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14 Cool STEM jobs you should consider

By Airtasker

Published: December 15th, 2022

Check out these exciting careers in STEM!

As a STEM professional or a student completing your degree, do you ever wonder if you can get freelance work in your spare time? Or, in general, what are jobs you can get with a STEM degree?

There are many career paths you can take with your knowledge and experience. Check out this list of some of the best STEM careers!

1. Web developer

Web designers, developers drawing website. Brainstorming on whiteboard

Web development is among the best, most in-demand STEM graduate jobs. Most businesses and even individuals need a website nowadays, so someone who creates and maintains websites can make a lot of money. As of 2022, demand remains high for expertise in this cool STEM job. Full-stack web developers alone have seen a 16.9% increase in their salaries from companies who want to attract more talent.

2. Video game programmer

Whether you play games on your digital tablet, game console, PC, Mac or smartphone, it’s all due to the painstaking work of video programmers.

Suppose you’re passionate about video games and want to make a living from them or at least get side gigs for programming video games. In that case, this is definitely one of, if not the best STEM job for you.

Video game developer programmer typing on keyboard, developing a new level of the game

You just have to take a STEM course like computer science. Or you can learn how to code by yourself, but you’ll need to devote more time to learning the tricks of the trade and building up your own portfolio of games. Apart from being one of the coolest jobs, this is one of the few STEM jobs you can have without a degree!

3. Mathematician

If you’re a mathematician, don’t fret and think that teaching mathematics is the only side gig available to you.

Mathematicians can be in high demand by research firms who need data compiled and analysed or insurance companies that need a mathematical model to calculate risk. Your maths skills can also help small businesses track their expenses and determine their profitability or even help individuals manage their money and reach their financial goals.

4. Mobile app developer

Mobile app development is one of the most lucrative STEM careers with a clear-cut and diverse career path. As one who makes apps for smartphones and digital tablets, you can make games, productivity apps, apps for streaming services, messaging apps, or any other app that you know how to code.

Startups and small businesses have a high demand for such skills.

5. Ethical hacker

Close-up shot of hacker using keyboard, coffee cup and computer monitor with various information

Not all hackers are the “villains” when it comes to cybersecurity and all things internet. If you have a degree in computer engineering and want to make the internet safer against unethical hackers, then the job of an ethical hacker is for you!

You can offer services like cybersecurity testing and troubleshooting. Small businesses will want to hire your services to protect them against external cyber threats. You’ll also ensure that any sensitive data they handle (like customer information or bank details) remains secure.

6. Computer hardware engineer

Are you taking up computer science or engineering? You can find work designing, researching, developing, and testing computer components and systems. Possible side gigs include fixing software and computer systems, setting up networks for homes and offices, and providing overall IT support services.

7. Park ranger

Woman park ranger in uniform with a clipboard, observing the forest area in summer

You’d think that careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics would have nothing to do with a job like a park ranger. But this job can have plenty to do with your STEM courses!

Although many park rangers don’t have a degree, STEM courses like conservation biology, evolutionary biology, agriculture, and related courses can make you a better park ranger.

The sort of side jobs these STEM careers can do are taking care of residential or commercial gardens, beautifying lawns, maintaining a gorgeous landscape or taking care of trees on public or private property.

8. Tutor

Tutoring is probably one of the best entry-level STEM jobs. With your STEM degree, you can make a profitable side gig of tutoring people who want to do better in STEM topics or courses. You can teach engineering, environmental science, biology, or even academic paper writing.

You won’t lack for elementary, high school and college students who need help to improve their marks in STEM subjects, adults who want to brush up on their knowledge, or even those who want to learn new things.

9. Toy assembly specialist

Toy assembly specialist helping boy assemble a toy airplane

If you’re an aspiring toy designer, you can become one with enough creativity and the right skills. However, it does help to have a STEM degree like engineering or industrial design.

An awesome skillset like this can certainly get you fun jobs like helping kids put their toys together. It helps to be good with children for this job, so don’t forget to have fun and connect with your inner child!

10. Architectural designer

Architect drawing sketch plans

Many homeowners nowadays like to build new homes using modern building materials and techniques or renovate their homes to increase their curb appeal and market value. This job includes designing new homes or doing renovations.

What are some unusual STEM careers?

These days, STEM careers don’t have to follow traditional paths like that of an engineer, doctor, scientist, statistician or architect. Thanks to new technological developments, many specialised jobs have been created.

Here are just some unique STEM careers you can pursue:

1. LEGO designer

Yes, you read that right – the job of a LEGO designer is real, and some of their designers have engineering degrees. Knowing basic structural engineering and mechanical principles helps in this cool STEM job. Also, a high degree of creativity is equally, if not more important.

A LEGO designer ensures that LEGO sets are not only fun but also don’t fall apart – and not to mention safe for children of all ages!

2. Food scientist

Food scientists use their knowledge of biology, chemistry, and other related sciences to come up with new food sources. They also research the nutritional value of food and try to find new ways to make processed foods safe and healthy. Some food scientists also help businesses come up with new snacks, healthy food with more flavour, or even better instant meals you can heat in a microwave!

3. Veterinary dentist

Pet dentist. A veterinarian in blue gloves examines the teeth of a Jack Russell Terrier dog

A veterinary dentist is an awesome STEM job in that you get to work with all sorts of animals. As a dentist, you practise the art and science of diagnosing, preventing and treating any disorders in the mouth, teeth and related structures of animals.

4. 3D printing engineer

The job of a 3D printing engineer can be one of the best jobs for STEM students with a knack for product or industrial design. One of the coolest aspects of this job is that you get to oversee printing a 3D prototype of some of the most high-tech cars, planes, and gadgets. This can be one of the most unusual and hip new careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

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FAQs on STEM jobs

Is a STEM career worth it?

The easy answer is “yes,” but that’s entirely up to the person you ask. Not all STEM careers are financially rewarding or easy to learn and work in. For example, a park ranger is a STEM career, but it doesn’t promise a big salary or earnings as, say, a job as a web developer. But as long as the person likes what they do and finds their career rewarding, then yes, a STEM career is worth it.

Do I need a degree to get a STEM job?

In most cases, you would need a degree, but it’s possible to get a STEM job without one. While it does help you to complete the appropriate STEM course, some people have built successful careers, depending on the job. Some STEM jobs can be learned without taking up a course, but you’ll have to invest most of your time and effort to learn all the necessary skills and knowledge.

Are ethical hackers in high demand?

Yes! With the steady rise in cybersecurity threats posed by hackers, cybersecurity experts – particularly ethical hackers who deal with cybersecurity vulnerabilities in networks – remain in high demand. So if you have some knowledge and are keen on starting your career as a cybersecurity expert, know that this field is one that will only see continuous growth in the coming years.

What are the fastest-growing careers in STEM?

The fastest-growing STEM-related jobs include machine learning engineer, site reliability engineer, and data engineer. Other fastest-growing job sectors in the UK include specialised medical professionals, mental health professionals, back-end development, and game design.



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