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Airtasker Stories: How to sell your house with Airtasker

By Luke Voogt

Updated: July 18th, 2019

In a volatile housing market, timely renovations can be the difference between selling under market value, and getting the top "Airtasker Stories: How to sell your house with Airtasker"

In a volatile housing market, timely renovations can be the difference between selling under market value, and getting the top price.

It’s something Sydney advertising exec and mother of two Jen P. knows only too well. Jen reckons Airtasker saved her thousands of dollars and hours getting her North Bondi house ready to sell. But, more importantly, the timely renovations helped her sell for the best price.

Jen had “a million and one jobs” to do get the house in sellable condition, so she turned to Airtasker for the first time.

“I had the idea it would be cheaper and easier than using the yellow pages,” she says.

Airtasker saved Jen hours of searching through directories for tradies. Instead, she could post a job on Airtasker, get on with her busy life, and wait for the offers to come in.

“I saved a quarter of the time and I think that’s being conservative,” she says.

On Airtasker she was able to find multi-talented Airtaskers Workers, who could take on extra jobs on site, rather than her searching for a tradie for each task.

She hired a handyman to remove old security bars from a window, who just happened to be a qualified electrician. So he was able to change all her light fillings as well.

She hired two men to tend to her garden, which was an “overgrown mess”. Not only did they get her backyard looking fantastic, they did some additional labour and waste removal, again saving Jen the trouble of hiring extra people.

She hired another man, to build her a deck and fix her back fence, and he ended up fixing one of her doors.

“There are thousands of people on Airtasker who have great life skills and you’re paying them to use them,” she says.

Last job for Jen, was moving to her new place in Manly.

She’s used heaps of removalists over the years, and says they always go “massively” over their original quote.

But she found superb value with Airtasker “powerhouse” Tavake Naa, who along with his German workmate, just didn’t stop working. “He had a great sense of humour and the stamina of an ox!” she says.

But more than saving time and money, Jen believes her Airtasker renovations actually helped her make a profit.The timely renovations got the property into the pristine condition, just as house clearance rates were plummeting  in Sydney, which allowed her to sell for a healthy $2,035,000.

“It was the difference between getting market value and getting 10 to 15 percent extra on the market,” she says.

“Airtasker was great for getting things done promptly. In a volatile housing market it’s important to get things done quickly so you can sell for the optimum price.”

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