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50+ Kitchen colour schemes – kitchen cabinet colour ideas and more

By Elise Hodge

Updated: May 4th, 2020

Make your kitchen a space that you love with a new colour.

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen, whether it’s cooking up a meal for your family or entertaining friends on the weekend. So when it comes to renovating your new kitchen, it’s important that you choose a kitchen colour scheme that you really love and one that reflects your personality.

Traditionally, white, grey and blue have been the colours of choice. However, in recent years, black has emerged on the scene as an alternative for a dark moody look. On the other end of the spectrum, colours like red, orange and yellow have been used in many creative ways (as you’ll see!), and can really make a space shine.

While the traditional cooler shades can make kitchens feel like a relaxing oasis, warmer colours are sure to make a statement and are believed to stimulate the appetite. So to find the right shade for you, here are my top 50 kitchen colour schemes.

Blue kitchen colour schemes

Blue is one of the most popular kitchen colours. It’s classic, brings a sense of calm, which isn’t too bold. And with so many different shades of blue (think turquoise, teal, cobalt, navy, sapphire, and light blue), there is no lack of styles you can create.

1. Blue and white

This laid-back coastal kitchen design screams “take me to the beach!” This look isn’t overly difficult to achieve, either. You can spruce up your current kitchen design with a lick of blue paint, all-white cabinets, blue patterned stools and natural light shades.

Blue kitchen
Source: The Wicker House

2. Vintage modern

If modern is more your thing, then keep design streamlined with all-encompassing floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. And add glamorous touches with silver and brass hardware. You can also make a huge difference to your overall design by adding in modern stools, like these black and brass ones. They make for a great contrast tucked under the clean-cut marble benchtop.

Blue kitchen
Source: Addisons Wonderland

3. Deco style

Make your kitchen a little bit boho-chic with a deco style design like this one. Apart from the gorgeous blue cabinets, there are two real standouts in this kitchen. The first is the gold hardware – it really shines against the blue cabinetry. And I love the tapware sitting pretty above the white country-style sink. Now, the second start of the show is the flooring. It’s drop-dead gorgeous. I love the pattern, and I also really like the contrasting shades of blue that make it even more interesting!

Blue kitchen
Source: Style by Emily Henderson

These tiles are really a standout as well and if you want something a little bit wow, check out these other kitchen flooring ideas for your home.

4. Navy

This style is for the chic, modern homeowner. I love the crisp white wall of tiles. And the addition of wooden chopping boards adds warmth and a rustic touch to this otherwise cool space.

Navy kitchen
Source: The Grit and Polish

5. Mint blue

If you want a style that’s a little bit different, then why not go with the colour mint blue? This will be sure to add a pop of life to your kitchen. And it’s a fun colour to add decorations to. I love how the floating shelves on the right are filled with soft pink and rose gold touches.

Mint blue kitchen
Source: At Home with Ashley

Green kitchen colour schemes

Green is becoming a more popular choice for kitchens, and it’s easy to see why. The colour evokes feelings of growth, renewal and new life. Shades of green can be combined with brass hardware for a modern look, or they can be teamed with plenty of plants for a lush jungle oasis.

6. Olive green

This is a very mature colour that makes for a sophisticated kitchen. I love how the cabinet handles have also been painted green! And the matte black tapware helps to add contrast, which is a nice touch.

Olive green kitchen
Source: Juniper Home

7. Light green

While it may be a little difficult to see this colour is, in fact, a light green (it’s not grey!). This is a great option if you want to introduce a bit of colour to your space without going overboard. I love the green and gold combination with the gold cabinet handles.

Green kitchen
Source: Swoon Worthy

But if grey is what you’re after, take a look at these 40 grey kitchen ideas for your cabinets and splashback.

8. Boho green

Take your kitchen to the wild side with a boho-inspired design. The main hero of this space is the deep green, shiny, lacquered subway tiles. These stand out beautifully against the white cabinets and marble benchtop. The wooden floating shelves also add to the rustic feel, and the hanging and potted plants complete the kitchen!

Green kitchen
Source: Jungalow

9. Dark green

Go for a more refined look with dark green kitchen cabinets like these. The slick, polished cabinets are simply beautiful, and they would look stunning in a large kitchen space. If you want to create interest, consider open shelving in your cabinet, like this design. The nooks filled with books not only add colour, but they also make the room homier.

Green kitchen
Source: Amanda Frederickson

It is actually really easy to achieve this look with a bit of DIY cabinet painting.

Yellow kitchen colour schemes

There’s nothing like a splash of yellow to brighten your home. When you think ‘yellow,’ you might think of a tacky, loud colour. But I think you’ll be pleased to know that yellow can look sophisticated and elegant if it’s done right. Let’s dive into a few different yellow kitchen colour schemes.

10. Sunny yellow

These yellow cabinets set the tone for the rest of the kitchen, which is teaming with life. And every colour has been chosen strategically to tie together beautifully. I really like how the windowsill is filled with vases, jugs, candles and more, in all sorts of colours and textures.

Yellow kitchen
Source: The Nord Room

11. All yellow

These cabinets are painted in a soft yellow that allows them to stretch from floor to ceiling without being overwhelming. The brown countertop and hardwood floor tempers the yellow with natural, earthy tones. And bronze hardware brings it all together. The collection of hand-painted pottery above the microwave in the same yellow and natural tones adds detail without being too much.

Yellow kitchen
Source: Better Homes & Gardens

12. Traditional style

If you want to design a country kitchen, then this is great inspiration. The yellow of the cabinets is light and gentle, and it looks lovely with the marble benchtop. The addition of a dark wooden island adds a great deal of warmth and makes the space even more rustic.

Yellow kitchen
Source: Better Homes & Gardens

13. Canary yellow

If you prefer to make a statement with a standout colour, then this canary yellow shade might be for you. It’s bright and bold and stands out against the white countertops and white upper cabinets. If you want to choose a colour like this, the key is to team it up with plenty of white and neutrals. This ensures your yellow is a beautiful addition, instead of a distracting visual.

Yellow kitchen
Source: Caesar Stone

Pink kitchen colour schemes

Pink kitchens can get a bad rap. But the truth is that they can be a stunning addition to your home if done right. The key is to choose the right shade of pink, and the perfect hardware and complementary colours. If you’re not too sure about pink, I bet you’ll change your mind after you see these gorgeous designs.

14. Soft pink and brass

I really think that soft pink and brass were created to go together. Just take a look at this kitchen. I love how plenty of white has been incorporated with the benchtop and the shiny subway tiles. This keeps the design balanced and in check!

Pink kitchen
Source: Semi Handmade

15. Blush

Here’s another blush favourite. This kitchen is a bit of a blast from the past, and it’s filled with fun. I love the unique circular handles on the cabinets, as well as the huge open cabinets on the right. And the green-and-white checkered flooring adds more colour and detail.

Pink kitchen
Source: alt

16. Peach kitchen

How cute is this kitchen? The contrasting shades of peach pink are so much fun. If you want to recreate this yourself, think of an area in your kitchen that you can paint a contrasting shade. It may be some open shelving, a microwave nook, or simply a feature wall.

Pink kitchen
Source: Apartment 34

17. Pink island

If barbie pink is more your thing, consider creating a fancy pink feature piece like this wooden island. It’s so much fun, but it doesn’t detract from the rest of the room because it keeps things simple with cream and white. I like how the pink has been tied together nicely with pink peonies on the island, a pink window shade, and a pink baking bowl sitting pretty in the open shelving.

Pink kitchen
Source: Pinterest

Orange kitchen colour schemes

It’s not every day you see an orange kitchen. But if you’re looking for something warm and summery, then this might be the choice for you. Orange can be used as a feature colour, or it can be combined with other cool colours to create a fun kitchen colour scheme.

18. Boho splashback

How cute is this design? While orange is definitely the hero colour in this kitchen, I love the addition of light blue, purple-grey and plenty of green in the way of plants. There’s so much going on here, and it’s heaps of fun!

Orange kitchen
Source: Jungalow

19. Burnt orange

Dark orange and black makes for a very elegant kitchen. I like how the orange is used on one side of the kitchen, almost like a feature wall. And the black island and lights provide the right amount of contrast.

Orange kitchen
Source: House Beautiful

20. Orange accents

If you’d prefer to leave the orange to a minimum, then consider creating an all-white kitchen with orange accents, like this design. You can incorporate orange with vases, flowers, oranges, tea towels and window shades.

Orange kitchen
Source: Design Sponge

21. Orange tiled splashback

Alternatively, you can make a statement with a bright glossy orange splashback. Subway tiles are the perfect kind of tile to use because they’re simple. But they pack a punch in orange!

Orange kitchen
Source: The Interiors Addict

Red kitchen colour schemes

This is another uncommon colour that will make a big statement, especially in a large kitchen. You can choose from the usual bright red, or tone things down a bit with a muted dark red.

22. Wine red

This is the perfect choice for someone who wants to add red without it being too overwhelming. Wine red is a sophisticated colour, and it looks particularly striking with crisp white marble benchtops.

Red kitchen
Source: Studio Esteta

23. Cardinal red

I love the way this kitchen design uses colour blocking to add a pop of red while balancing the warm wood throughout.

Red kitchen
Source: Burns Architechts

24. Red with black and white

Here’s a modern country kitchen with a good splash of bright red. The glass cabinets break up the red by providing a look in at glassware and decor. And the white splashback and black cabinetry provide the perfect balance.

Red kitchen
Source: Thony

White kitchen colour schemes

Ah, the white kitchen. It’s the most classic of all the colour schemes and the most popular too. A white kitchen can be designed in so many different ways. It can be modern, vintage, classic or country style.

25. White subway tiles galore

White can be too much of a good thing. So to break things up a bit, you can create a feature wall using simple subway tiles with grey grout. This will add a pop of detail above your lovely clean white cabinetry.

White kitchen
Source: A Beautiful Mess

26. Bright, airy design

This kitchen looks like it belongs in a coastal retreat. The use of natural timber floorboards and timber stools, combined with all-white cabinetry and a white marble island make it look clean and crisp. The hard part will be keeping all of this white ultra-clean!

White kitchen
Source: Lindsey Brooke Design>

27. Timber and white

Light timber and white are another perfect match and I love how this kitchen combines both so well. The white island includes wooden edging, and the cabinets are both timber and white. Plus, the white textured vase full of greenery adds a splash of colour.

White kitchen
Source: Kyal and Kara>

28. Glam

Take a traditional white kitchen and make it fancy with fabulous patterned tiles, like these ones. Another way to make your kitchen glam is to use high-end finishes like marble (or lookalike marble) and keep a bunch of flowers and a bowl of fruit on the bench at all times.

White kitchn
Source: Rachel Parcell>

29. Modern white kitchen

While white can be fancy, it can also be simple yet modern. And that’s exactly what this kitchen design achieves. If you’re going for this look, choose cabinets that have detailing, like these ones, as it makes your kitchen appear more luxurious.

White kitchen
Source: Centered by Design>

30. Fresh farmhouse style

Let your design be country inspired with a farmhouse kitchen like this one. The key to creating this style is to use heaps of natural materials and rustic touches, like the brass vase full of greenery in the corner of the bench and white bowl on the island.

White kitchen
Source: Monica Wang Photo>

White kitchens are popular for a reason so here are 45 more white kitchen ideas just for you.

Grey kitchen colour schemes

A grey kitchen colour scheme is a classic choice that will never go out of style. And it can be done so many ways – from dark grey, to two-tone, to light grey and a mix of patterns.

31. Two-tone grey

This design proves that grey doesn’t have to be boring. It incorporates dark and light grey cabinetry, as well as a mix of dark and light-grey patterned tiles on the floor. And the white marble bench adds light to the space.

Grey kitchen
Source: Hey Mama Blog>

32. Modern grey and black

Team grey with black for an ultra-modern kitchen like this one. I love how the black countertop matches in nicely with the black front of the microwave. And the white textured splashback adds beautiful detailing.

Grey kitchen
Source: My Mindful Home>

33. Deep grey

If you have a large kitchen like this one, you can get away with using a lot of dark greys. However, the key to pulling this style off is to use white benchtops and to make sure you have plenty of light flowing into the space from windows and other rooms.

Grey kitchen
Source: Deeply Southern Home

34. Carrara marble tiles

Instead of using grey for the cabinets, why not use it to create a dramatic feature piece? In this design, a combination of grey and white tiles have been used to create a beautiful splashback. They’ve even been added to the front of the rangehood to continue the design up to the roof.

Grey kitchen
Source: Scout and Nimble>

35. Light grey

If you want to use grey but don’t want it to be too overbearing, then consider a shade like this one. The light blue-grey is a lovely touch. I like how it’s been used on every wall in this kitchen. And contrast has been created by keeping the kitchen cabinets white with brass hardware.

Grey kitchen
Source: The Interior Addict>

36. Grey and white marble

Marble is one way to make your kitchen look instantly glamorous. This grand marble splashback sure creates this look. I like how the benchtop is marble too, so the splashback is simply an extension of the bench.

Grey kitchen
Source: Maison De Pax>

If you want to find some more beautiful splashbacks, take a look at these kitchen splashback ideas.

Black kitchen colour schemes

While colourful kitchens are making a splash, nothing makes a chic statement like a black kitchen. From black cabinets to splashbacks to pops of black and white, there are so many ways to style black for a big impact.

37. Black stone

First on the list is this beautiful all-black design. The black stone is simply stunning, and makes for a sophisticated kitchen island and splashback. And the downlights at the back add much-needed warmth to this cool space.

Black kitchen
Source: Homes to Love>

38. Black and white

If you’re stuck for a kitchen colour scheme, you can’t go past black and white. It’s a timeless pairing that will look great for years to come.

Black kitchen
Source: Artedomus

39. Black and brass

Add colour and interest to your black kitchen by using brass hardware. The brass stands out beautifully against the dark cabinets, and looks great with black wall lamps. And the timber shelves inject warmth and provide a spot to display your favourite mugs, bowls and decor.

Black kitchen
Source: Jacquelyn Clark>

40. Contrast

Black can be used very creatively to create contrast in your kitchen. Take this space, for example. It incorporates a large rectangular island with a brass sink and then uses off-white cabinetry paired next to simple black cabinets.

Black kitchen
Source: Laminex>

Pastel kitchen colour schemes

If you’re not afraid to try something different, then why not go for a pastel kitchen? And there are so many colours to choose from, including mint, pink, orange and lilac.

41. Mint

If any colour is really having its moment right now, it’s mint. This shade is absolutely gorgeous, and it’s a subtle colour addition to your kitchen. I love how this kitchen ties this shade together with other pops of green in the dark green chair and glass vase full of greenery.

Pastel kitchen
Source: A Merry Mishap Blog>

42. Diamond flooring

Not only does this adorable kitchen have adorable mint green cabinets, but it also has the most stunning pastel triangle-patterned flooring. Painting your floor is a really simple way to breathe new life into worn-out materials and give your space an update without having to overhaul everything. If you want to choose bold patterns, stick to pale, soft colours, so you don’t create overwhelm.

Pastel kitchen
Source: Boho Studio

43. Pastel pink

Transform your kitchen by creating a painted feature wall, like this pastel pink one. The pink works beautifully with the warm timber cabinetry. And I love the addition of quirky decor pieces – there’s the clock above the pantry door, the geometric hanging light, and the little hanging pieces on the right-hand wall. The geometric white-and-black-tiled splashback is also a nice touch!

Pastel kitchen
Source: The Gathered Home>

44. Lilac cabinets

Skip the warm colours and go for something cool, like this lilac kitchen. This is a fun choice, and it looks really glamorous with gold touches on the rangehood and with the hardware and tapware. Glam it up even more by adding a striking light, like the hanging chandelier above the kitchen island.

Pastel kitchen
Source: The Glitter Guide>

45. Vintage pastels

If you can’t decide on one pastel colour, why not combine a few? This kitchen is a whole lot of fun! It uses pastel pink as the base and combines pastel blue, green and white with the decor.

Pastel kitchen
Source: Tamsyn Morgans>

Multi-coloured kitchens

If one colour is too simple for you, go all out with a bright multi-coloured kitchen colour scheme like these ones.

46. Retro

This kitchen is packed with interesting patterns and textures, and it proves that sometimes more truly is more. It combines green-and-white striped tiles, blue-and-pink floral wallpaper, blue cabinetry, and pretty pink glazed tiles with gold stools for an eye-catching design.

Colourful kitchen
Source: Pink House>

47. Blue and green

While blue and green are often used separately, this design proves that they can be combined. If you want to recreate this style, choose one colour as your base (like the blue in this image) and another colour for highlighting (like the green).

Colourful kitchen
Source: Wood Beast

48. Yellow, white and timber

Create a summery kitchen with an eye-catching yellow feature like this row of cabinets. Finish this look by keeping the rest of the kitchen simple and natural. Think plenty of white, timber and plants!

Colourful kitchen
Source: The Design Files>

49. Orange and blue

This is another uncommon colour pairing, but I think it looks pretty great! What makes this kitchen really special is the thin pink rectangles that fill the splashback.

Colourful kitchen
Source: Home Style

50. Pink and green

You can’t go wrong with pink and green, and this kitchen colour scheme proves it. The olive green cabinets provide depth, while the pink adds a lighter touch, and the patterned splashback adds a whole lot of detail.

Colourful kitchen
Source: The Delight of Design>

There you have it, 50+ kitchen colour schemes. And there are just so many to choose from! I’d love to hear which one was your favourite. Comment and tell me. And if you have any more colourful kitchen scheme ideas, comment and share them!


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