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We’ve updated our fee structure

By Airtasker

Published: November 8th, 2018

...and here’s what it means for Posters

We’ve had a hugely positive response from our community since launching back in March, but even so, we’re always looking for ways to further improve the Airtasker experience for both sides of the marketplace; i.e. those who post jobs on the site (Posters), and those who complete the jobs to earn extra income (Taskers).

So we’ve decided to change our fee structure.


After feedback from our most engaged Taskers, it was clear there was an appetite for a slightly more flexible fee set-up, based on both the type and price of a task. From 8th November we are introducing a sliding value scale, which reduces the fee for Taskers as the task value increases, with a fee as low as just 10% on the higher value tasks.

UK Fee Change

What does this mean?

Ultimately for Taskers, this means they’ll pay less commission to Airtasker for their services.

And though Posters don’t currently pay any fees for using the platform – they’ll still see the benefits! Lower fees mean that we’ll be able to attract the best quality Taskers, who can take on the larger tasks in the knowledge their commission rate is one of the most competitive in the market. On top of this, some Taskers have to incorporate the fees into their offer price to make sure they’re taking a fair amount for the job; a lower fee should now be reflected in their offer too.

It’s worth noting that though we’re lowering our fees, all the benefits of transacting via the platform still remain in tact; inclusive of customer support and third party insurance.

Thanks again for your support so far; we’re always looking for valuable feedback from our community – so if you have any, share it with us here.



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