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Introducing: Awesome Deeds

By Luke Sillett

Published: August 16th, 2018

Let us know what's on your neighbourhood's to-do list.

Airtasker was born from a simple idea: we all have jobs we need doing, and others have the skills (and time) to complete them.

For that idea and process to work though, a huge part of our efforts are focussed on connecting local communities. So with that in mind, we’ve launched our Awesome Deeds initiative to connect even more people than ever before – all while doing a bit of good in the process.

What can we do in your community?

Whether it’s cleaning, repair, building or perhaps just some well overdue odd-jobs – we have Taskers with the right skills ready to help on any type of job or task. And better yet – we’ll pay for the work to be carried out too.

We’re looking to hear from you on local community projects, neighbourhood jobs and local tasks that need doing – then once we have that info, we can organise someone in the locality to help with the work.

Whatever the task, fill out this form with the specifications – and one of our team will get back to you.


Please note: We’re currently focussed on London-based tasks and communities, though this is subject to change in the future. This campaign is only available for jobs in public places and not private homes.¬†


Luke Sillett

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