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20 Small office ideas

By Airtasker

Published: February 10th, 2023

Let's create a beautiful office space, no matter what the size!

While working in a small space might seem limiting, remember that what you do with it can make the biggest impact. Technological advances have made office equipment like computers and printers much more compact, removing the need for too many filing cabinets and drawers. The key to maximising your space is being smart with storage and how you use it.

No matter how much or little space you have, there’s sure to be a corner that will be well-suited for your work. Read on to discover ideas for making your office space conducive for you.

1. Going green

Green is an excellent colour for productivity. It brings a sense of balance because it symbolises nature, harmony, and restoration. This doesn’t mean you need to paint all your walls green, but a little accent wall to look at now and then will make a difference.

a small office space with a green accent wall

2. Organised clutter

Allotting a designated space for specific types of clutter can make things a little more organised. It’s all about finding storage space in levels like bookshelves, trolleys, or a stack of drawers. Assign places for paperclips, tools, and documents to find them faster.

a small home office space with storage boxes for organisation

3. Bedside workspace

If you live in an apartment or don’t have a lot of room for separate office space, then a bedside workspace is a great idea. Keeping the desk just by the window also gives you enough of a view when your eyes need rest.

a stylish bedroom with a bedside work table

4. Add an accent chair

Make your office space a joy to go to. Sometimes a chair in your favourite colour or print makes you love sitting in your workspace. You don’t have to limit yourself to chairs, either. You can add trinkets and artwork around your space to match the accent.

a yellow accent office chair to go with a home office desk

5. Office nook

A corner of the room can sometimes be enough. Find a space with efficient sunlight and a view to calm your mind when you need off-screen time.

an indoor office nook with lots of plants and a view

6. Small plants

Need more windows for ample lighting? Set up a space where there’s enough light. Add an indoor plant to improve your home’s air circulation for even better productivity.

a creative office desk with an indoor plant
Source: Rachel Claire via Pexels

7. Living room office

You can always make space in the living room when there’s not enough room. Depending on your home’s layout, you can position a desk just below the TV or even behind the couch.

a modern home office within a living room with lots of natural lighting
Source: Ksenia Chernaya via Pexels

8. Hallway office

Hallways can provide enough space for a desk, too. Consider accounting for the foot traffic and how much you or your things might be in the way when setting this up.

an office area along an apartment hallway

9. Minimalist workspace

Keep your space clean with desks that have built-in drawers. This saves you the trouble of purchasing extra storage, too.

a minimalist office desk with plenty of drawers

10. Ready to unwind

When creating your office space, consider adding a comfy chair and a bookshelf with your favourite reads whenever you’re ready to unwind. This helps make the space more inviting.

a home office with a cosy reading nook

11. Lush greens

Even better than small indoor plants? Bigger leafy greens. They’re a great way to open up a space and make it seem more airy and alive.

home office decorated with green potted plants.

12. Shelf area

Shelf space is essential if you have many office supplies and reference books but need more desk or drawer space. Take the opportunity to add decorative cups for things like scissors, staples, and paper clips.

Small office desk with wooden shelves and decor

13. Natural light

Natural light is known to increase energy and productivity. Looking out a window provides you with something new to look at instead of a monitor, and stress levels also balance out.

office desk with laptop and natural lighting
Source: Elle Hughes via Pexels

14. Floating shelves

If you’re interested in creating a unique shelf space, you can customise your own floating shelf. Not only will it be another storage solution, but it’ll also be a great design piece.

a work space with floating shelves

15. Shared workspace

Need room for one more? Invest in a long table where you can work alongside a buddy, a significant other, or a coworker who wants to share your space.

a shared home office space

16. Multipurpose room

When there’s just too little room in the home, blend your work desk seamlessly into the whole space. Use items of the same material, like rattan and wood or work through colour schemes.

Office interior designers can help you map out your small home office ideas in no time.

scandi-themed office space and living room

17. White and wood

White walls always make a room feel brighter and more spacious. Keep it clean with light wood and add elegant artwork to complete the space.

stylish home office with wooden interiors

18. Light and bright

Play up a simple white and wood space by bringing in a colourful piece. It can be a chair, a drawer, or even a lamp.

a neat office desk with a neutral green office chair

19. Gallery wall

Gallery walls are a great way to display all your favourite prints, quotes and memorabilia in one place. Plus, when you’re working with a small area, adding things to your wall helps to spruce up your space.

a minimalist home office with a grey desk and plenty of drawers
Source: Curtis Adams via Pexels

20. Neutral colours

You can’t go wrong with neutrals. If you’re into minimalist design, this might just be for you. Soft cream walls, black and brown furnishings, with little pops of colours from small displays can make the space.

home office with black and wooden interiors


These small office space ideas are great examples of turning the smallest spaces into something very special. 

If you’re ready to bring your ideas to life, you can consult decluttering experts before you kick off and build your space with office furniture assembly professionals near you.



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