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30 Garden seating ideas

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Published: June 19th, 2024

Two helpful tips to remember when selecting your seating: convenience and comfort. 

If you’ve got any sort of outdoor space, then it’s definitely important to enjoy it as much and as often as you can. Good garden seating is a must if you enjoy basking in the warmth of the sun. Two helpful tips to keep in mind when selecting your seating: convenience and comfort. 

Whether you’re looking to transform your space completely or add something extra, there are plenty of options for gardens, big or small. From complete architectural landscaping makeovers to simply adding a few chairs, garden seating areas can be created with any budget.

Ready to get started? Check out these garden seating ideas to find one that suits your home. 

1. Timber seating

Timber seating can work for both indoor and outdoor setups. Often used as benches, they usually come in thick roomy slabs from one tree. Depending on the kind of look you’re going for, you can have them cut and curved for a unique design. Add cushions for a comfier feel.

Contemporary outdoor bench with pillows on a wooden deck
Source: Jamie Hooper on Shutterstock

2. Boho outdoor area

The epitome of the whole boho vibe is about capturing a laidback, artistic way of decorating your space that reminds you of travel. Take pieces that remind you of places you’ve visited — or maybe even want to visit — so you create that light, airy space. Think vibrant patterned pillows and cloth, hammocks, comfortable seating, and neutrals.

boho style outdoor dining table
Source: RossHelen on Shutterstock

3. Stargazing spot

If you love sitting outside at night stargazing, the most important thing is to ensure you have an unobstructed view of the sky. Keep your garden open and add plush seating and maybe even a coffee table for any drinks or snacks to enjoy with company. 

Wooden terrace with garden furniture surrounded by greenery
Source: Ground Picture on Shutterstock

4. Mood lighting 

Lighting is very important in a garden. Not only does it light up the area so that you can see where you are going at night, but it just looks lovely and creates such a relaxing mood when you’re lounging outside. Hide the lights behind plants or under benches if you’re not a fan of fairy lights.

Tropical Backyard Garden illuminated at night
Source: Odua Images on Shutterstock

5. Comfortable and convenient

If anything, garden seating should be two things: comfortable and convenient. If you have limited space but still want to enjoy the sunlight, you can always turn a balcony into a pocket garden and add some foldable chairs with seat cushions to make it comfy.

terrace or balcony with small table, chair and flowers
Source: Isa Long on Shutterstock

6. By the barbecue 

If you have a barbecue outside, then it is a great idea to have seating next to it. It’s perfect for outdoor dinners to keep the cook company while getting the food going. 

outdoor wooden dining table near a barbecue grill
Source: AVN Photo Lab on Shutterstock

7. Wooden lounge chairs 

For a warm, laid-back look, you can go for wooden lounge chairs. Lay down soft cushions, pillows, and a blanket if you want to indulge in a lazy afternoon. You can even bring along a basket of goodies and some tea to enjoy.

wooden lounge chair with blankets, pillows and retro, vintage decoration
Source: brizmaker on Shutterstock

8. Wraparound seating 

Love hosting? Go for wraparound seating to take up your garden space. This accommodates more guests, so you don’t need to worry about grabbing more chairs. Add a centrepiece like a coffee table or fireplace to complete the space.

Outdoor living space with cushioned sofas and coffee table
Source: Marie Sonmez Photography on Shutterstock

9. Pallet sofa 

Pallet sofas are a great recycled idea for outdoor garden seating. It’s also a fantastic DIY project to work on if you’re keen on saving a quid or two. 

Wooden pallet couch on balcony
Source: swissdrone on Shutterstock

10. Classic black

Black is such a classic and timeless color. If you have a lot of black detail in your home, you can continue that color palette through to your outdoor areas.

Terrace with plants, wooden wall and table, comfortable sofa, armchair and lanterns
Source: stock_studio on Shutterstock

11. Amongst the garden 

Nestle your garden chair into the foliage and let it blend seamlessly into view. It makes for picture-perfect scenes with friends and family.

Black modern garden chair and metal wire side table surrounded by greenery
Source: FotoHelin on Shutterstock

12. Woven furniture set 

Woven seating works especially well with a pool or hot tub in the garden. It’s quick-drying, making it an easy, fuss-free clean.

Four outdoor woven armchairs and glass table on brick floor near the garden
Source: tete_escape on Shutterstock

13. Swing chair 

Swing chairs make for a charming addition to any garden. Wooden swings especially blend well with lush green surroundings.

Wooden swing chair in a garden
Source: sergua on Shutterstock

14. Garden corner sofa 

Fit a comfortable sofa into the corner of your garden. It could easily work as the perfect spot for unwinding by yourself or with some company.

wooden corner sofa with gray pillows and table in garden
Source: Ahmad Tbakhie on Shutterstock

15. Around warmth 

Take a different route to your garden’s design and heating with a firepit as the centrepiece. It makes for a cosy nook in the garden where you can chat over drinks with guests.

backyard firepit at dusk with comfortable chairs
Source: Pipas Imagery on Shutterstock

16. Comfort and calm 

If you have enough space, keep your terrace comfortable and calm with open seating. Forget the coffee tables; leave enough room for family and guests to lounge about and play.

black and white pouf in the middle of a bright terrace with a rattan corner sofa and hanging chair
Source: Ground Picture on Shutterstock

17. Pallet sets 

Bring that bright beachy vibe to your garden with pallet chairs and tables to match. Don’t be afraid to paint it a color to suit your taste.

pallet furniture with colorful pillows at a summer patio
Source: Olesia Bilkei on Shutterstock

18. Simple seating

Who says adding a small round table and a pair of chairs won’t do the trick? It’s an effortlessly simple way to incorporate seating into a charming garden. Use the spot for lovely breakfasts and cups of tea in the sun.

Garden with foldable chairs and table
Source: Antonina Potapenko on Shutterstock

19. Iron chairs 

Want a minimalist look for your outdoor seating? Vintage-style iron chairs and a small coffee table will do the trick. Add a whimsical flower vase to make your space even more unique!

vintage style white iron chairs
Source: NICKY1841 on Shutterstock

20. Al fresco dining

When you have your dining room outside, you can make the most of al fresco dining at any time of the day. You can put a canopy over the space for a bit of shade too.

Modern terrace with dining table and chairs
Source: Delpixel on Shutterstock

21. Hammock chair

Hammock chairs are a thing of beauty on their own. If you’re not too concerned about having tons of seating and just want a cosy place to quite literally hang out, this just might be for you.

swing basket hanging chair in flower garden
Source: Lee Yiu Tung on Shutterstock

22. Intricate steel seating 

Feeling fancy? Select steel seating with intricate designs to make your afternoon tea just a touch more special.

garden with white steel chairs
Source: U. J. Alexander on Shutterstock

23. Sunbather’s dream

You don’t always need a pool for a pair of beautiful lounge chairs for you and a partner. If basking in the sun is your pastime, this could be the best choice for your garden’s seating.

two lounge chair on an exotic wood terrace
Source: Jerome.Romme on Shutterstock

24. Colorful cushions 

If you love bright colors, then this one is definitely for you. Add a beautiful pop of color to outdoor seating with cushions. You can bring them out when you’re expecting guests or if you want something comfy to rest on while you’re outside. 

Wooden sofa with colorful pillows in cozy garden seat
Source: A-photographyy on Shutterstock

25. Loveseat 

Want a spot for just you and a special someone? A loveseat might just be the perfect addition to your garden.

white lounge chairs with orange pillows on garden
Source: Chad McDermott on Shutterstock

26. Rattan 

Looking for the perfect furniture fit for the outdoors? Rattan is always a good idea. It lends a sophisticated rustic look to any space easily.

rattan chairs and table with fruit and juice on it standing on a wooden patio in a garden
Source: Ground Picture on Shutterstock

27. Sunbed canopy

For a more luxurious feel, a sunbed canopy makes for a versatile addition. You can use it for lazy lounge days, fun with guests, or even a romantic date at home.

classy sunbed canopy at a garden
Source: Yudhistira99 on Shutterstock

28. Light white cushions 

Nothing says comfort quite like soft pillowy cushions for garden seats. Decorate it with earthy tones to contrast the brightness of the white cushioning. You can also opt for stain-resistant fabric to last you longer.

cosy seating area with white cushions in a garden
Source: Sophie McAulay on Shutterstock

29. Footrests 

Kick back and relax with a footrest in place of a coffee table. Use it however you need by putting your feet up or having a food tray out.

Garden patio decorated with Scandinavian wicker sofa and coffee table
Source: Ground Picture on Shutterstock

30. Pavilion

If you have the space and the budget, a beautiful garden pavilion will be the perfect place for al fresco dining. You can use it for intimate get-togethers too.

Wooden pavilion in a garden
Source: Milosz Maslanka on Shutterstock

So there we have it, garden seating ideas to add comfort and convenience to your garden. Hopefully, you’ll find the perfect kind of seating that suits your home.



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