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An Airtasker Story – A documentary

By Airtasker

Updated: March 24th, 2014

At the beginning of the year journalist Su-Lin Tan filmed a documentary on Airtasker. Talking to a couple of our "An Airtasker Story – A documentary"

At the beginning of the year journalist Su-Lin Tan filmed a documentary on Airtasker. Talking to a couple of our top Airtaskers, she gives you a look into why these individuals are using Airtasker to earn money, and how businesses are also benefitting from the platform.

Our top Airtasker, Alexa, has been completing tasks on Airtasker for well over a year after being made redundant. A typical day could see her complete multiple tasks from cleaning to travelling overseas depending on how many tasks she has been assigned to. Although Alexa points out that it’s not enough to live off, she does point out every little bit helps and if the tasks she completes can pay for a night out, then she’s happy.

Watch the video below to see a day in the life of an Airtasker and find out how it fits into their lives:



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  1. Nick

    What an awesome concept…

  2. It seems you have to live in Sydney – no airtasker jobs in Tweed Heads and no other jobs either especially for middle aged females. How does one afford and an ipad and an iphone with no income and no government assistance. Good on Alexa and other people doing these tasks . I have been out of work for over 12 months and cannot get a look in because of my age – I am certain of it. 49 years young. And know I don’t particularly want to work in aged care and that seems to be where older Australians end up one way or another.Too depressing.

  3. Hey Cathy,
    Thanks for getting in touch and we’re happy to help you. It’s true there are a lot more tasks on offer in the major cities due to higher population, however we are seeing other towns around Australia getting on-board with Airtasker. While you might not be able to complete the location based tasks, we urge you to look at the online tasks which match your skill set. With people spreading the word about Airtasker hopefully we see you completing tasks in Tweed Heads soon.

    The Airtasker Team

  4. my mum ‘s name is Patricia and we live in the south coast south of Wollongong called Shellharbour village.fom Susan

  5. great mum I have at 80 years old and still young.