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20 English cottage ideas

By Elise Hodge

Published: September 14th, 2023

Creates a timeless, warm interior that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

To create a cosy home, look no further than the English cottage style for inspiration. Things you can work into your design are worn-in stone, manicured gardens, antiques, and comfy lounging corners.

The good news is that you don’t have to have a cottage in the Cotswolds to recreate a traditional English cottage. You can replicate it in even the most modern home with these tips.

Read on to find English cottage interior ideas.

1. Stone exterior

timeless house with stone exterior

Nearly every classic English cottage has one thing in common: stone exteriors. Use this approach to design as a way to pay homage to the style.

2. Little coloured door

charming coloured front door to traditional English stone cottage

Make a statement with a charming coloured front door. Not only does it make your home feel inviting, but it also adds personality to the property.

3. Thatched roof

cosy thatched cottage roof

Thatched roofs are a rustic and equally eco-friendly option for roofing material. This was also the British norm for over 1,500 years because it was made from a wide range of accessible and light materials such as broom, sedge, sallow, grass, and straw.

While they’re rare to be seen in metropolitan areas, this is still a great way to stand out in a concrete city.

4. Wild garden

wild flowers in outdoor garden

Let your garden grow wild with flowers. It doesn’t have to be prim and proper to look gorgeous constantly — let it grow naturally, trimming every so often if only to ensure the pathway is clear. It gives the exterior of your cottage a charmingly enchanted vibe.

5. Covered in vines

home fence with climbing vines

Another iconic approach to your exterior is allowing vines to sprawl over any enclosures you have outside your home. It gives your home an earthy look that blends well with the greenery.

6. Frame by frame

eclectic wall of frames

When recreating the English cottage aesthetic, you’ll want to incorporate playful patterns into your interior. You can do this by organically building patterns with a wall of mismatched frames.

7. Patterned wallpaper

bright blue cabinet against flower patterned wallpaper

One of the most iconic features of country homes or cottages is elegant patterned wallpapers. There are endless options, so you can pick one with a pattern or colour palette that suits your style.

8. Decorative antiques

cottage window shelf with vintage kettle and water vase

Whether treasured mementos from loved ones who have passed or unique one-in-a-kind shopping finds, display your favourite antique finds to add character to your cottage.

9. Wooden bookshelves

floating wooden bookshelves in small home

A fantastic feature for book lovers. Warm wooden shelves are a great addition to an English cottage. Opting for a deeper varnish brings that cosy appeal

10. Timber roofing

luxurious timber roofing in cottage

Who says a cottage has to be quaint and simple? Working with timber roofing in a deep varnish is a modern take on an English cottage that evokes that element of warmth, especially on chilly days.

11. Cosy corners

small english cottage living room with fireplace

Select the comfiest seating to create the comfiest corners to unwind after a long day.

12. Fresh florals

fresh flowers in english cottage living room

If you’ve opted for a darker colour scheme, add a pop of colour with fresh flowers. Pluck them from your wild garden if you have one!

13. Suspended dried flowers

hanging dried flowers in bright blue room

Looking for a new hobby? Hang up some flowers and turn them into dried flowers. They work as charming interior decorations.

14. Exposed timber

modern english cottage with exposed timber, cupboards, and countertops

Exposed timber is always a great idea, especially in cottage-style homes. It’s warm, inviting, and earthy – making for a great base to add to or simply a nice neutral palette to enjoy.

15. Rustic shelves

rustic kitchen shelf

Make the most of your kitchen’s shelf space using jars or pitchers as beautiful display pieces. You can also hang up your frequently used herbs for colour.

16. Keep warm

cosy lounge area

Create a cosy lounge by the fireplace by adding seats with faux fur padding to keep you warm.

17. Decorative log rack

elegant indoor log rack

Bring in your log rack for additional decor. It’s also a great way to stay prepared for unexpectedly cold nights.

18. Throw down a rug

stylish cottage with large cushions and rug

There’s nothing like a rug to add a hint of warmth to a home, especially if you don’t have carpet. And a thin runner rug will do the trick.

19. A desk with a view

cosy workspace by the window

Ensuring you have natural light and a view of greenery can massively improve your well-being and productivity at work. The sight alone can help relieve eye strain from working on the computer too long.

20. Breakfast nook

charming breakfast nook

Breakfast nooks don’t have to be too formal in a cosy English cottage. There’s something homely about using mismatched chairs around your table. Add a little vase of flowers for a sparkle of decoration.

Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration for your English cottage. If you’re ready and eager to create your cosy home but don’t know where to start, contact an interior designer for a consultation.


Elise H

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