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Airtasker Stories: Emily

By Katie

Published: July 20th, 2017

In-between jobs, Emily was looking for a way to earn some extra cash... Maybe even using her clown school skills!

“I’ve been on Airtasker for a couple of months doing mostly full-day types of tasks. Some of the tasks I’ve done are packing, like warehouse stuff, and kitchen hand work. Today I’m helping to clean windows.”

“Before Airtasker I was working in a sales job but the company actually shut down. So, unfortunately, I lost my job but I was lucky that my savings ‘saved’ me for about a month and a half. But then I needed a bit of additional income, so I had a look online. That’s when I found Airtasker and realised you could earn a decent amount of money.”

“My earnings on Airtasker vary depending on how many tasks I get – but I work for about $20 per hour.”

Emily’s tip: “Be reliable and don’t overextend yourself – don’t say you can do something when you know you can’t. Just be realistic about what you’re putting yourself forward for.”

“I’ve found getting started on Airtasker quite easy, and all the jobs I’ve done are for lovely people. They always offer me drinks and good breaks throughout the day. It’s been absolutely fantastic.”

“… all the jobs I’ve done are for lovely people…”
Emily L.

“The most interesting task that I’ve done was when I had to go to a TV studio to blow up 100 balloons for one of the segments. Funny thing is I actually went to clown school and used to work at a lot of kids parties where I’d blow up balloon animals. But it’s tiring work being a clown.”

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I've loved interior design for as long as I can remember and I'm currently about to renovate my first home. So as well as being the Content Lead at Airtasker, I'm also on the lookout for the latest design trends, backyard ideas and anything to do around the home. I'm also trying to use low-tox cleaning methods and work towards being more plastic-free!

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