If you’re still figuring out where to start, a detailed spring cleaning checklist can always narrow things down for you. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll likely need to cover, as well as some tips on how you can make the most out of the new season.

Deep-clean your home

a woman mopping the floors for spring cleaning

Your Culver City home is bound to look as good as new once you’ve wiped and vacuumed every nook and cranny, from the living room carpets down to your bathroom floors.

And you might have already seen those satisfying high-pressure cleaning videos on the internet–you can do the same for your patio or driveway, especially if it has accumulated heavy dirt and grime over time.

Living with family? Divide and conquer your cleaning tasks so you won’t have to do all the work. And in case you still need an extra set of hands, you can always hire someone to help deep clean your home. Instant time-saver!

Organize and declutter

Before hitting Beverly Hills for yet another shopping spree, why not take the time to declutter your closet?

Let’s face it; a few items may no longer match your current style or wardrobe. Lay out boxes for clothes you want to keep, throw, and donate, eventually making room for new pieces. You can also do this with make-up, especially if you have mascaras and other products that are about to go (or are already) bad.

empty boxes for decluttering during spring cleaning

You can then move onto your bookshelves, appliances, pantry staples, and random trinkets found all over the house. When in doubt, the KonMari Method remains very useful when organizing. If it doesn’t spark joy, then it’s time to let go.

If you’re pressed for time, an expert home organizer can also dive in and help pick up the pace until you’re all done!

Spruce up your interiors

a woman repainting her interior walls

When was the last time you updated your interiors? With the entire of Los Angeles constantly keeping up with the times, it may be time for your home to do the same. 

This spring season, consider applying fresh coats of paint to your home. Is there a new shade of green you want to try out for the living room? Or maybe you’re considering sprucing up the guest room with a new color scheme? Now is the best time to do it! Just make sure to prep and patch up any surfaces for an ultra-smooth paint job.

Check your AC and ventilation

a woman adjusting the temperature of her air conditioning unit

You probably think it’s too early for this, but there’s definitely no harm in preparing for the summer days ahead!

Remember to give your air conditioning units some love this time–you’ll rely on them more than you think once Los Angeles welcomes the humidity. If your AC needs repair, you may want to call an expert to resolve any issues.

Your ventilation system may also suffer from clogged air filters because of dirt and debris. You can use this season as your internal marker to have your entire HVAC system inspected for good measure.

Tidy up your yard

Angelenos know all too well how important it is to maintain their front and back yards. Whether you’re living around Westchester or Brentwood, a well-maintained lawn can effortlessly boost your home’s curb appeal no matter the season.

a gardener mowing a lawn

Bust out your tools and get started on some essential yard work, from trimming hedges to mowing the lawn. In no time, your front yard and garden will be ready for the kids to run around in, and you can even enjoy the sun and relax too!

Haul off the junk

a woman holding a garbage bag above a bin

After a few rounds of cleaning and decluttering, you’ll likely need to haul off several trash bags. Sometimes, a few pieces of old furniture and even garden waste may be in a pile.

Don’t worry; it’s nothing a professional junk removal service can’t handle! They can collect and ensure proper disposal of unwanted garbage and debris so your home, inside and out, remains junk-free.


And after all that hard work, there’s nothing more rewarding than a clean, organized home!

We know how daunting spring cleaning can be with so much happening on the sidelines daily. But sometimes, all we need is a little help to get more things done, one task at a time.

Good luck!

Post a spring cleaning task today!



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