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Non-Toxic Home Cleaning: How To

By Katie

Updated: July 23rd, 2019

Home cleaning is something that must be done and the benefits of a clean home can’t be argued with. However "Non-Toxic Home Cleaning: How To"

Home cleaning is something that must be done and the benefits of a clean home can’t be argued with. However chemicals such as bleach are often debated in terms of the effects on the health and safety of yourself and your family.

One of the main benefits is that non-toxic cleaners are safe around children in terms of storage and also it’s safe for kids to be around while you’re cleaning. Your kids could even pick up a sponge and help you out.


The air quality will be much higher as it will be clean and free of harsh fumes that you would otherwise breathe in. This will benefit your long-term health.

A couple of other benefits are the low cost because many of the alternatives are items you would use in the kitchen, and also non-toxic cleaners are a lot better for the environment.


So how do you make the switch?

Whether you start gradually shifting or all in one go, here are a couple of essential ingredients and recipes that you should consider.

1. Must-have ingredients

  • Baking soda – cleans, deodorises, scours
  • Citrus – effective against bacteria
  • White vinegar – removes grease, stains and mildew
  • Borax – laundry booster, deodorises, stronger than baking soda
  • Tea tree oil – disinfect with a nice scent
  • Salt – gentle abrasive
  • Coconut oil – polish and shine


2. Non-toxic cleaning product recipes

All-purpose cleaner

  • 1/2 cup vinegar
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 2L water

Mix together, store and keep to clean the bathroom.

Carpet stains
Mix equal vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray onto stain. Leave for a few minutes and clean with a brush or sponge with warm water.


  • 2 teaspoons borax
  • 4 tablespoons vinegar
  • 3 cups hot water

Mix together and place in bottle. To clean, use with a damp cloth on surface areas.



I've loved interior design for as long as I can remember and I'm currently about to renovate my first home. So as well as being the Content Lead at Airtasker, I'm also on the lookout for the latest design trends, backyard ideas and anything to do around the home. I'm also trying to use low-tox cleaning methods and work towards being more plastic-free!

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  1. Margaret

    Vinegar (mild acid) and baking soda (mild alkaline) are both good cleaners individually with some water added. BUT if you combine the two plus water, they neutralise each other. The result will be some very pure, PH neutral ,water. Google a bit more about natural cleaners for more info.

  2. Sarah

    Putting vinegar in with the towels when washing is great as well does not harm or make them smell bad they smell good