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Saving space by mounting your appliances

By Peta Boyce

Updated: November 29th, 2019

Lacking some spare space at home? Try these helpful space-saving tricks.

Regardless the size of your abode there never seems to be enough space.

Whether lacking cupboard storage, space to hang clothes, bench space to cook and prepare meals, or room to swing a wet towel. It seems the larger the area we have the more tempted we are to fill it with bits and pieces.

Even if your home is decked with an impressively-sized laundry or a kitchen fit for a butler, maid, and chef, it is still nice to capitalise on the space you have. And when you don’t have that expansive kitchen, bathroom or laundry – a little ingenuity is all that is required.

When we look for places to capitalise on space how many people actually think about saving room with their appliances? TV’s have become a popular wall-mounted feature in homes, but being space savvy does not stop at your TV.

Here are some clever space-saving tips for appliance installation around your home.

1. Saving bathroom space

Save space in your bathroom

Bathroom cupboards are full of all sorts of appliances. From electric razors, waxing pots, hair straighteners and hair dryers, there is rarely room for much else. You can save some space in your bathroom by fixing your hair dryer or straightener to the wall.

You can find all sorts of wall mounted kits for your bathroom in homeware stores like IKEA.

2. Saving lounge room space

Advanced technologies have seen new additions to home entertainment. A surround sound system can transform your lounge room into a mini home theatre but often this jeopardises room on the floor.

This is where a wall mounted sound bar is beneficial. Sounds bars take up minimal space, make an impact on sound quality, and work in with contemporary home décor.

Sound bars get wiring off the floor and remove the need for bulky speaker boxes.

3. Saving laundry space

An area that tends to get overlooked is the laundry. A washing machine is demanding on space by itself, but when you throw in a dryer too you have a fair chunk of your laundry taken up.

Here are two clever ways to install your dryer and washing machine for a clean and organised laundry.

If you have a front loading washing machine simply place your dryer on top. This is called stacking.

How to stack a dryer and washing machine:

  1. Front loaders and dryers can be made stackable by purchasing a stacking kit. A stacking kit will keep the dryer in place while it is performing its shake, rattle and roll dance.
  2. Some manufacturers also create their own stacking kit and recommend their use.
  3. If you can’t find an appropriate stacking kit, a good quality non-slip mat (like a rubber yoga mat) makes a good substitute.

Wall mounted dryer

Not all dryers can be wall mounted, especially condenser dryers which are generally too heavy to be mounted. However, wall mounting a dryer is not overly difficult to achieve for those that are compatible.

How to wall mount a dryer:

  1. Compatible dryers come with their own wall mounting kit.
  2. To ensure your dryer remains sturdy on the wall, use the kit provided.
  3. As all dryers are different, follow the mounting instructions on the installation manual.
    There are many other appliances that can be wall mounted to save on space. These include irons, ovens, microwaves, and even electric fireplaces.

If you are not confident on the tools – just hire an Airtasker to do your dryer installation or install any of your appliances.


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