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Clever Wardrobe Design Ideas For Out-Of-The-Ordinary Bedrooms

By Katie

Updated: July 18th, 2019

Do you have a small, odd-shaped or non-traditional bedroom that doesn’t have a wardrobe or closet? Well it’s not as "Clever Wardrobe Design Ideas For Out-Of-The-Ordinary Bedrooms"

Do you have a small, odd-shaped or non-traditional bedroom that doesn’t have a wardrobe or closet? Well it’s not as bad as it might seem, instead you have the ability to do some really clever wardrobe design ideas.

We’ve found the best clever wardrobe design ideas for out of the ordinary bedrooms.

Wardrobe divider

Create the illusion of a walk in wardrobe by putting in a divider in. Yes, it will make your bedroom instantly smaller but if you use a light colour or frosted glass it might be a sacrifice you’re willing to make.

beroom wardrobe divider

Source: Homed It

High storage

Above the existing wardrobe space or the bed is an unused space that you could utilise for additional storage. Just simple shelving will allow you to store your winter blankets, big jumpers and even shoes.

Source: Apartment Therapy

Frame the bed

Another clever wardrobe solution is to use closed-in vertical wardrobes, which also happen to frame the bed. If you make them roof height it means you can use the whole space, and you’ll be able to put in more than you think.

bedroom wardrobe side of bed
Source: Apartment Therapy

Open wardrobe shelving

This is not only practical but actually looks awesome – like a clothing shop almost. It’s also financially economical for most people as you can find simple shelving in IKEA and spray paint it to match your home.

Consider hiring an Airtasker handyman for this to double check it’s all secure and level.

Source: Lifehack

Under the bed

There are beds actually build to lift up so that you can store shoes and clothes under the bed. This is the perfect apartment wardrobe solution.

Use the unused space

Sounds simple enough, but you can convert a cupboard under some stairs or a loft space into a wardrobe. You’ll be surprise by how much you can store and easily combine draws, shoe racks and vertical hanging space.

loft wardrobe
Source: Remodelista



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