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6 Awesome fridge tips and tricks

By Rhiannon W

Updated: January 4th, 2024

Is cleaning and organising the fridge your least favourite chore? We have scoured the internet for the best tips and "6 Awesome fridge tips and tricks"

Is cleaning and organising the fridge your least favourite chore? We have scoured the internet for the best tips and tricks to help you stay on top of your fridge situation; here are six of our favourites.

1.   Clean your fridge religiously

Exactly what you didn’t want to hear, right? To keep your refrigerator in tip-top condition, you need to keep it clean so it can function properly. And the more often you do it, the less effort is involved. If you only clean it out once or twice a year, you might find it has to work harder to keep things cool. Having a shelf full of expired products that you’ll never be able to use is a waste of space and energy. Do a basic clean just once a month, and you’ll find your fridge functions better, and looks much more inviting!

Tip: Using a food-safe solution to wipe your fridge out regularly is a good idea. Try a commercial product like Vanilla Fresh (or mix up your own DIY solution); it’ll tidy up surfaces and deodorise things nicely.

DIY vanilla fridge wipe

2.   Sort your fridge with baskets

Using small baskets to sort different products on shelves and in doors (and even in the freezer) is an awesome way to get some organisation going in your refrigerator.  Not only will using baskets help you sort the contents of your fridge, but the base of the basket also acts as a protectant layer to capture any spills or food mess; instead of having to clean a whole shelf when the milk leaks, you can just clean the basket. You could even have a basket for nutritious snacks to help keep you on track with a healthy eating plan.

fridge basket
Source: HAPPY go lucky

3.   Label everything

Using labels on baskets, shelves, doors, and drawers is an excellent way to achieve fridge utopia! Labelling by product category, meal type or by ‘use by’ date are popular fridge organisation ideas. You can do this in your refrigerator, freezer and pantry!

fridge labels
Source: Better Homes and Gardens

4.   Put things in the right spot

You can actually optimise the shelf life of your refrigerator contents by storing products in the best spot possible. Squawkfox has a fantastic guide on what to store where in your refrigerator. For example, don’t store milk in the fridge door because the temperature fluctuates too much. Instead, store it on a middle shelf.

fridge organisation
Source: Squawkfox

5.   Keep a list of the contents on the door

What smarter way to shop than having a full view of what you do and don’t have? Make use of the space on your outer fridge door by keeping an inventory of what you’ve got and what you need. Some popular ideas include using magnetic shopping lists, whiteboard markers, or even painting the door with blackboard paint.

fridge door lists
Source: The Kurtz Corner

6.  Use a Lazy Susan

What a brilliant idea; a spinning mini shelf in your refrigerator! By using a Lazy Susan to organise your condiments and canned and jarred items, you can easily see and reach what you’ve got available to top your gourmet sandwich with.

Airtasker has a great network of experienced domestic cleaners with some awesome fridge tips and tricks up their sleeve! Let them do your fridge cleaning and organisation for you.



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