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35 Relaxing sunroom ideas

By Elise Hodge

Published: May 25th, 2021

Let the light in to your living room with some lovely sky lights.

Whether you’re after a warm spot to nap, or you’re wanting a specific area to be able to enjoy the outdoors in winter, adding a sunroom to your home is the perfect way of adding a sanctuary to your space that demands relaxation. Perhaps you already have a patio or front porch, but there’s nothing quite like a sunroom in a home, as you’ll be able to see with these sunroom ideas.

Instead of worrying about the weather elements like wind and rain, you can just sit in your sunroom and enjoy the outdoors. As a sunroom is also known as a ‘four-season room’, it’s a place that is meant to be enjoyed all year long. The good news is that sunrooms can be whatever type of room you’re needing from a living room to a dining room and in whatever styling you like. Just think of it as an extension of your living room that is filled with sun and lots of windows. 

Enjoy the great outdoors, indoors, by checking out these 35+ sunroom ideas! 

1. Cushioned bench seats

How lovely is this spot by the window? I love the large windows framed with white which really bring so much gorgeous natural light into this sunroom. The upholstered bench seats are the perfect choice as they don’t cover too much of the windows, yet still provide a comfy spot to sit and relax with a good book in hand. 

Sunroom with upholstered bench seating
Source: Georgia Zikas Design

2. Oriental red

The red used for these big and beautiful windows in this sunroom has a gorgeous oriental look to them, almost like something you would see in a very extravagant temple. And the oriental style hand-painted murals under the windows really suit the styling. Get a splash of colour added to your sunroom with some wall painting or perhaps wallpapering for a pattern.

Sunroom with arch windows
Source: Curated by Dorothy

3. Artist’s retreat

This sunroom is the ultimate artist’s retreat. When painting or creating anything, it’s important to have lots of light, so purposely positioning your art studio in the sunroom is a great idea. This room looks like the perfect place to grab a paintbrush and do some painting or to just sit down in the sun and admire your work. 

large sunroom ideas
Source: Tiny Home Connection

4. Wooden roof

How gorgeous is this sunroom complete with a wooden roof?! The wooden roof really gives so much character to this space and is a welcomed feature. I love the shape of the roof which makes everything feel very cosy. And the pendants in the middle are perfectly positioned above the centre coffee table which is oh so satisfying. 

Timber ceiling in a sunroom
Source: Possibilities for Design

5. Sunroom patio

If you want to create a sunroom effect out on your patio, then check out this for inspiration. I love the idea of adding walls in the form of motorised roller blinds which means that you have the option of having the walls down to block the sun or have them all open to be able to admire the views. And the roof up above has been finished off with clear glass, which would have been installed by a specialist glazier. It really helps to give a sunroom feel. 

sunroom patio
Source: ABC Blind

6. Floral seating

This stunning, feminine traditional sunroom looks like the perfect place to have a laid back high tea with scones and jam. Or perhaps champagne with your favourite friends in the afternoon. Either way, the gorgeous arch window lets in so much light which falls beautifully onto the floral seating and feminine finishes. 

traditional sunroom ideas
Source: Steph Wanamaker Pittsburgh

7. All the plants

One of the benefits of having a sunroom is that the room is filled with so much natural light which means that it is the perfect environment for plants to thrive in. I love this sunroom that has so many plants all around the room from larger indoor trees to smaller potted plants. And the greenery really pops against the neutral furnishings. 

Want to add more indoor plants, see indoor plants for bathrooms, bedroom plants and even how to propagate your own plants.

Sunroom with indoor plants
Source: Jayelle Design

8. Modern meets traditional

This sunroom is the epitome of modern meets traditional. If ‘he’ likes a more modern interior and ‘she’ prefers a more traditional approach, this is the perfect transitional styling that meets in the middle. The bold tailored bordering and banding on the sofa really stand out amongst the soothing pale colour palette. 

With a white natural palate such as this, you’ll want to get your upholstery cleaned every few months and your rug and curtains cleaned

Traditional sun room
Source: IDH Designs

9. Sitting area

What a lovely sitting area. I love that our model is perfectly displaying what you do in this sunroom, which is to sit and relax. The large windows not only bring in so much beautiful light but also provide a gorgeous view to the outside. And I love that the identical sofas are facing toward each other which gives a symmetrical look. 

Modern sunroom with dark furniture
Source: The Yorkshire Nest

10. Twinkling reflections

It’s the most wonderful time of the year when the Christmas tree comes out. And perhaps your new sunroom would be the perfect place to put your tree this year. I love the way the twinkling Christmas tree lights are reflecting in the glass of the sunroom, which goes to show that even a sunroom can still look spectacular once the sun is down. 

Sunroom as a dining room
Source: Fourteenth Avenue

11. Frosted glass

If you love the idea of a sunroom but live in a place that gets a little too sunny during the day, frosted glass is a great idea. Adding frosted glass to your sunroom will help to soften the light entering the room, making it still nice and bright but just a little softer and less harsh. 

Sunroom with frosted glass ceiling
Source: Home On The Ridgeway

12. Curved corridor

How incredibly opulent is this curved corridor?! I would feel like I am in a palace or a beautiful manor in the country whilst walking through this space. I love how even though this would technically be a corridor where people often walkthrough, there are still little places to stop and sit to enjoy the benefits of the sunroom.

Curved sunroom ideas
Source: Dicky Tick Tock

13. Skylight

If you want the light to come from all directions in your sunroom, a skylight is always a good idea. I love that you can see glimpses of the luscious green garden from the side windows and there is a beautiful view of the bright blue sky through the skylight. 

Source: Cardinal Home Improvements

14. Reading room

Imagine this, you have had a long lunch around your dining table and now it’s time to relax for the afternoon. You want to go outside but the pitter-patter of rain is stopping you. Not to worry, you have your very own sunroom only a stone’s throw away from your dining room. Only two steps and you feel like you’re enjoying the outdoors without having to worry about getting wet. Hand me my book and another glass of wine, please!

Reading room
Source: Morgan Law

15. Garden and sky views

This has the best of both worlds with views of the garden and sky at the same time. I absolutely love the shape of the triangular pitched roof which brings in so much light and works beautifully as a feature for the space. 

Pitched roof sunroom
Source: Joinery For All Seasons

16. Modern conservatory

How gorgeous is this modern conservatory?! The square shape, simple finishes and neutral furniture really give it a modern look. I love the idea to put chairs on one side of the table and a bench seat on the other. And the rose gold light pendants go perfectly with the rose gold placemats and cushions on the chairs. 

Dining area in sunroom
Source: Conservatory Roofs

17. Dining sunroom

Imagine welcoming your guests for lunch in a sunroom. I’m sure they would be so impressed and excited to either dine under the view of birds flying by or even by the moonlight and stars once the sun goes down. The large skylight up above brings so much light into the space, so the indoor lighting doesn’t have to do much work. 

Source: Country Wide Windows

18. Sunroom entrance

Oh to have a sunroom entrance. I love the idea of having a beautiful sunny spot to walk through every time you enter and leave your home. The white walls help to create a bright area. And I love the little window on the door which looks like it is in the shape of a sun to welcome guests into the sunroom. 

Source: The Hollies

19. Wedding reception room

If you have the room for it at home or are looking at creating a commercial sunroom, then check out this gorgeous wedding reception room! I love the scale of this massive sunroom with 180-degree views around the gardens thanks to the side windows and a beautiful natural light beaming in thanks to the massive skylight window up above. And you can never go wrong with a chandelier up above, especially in a wedding reception room. 

Source: David Salisbury Conservatories

20. Renovation addition

If you have an old home, here’s your sign to not be afraid of adding a renovation addition like a sunroom. I love the contrast of the traditional brick wall next to the newer modern renovation of the sunroom. The box-like shape really stands out next to the main house building, however, it gives a very modern look to the home. 

Sunroom extension
Source: Your Choice UK

21. Green scheme

Have you been wondering what colour scheme to go with for your sunroom? Well, maybe take some inspiration from outside. If you have a garden full of greenery, why not go with a green colour scheme? I love the green feature cushions on the lounges in this sunroom which really add a pop of colour. 

Source: Smart Living and Interiors

22. Colour pop

Speaking of a pop of colour, here’s another great idea for a colour scheme inside your sunroom. I love how bright the neon yellow cushions are which really stand out against the grey sofa and navy pillows. What a gorgeous statement! 

grey sunroom ideas
Source: Through the Door of 34

23. Mirror reflection

This sunroom is so bright it almost looks like it could be outside. I love the arched mirror hanging on the wall which helps to reflect even more natural light around the room. And the hanging instalment above the table is the perfect decoration to add some character and decoration to the space. I’m sure the fairy lights twisted around the instalment look absolutely stunning at night. 

rustic dinning room sunroom
Source: C C Rahman

24. Motorised roller blinds

Here’s another sunroom that has motorised roller blinds. Motorised roller blinds are a great idea as it means you can control your blinds a lot easier than having to manually roll them when you’re wanting more or less sun beaming into your sunroom. Some would say lazy, but I say convenient! 

Dining area
Source: Made for Shade Shutters

25. Elegant and glamorous

This sunroom is all things elegant and glamorous. It almost reminds me of the wedding reception room in number 19, just on a slightly smaller scale. If you have room for it, adding a large sunroom to your house will be such an incredible addition, especially if you have a large dining table and some chandeliers to complete the room. 

large high pitched sunroom
Source: Westbury UK

26. Bi-fold doors

Wow, the whole side of this home acts as a sunroom with gorgeous high ceilings and floor to ceiling glass. I love the extravagance of the triangular roof with the exposed beams. And the bi-fold doors at the end really help to give an indoor-outdoor feeling to the space. 

Source: Prime Oak

27. Blue sky

If I were to create a sunroom, I would love one that has a complete skylight roof like this. I love the idea of lying down on the sofa to relax and just watching the world go by from all different angles. This skylight really does showcase that beautiful blue sky. 

Source: Storm Clad UK

28. Treasures and terracotta

I love the little topiary trees by the window as well as the long table with the gorgeous terra cotta pot plants. And a sunroom is also a great place to put your treasures (like your favourite statue, wall-mounted stag heads and urns) on display as the natural light will help you showcase them. 

Living area
Source: A Villa Lobos Design

29. Hanging chair

If you really want to create that indoor-outdoor feeling in your sunroom, you could bring some outdoor furniture into your indoor space. I love the idea of adding a hanging chair in the sunroom which adds a level of fun and comfort whilst also helping to combine the feeling of being outdoors. 

british sunroom
Source: Kingaczek Home UK

30. Creamy tones

Oh, I just love the creamy tones of this room. As a sunroom can get quite bright on a sunny day, if you don’t like the look of very stark, bright white, cream colours can help to soften the look of your room. Cream means that you are still keeping things nice and light without it being too stark. 

Living room
Source: Yorkshire Warm Roofs

31. Pop of pink

However, following on from the last idea, if you love everything to look nice and bright and really stand out, you could even add a really bright colour link pink! I love the pop of pink in this sunroom which has been introduced by the awesome hot pink sofa which really screams attention. 

Living area
Source: The Purkis Pad

32. Magic by the moonlight

How magical is this spot under the moonlight?! I’m sure that this sunroom looks gorgeous at all times of the day. I love the idea of putting fairy lights all around the space which really creates a beautifully relaxing and cosy feel. If I ever have a sunroom, remind me to add lots of fairy lights! 

Source: The Silver Dene

33. Laidback vibes

This sunroom is really giving me lots of laid back vibes. I love the low sofa which looks as if it sinks into the floor and doesn’t distract from the beautiful view through the sunroom windows. And the instalment with hanging plants is a great idea as I’m sure they would love their spot by the window. 

Living area
Source: Mo Morshuis

34. Natural light

Here’s another long and extravagant sunroom, however this time it has more of a modern look with a simple design. I love how the black-framed glass has been continued through to the side windows which really gives a seamless look. 

Sunroom with black framed windows and doors
Source: Britannia Windows

35. Boho sunroom

This one is for those who love boho style. I love the little bike set up in the sunroom which is the perfect reminder to get outside when the weather is at its best. The chairs have been finished off with boho style coverings and a patterned pillow which gives an awesome mix and match effect. Very laid back and oh so boho. 

boho sunroom
Source: Healam Home

So there we have 35+ sunroom ideas to inspire you in styling your existing sunroom or having a complete renovation and adding one to your home. I love the sunrooms with fairy lights inside so that when the sun goes down they still look just as beautiful. What were your favourites? Let me know below. 


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